Yes I’m in a long distance relationship, no we are not just playing.

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No, Calvin posted that video but the screenshot of the other thing I think is the mv. Two complete different videos...👀👀

I didn’t realize that at first. I thought the two things were related. So we’ll see what Jim is uploading (if he ends up showing us today). 

Since all my time is devoted to WB right now, I figured it’d be nice to share something not related. A thing from 2y ago I forgot to post at the time. I remember wanting to explore bright, vivid colors

john boyega really owns a printed pic of finn and poe just because like if that isn’t the most relatable thing what is

i think hands down the dumbest eddsworld related thing i’ve ever done was buying a bottle of cherry soda at the corner store because i saw it and it reminded me of tori and then proceeding to gulp it down while being a total flustered mess.


This AU is getting the tag #Count Camula because that’s what I titled all the files

No, I am not changing it to “Countess” didn’t you see all this genderbending and women in men’s clothes up in here

So a minor dirty secret I have is that I’m actually pretty well versed in Dracula related things

I say “dirty” but I literally took a Horror and Gothic Literature class in college and we watched the original Nosferatu in my senior year of German, my Dracula-versed-ness just happened to me, much as Dracula himself just happens to people.

So this was actually pretty heavily influenced by the original novel, including Camula pretending to be one of her own servants.  XD

I was gonna draw Alexis’s friends as Bloofer Ladies or something but I’ve been drawing a lot today and I’d had that off day yesterday, I got a bit tired out.

Also Chazz the Jazz is basically playing Lucy and Fem!Judai is playing… both…?  Lucy’s love interests???  Yubel’s there too probably.  (Lucy is a character who died horrifically in the novel after being turned into a vampire but I wasn’t about to do that to poor Manjoume, he suffers enough)



I want more!

Once again I must ask my followers for nice viking related tumblrs to follow. I need more viking related things on my dash! Like, reblog and answer this post with your favourite viking tumblr, and I’ll take a look! Medieval related tumblrs are also very much accepted! Thank you. Love you all <3

ig this might be due to being gay being a big part of my identity and sense of self but the idea of a fictional utopia where sexual orientation basically doesn’t exist and everyone just likes who they like is just very alienating to me. representation politics are very weird and flawed but if we’re going to get into the types of characters i identify with in media and who’ve had a long lasting positive impact on me, they aren’t ones who just so happen to be involved with other men without it being addressed whatsoever, they’re specifically and culturally gay and that’s a part of their character and narrative. the idea of losing that for this weird, theoretical, enlightened society where same gender sex or romance just happens by chance without ever being something important or specific just makes me feel very weird and sad.