if any of you win steph’s halloVeen script i will give my left arm and credit card to get scans of the proposal script pages i would love to frame one to add to my wall of tv related things

May Allah forgive everyone of us! Wherever we see things related to deen

We ask for evidence

“Whoever abandons the evidences has lost the path. And there is no evidence except what the Messenger ﷺ brought.”

Ibn Taymiyyah [Miftaah Daarus Sa’aadah 229/1]

Translated by: Abu Ibraheem Navid Shakir

A quick break from the Yokai to bring you some antiques!  These are very old characters of mine that I realized I hadn’t done polished pieces of in many years.  I used to love drawing them in high school back when I wanted to draw historical related things so badly but didn’t have the confidence to draw humans much. I still love Charles, my airplane/pilot bird thing, a ton <3

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your bi jokes with corey and laura are the most relatable things ive ever seen and they make me laugh so hard thank you so much for feeling the same extremely bi way

I’m not gonna lie I cried at Bandstand for a lot of reason but the first time I cried was honest to god because I was in the same room as Corey and Laura I’m just ridiculously bi.

Im tried to do some Taylor related things today to try and be happy and take my mind of things but Now Its all starting to come back , Im on my grandmas porch crying I dont think I can handle all this stress and with my grandpa 💔…

When someone fucks up and you confront them and then they passive aggressively apologize twenty times but keep making the same mistakes tenfold anyway so when you don’t forgive them - you’re “not nice”, “mean”, “cruel”.