I love that we’re finally getting to see Liam shine on his own and show the world what an amazingly beautiful person he is <3. Liam’s one of those people that’s so bright and beautiful on the outside AND on the inside. There’s a reason so many of us say he’s sunshine personified and it’s because he truly is. That boy has such a kind, gentle, and beautiful heart <3. I know I’m using the word beautiful a lot and that it’s kinda cliche but it fits in describing Liam. Like sometimes I see him and I just can’t believe he’s real. 

I love Liam so much and getting to finally see him shining on his own is the best thing to witness. My heart is so full of love for him right now and always!! I couldn’t be more proud of my boy!

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hey! so, i am finding it so hard to do lower intermediate translation for japanese. i practice so much, and while i see improvement, , when i come across very long sentences with a lot of verbs and need for nomanlisers and modifying noun related things, i always freak out and do so badly. just yesterday i did so poorly on my translation exam because i just become so lost and confused under pressure and with a time limit. do you have advice on how to practice translation? any material out there?

Hi Anon!

Firstly, wowza… I commend you on battling through exams and time constraints because that’s always super tough! 

Secondly, as someone who studies casually and without time constraints, I have the luxury of taking this business at my own pace as well as the freedom to laugh in the face of my own blatant inadequacy. I imagine that with your studies, there might be a more pressing need to see results. My lax study habits may not mesh with the criteria you have. I apologise if any of this fails to meet your needs and can put you on to smarter folk if you like (Just flick me a message any time)

H’okay! Wall of text ahead… (・・;)ゞ 

Material for practising translation? Literally anything written in Japanese.

That’s right. Read, read, read. Reading explodes your grasp of vocabulary and grammar. Having a parallel text in english is especially helpful for those of us who can get the gist easy enough, but sometimes stumble with precision. Finding reading material is one google search away, but here are a few for good measure:

I’ve linked you to Tofugu’s reviews on both books as I feel they are quite accurate. I own both books and am getting through them slowly with much enjoyment. The Short Stories volume is particularly good, in that it often shows furigana for a kanji the first time you encounter it, then promptly drops it thereafter, requiring you to fire up those recall engines. Not recognising a particular kanji at all means scouring the parallel english text like a regular Sherlock Holmes for its english meaning. Definitely be prepared to use your dictionary and jot new info down on paper. It’s slow going, but fun (especially for sleuths and those who get a kick out of linguistic dread)

How to practise sentence translation?

You mentioned practising a lot, but find that the sentence length, frequency or odd placement of verbs and the occurrence of “nominalisers” like こと and の get you sweatin’ (saaaaame)

My advice probably outlines things you already know, and is perhaps better thought of as “sentence understanding” rather than translating, but it may have some merit:

  • Make long sentences into several smaller ones. 

When confronted with a Japanese sentence, I ask myself two things - Do I know these words yet? (vocabulary) and - Do I understand how the words are interacting with each other? (grammar) Generally the answer to these questions depend on my exposure to both aspects - e.g. over the past several months, how often have I needed to recall this kanji? How often have I seen or heard this sort of grammar pattern?

If my answer is “Oh yeah! Some of these words seem familiar! Also, I have a reasonable understanding of how particles link things together” then I should also be able to break any sentence into manageable chunks and come away with the gist, if not more - especially if I use the aid of a dictionary.

I define a “chunk” as being a word+particle combo, or anywhere a pause seems it could naturally follow - e.g それ 公園東の方… To me, this always feels like a little break in which to get my bearings and question what information might come next. 公園.. Yes, I’m listening… “at the park” what?

  • See mid-sentence informal verbs as a little flag which marks a relative or descriptive clause.

A relative or “adjectival” clause is just a mini sentence or one bigger chunk which describes the chunk that follows it. Sentence-ception (⌐■_■)

ぎんさんは [ お菓子を 食べるのが ] 大好きな人 ですね

As for Gin-san, he is a person who loves [ eating sweets ] isn’t he?

See that there? That leads into my next point.

  • Treat nominalisers as a switch for the verb it’s attached to.

A verb+こと/の combo is a chunk that requires some thought before you can add it to what comes next. Because こと is a word meaning “abstract thing” - tagging it to a verb switches the verb from being an action to being the experience or concept of performing an action. In fact, as in the example sentence, it can switch an entire relative clause ending in a verb into one!

Consider the verb “walk”  歩く …On it’s own, it means X walks. It is an action that someone performs. However, if we want to talk about the “thing” we call walking, we need to use こと. の does the same thing to a verb, but carries a sort of personal or intimate nuance. Often used for verbs that are directly sensed or experienced. 

So, Gin-san is a person who loves what? Eating sweets.

Originally posted by zechs

That’s about as simple as it goes for me, I’m afraid. If anyone reading would like to add their advice - especially those who are studying formally and dealing with the same pressures, by all means do!


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How do you manage all the stuff ???? blogging, studies, tv shows ... ????

Sometimes I ask myself the same question haha! My generally weekly schedule is kind of:

  • Monday - uni in the morning, study in the afternoon, tutor a friend in the evening, chill later on
  • Tuesday - study in a morning, uni from the afternoon to the evening, chill later on
  • Wednesday - intern all day!
  • Thursday - do blog related activities all day: e.g. Instagram messages, Tumblr messages, etc.
  • Friday - sort of a whatever day! I’ll either continue with blog related things or I’ll start assessments.
  • Saturday - clean my bedroom/bathroom fully, do some study but chill for the day/do something with my family!
  • Sunday - sleep in, study/do readings in the afternoon, organise for the week!

This does differ depending on my work load and I do try to prioritise university over my blogs since it’s obviously more important. I generally watch TV shows in the evening or will whilst I’m doing small tasks! x

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Hey, it's me again (girl who doesn't play overwatch). Firstly, thanks for comic, it's soooo bright and cute. And secondly, a little bit off topic but I noticed that you're aquarius AND infp. I'm not actually in all those mbti-related things but hey, it's nice to see someone like me on tumblr :D (sorry if it all sounds weird but I just couldn't help it) Uhm...Have a nice day?

Omg! It’s YOU! <3 It’s always sunny when you write me, girl! :D

Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the new comic! *3*

Since we are both aquarius, we could be like sisters or worst enemies, ahah! Because I’m told there’s no in between when two aquarius are in the same room! XD Btw, I’m so glad you told me that. My older and best friend is an aquarius too so I feel the strong connection between people with this same sign. I wish you happiness and peace, dear: we aquarius really struggle a lot about both! X3

okay so full disclosure: i’m not sure what this blog is going to look like as i am in treatment; i could sit here and say ‘i’m not going to blog about it!!! i’m not focusing on all of that blah blah blah’ but the reality is, it is inevitable (for me, someone who excessively blogs about their day lmao) to post about life and and this is is my life rn

having said that, i still want to maintain self-awareness and not hyperfocus on all things treatment related. and i’ll tag ‘treatment post’ bc i know it is a weird thing for a lot of ppl to hear about, myself included at times.

i don’t want to document all groups and meals and ‘today i got to walk outside! #grateful for sunshine!’ or ‘fuck body image :(((( refeeding :(((( meal plan increase :((((’ but i do want to use this as a space to reflect

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Your "Hunger" series, is one of the hottest series I've ever read in my entire life.

Thank you so much! That was definitely a primary goal when it first began, and I’m glad to hear it’s working as intended… :’)

T.T i love… knowing people can re-read my stuff and still enjoy it, that means the world to me, anon. Thank you! I hope to have new Hunger-related things for people to read in the upcoming weeks! 

hope you stick around

Fluff Friday: May 26 — Runaway

A/N: Coming in just under the Friday deadline. (Yay for PST.)

This is another 3 scenes in one, like last month. And, again, I completely shoot past fluff to land in “lets explore the feelings of these children who carry trauma in their bones”. Because apparently that’s what I’m into. These are all set more closely together, in the first year post-jutsu, some time before “falling down (stairs, and on other things too)”.

smol!Kakashi masterpost

i. run away |ˈrən əˌwā| verb: to escape a situation

Kakashi finds her first.

Sakura thinks she shouldn’t be surprised, but she is.

He slips in next to her, into the cool dark cradle of roots, a small shock of heat.

“How’d you find me?” she murmurs.

She feels him shrug as his shoulder slips along her ribcage

Sakura tilts her head to stare down at the wild mop on top of his head, considering. “Not the pack,” she finally decides.

Kakashi shrugs again. “Too obvious. I didn’t want to be followed.

Fair enough.

Sakura closes her eyes against the dark, breathing in rhythm with the slow respiration of the tree enveloping them and with the small boy tucked against her.

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at peace (derek morgan one-shot)

Plot: you’re a slightly newer agent in the BAU and this is the first case that’s hit a little too close to home. thankfully, while you’re helping the victim, the rest of the team is around to help you.

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Warnings: child abuse, implied pedophilia, name-calling, language, angst

A/N: thank you for your wait, loves! here is this gr8 derek morgan fic that i’ve been working on for ages. I hope you guys don’t hate it. i love derek morgan and there aren’t enough fics of him around! i hope to write more XOXOX !!!!!!!!!gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!!!! (ps every time i look for something morgan related, i find 10000 things of spencer and maybe two of morgan. pls stop tagging things under a certain character when they aren’t even in the pic/gif/story/whatever. pls)

“Hey, gorgeous,” Derek walks into the tech room where you and Penelope are following up on your current case regarding 13 dead women, and a missing one named Victoria Harolds.

“Hello there, lover,” Penelope replies, eyes not leaving the screen. “What can I do for you?”

“These women all got their dry cleaning done at the same place. Can you remind me where that was?.”

“Dry cleaning? At the corner of Sheridan and 34th, Prentiss and I checked that out last week. All the employees had solid alibis,” you look over to Derek and he shakes his head.

“There was one person unaccounted for: the owner Charles Jensen. He wasn’t around that day, they told you that he was on vacation in New York, right?” Derek raises a brow at you and Penelope shakes her head.

“They lied. I’m tracking his credit cards right now and he’s less than a mile from where the kidnappings took place and three miles from almost every dumpsite. All the others have clean records and solid alibis, but he doesn’t,” Penelope continues typing and you shake your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Derek looks at you, concerned.

“This doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t fit the profile. He’s been undetected for so long, why make mistakes now? He’s careful, he’s smart. He wouldn’t give himself away accidentally,” you bite your lip in thought as Garcia speaks up.

“Could it possibly be because he’s feeling remorse?”

“No, sociopaths don’t feel remorse, Pen. This man wants something from us, I’m just not sure what it is,” you shake your head and sigh, Penelope’s typing being the only noise.

Seconds later, your phone rings and you look at the screen. Not recognizing the caller, you motion to Derek and Penelope, telling them to keep quiet as you answer the call and put it on speaker.

“L/N here. Who’s this?”

“Hello there, Agent,” the voice on the other end is hoarse and smug at the same time. “You don’t recognize my voice?”

Derek pulls Hotch and the rest of the team in as Penelope tries to trace the call.

“You’re the man who killed all those women,” you grit out and the man laughs.

“Thank you, you’re right. That would be me. Wouldn’t you like to know where I am? Where little miss brunette is?”

“Tell me where you’re keeping her. Tell me where you’re keeping Victoria,” you look over to Penelope as she shakes her head, not yet pinpointing his location.

“Tell that brilliant analyst of yours to stop trying to find me. I’ll just tell you where we are,” the man takes a deep, long, calming breath before continuing. “We’re at 1347 West Sheldon Road, right next to the abandoned warehouse. Can’t wait to see you.”

He hangs up and you all quickly rush out the doors: you and Morgan rush into one car while the rest of the team calls for some backup before joining you.

“Why did that man ask if you remembered him?” Derek questions you after a few minutes of silence.

“I’ve got no idea, but I plan on asking him myself,” you glare ahead and turn the siren on. Why did the unsub sound so familiar?

“We need to be careful when we get there, you understand me?” Derek lectures as you drive up to the house; it seems to be the only one in the area.

“Derek, I appreciate your concern, but we cannot wait!” You unbuckle your seatbelt and look up at him.

“We don’t go in without the rest of the team, understood?” Derek grabs your hand as check to make sure you’ve got your gun, a concerned look in his eyes while yours grow hard.

“Derek, the longer we wait, the less are our chances of finding her alive. Please,” you whisper, pleading as he furrows his brows.

“We can’t go in there without backup, sweetheart,” he shakes his head and doesn’t let go of his grip on my arm.

“Derek, we’ve done this for years. What’s different now?” You reason as Derek shakes his head. “Victoria could be dead!”

“And if we go in there alone, you could be next! The women he kidnaps look a hell of a lot like you! This unsub knows you, he singled you out and called you to tell you where he was. There’s not a chance in hell I’m letting you go in there without backup!” Derek’s voice grows louder as he finishes his little speech.

Before you’re given a chance to respond, you hear sirens coming around the corner. You pull your arm away from Derek’s, glaring at him as you open your side door.

“There’s your backup, Derek. I’m going in,” you get out the car and run over to the front of the house. Hotch and Reid are the first to meet you there. “Everyone be careful.”

You check the door and see that it’s open. You make your way inside and Hotch and Reid follow. You stop once you were all inside, and hear the woman’s sobs and groans down the hall. Everyone gets to the room at the very end and you break down the door. There he is: holding her against him, smiling as he carves into her stomach, a blade in one hand and a gun in the other.

“Stop right now or I will put one right between your beady little eyes,” you glare, gritting your teeth as the man laughs, lifting the gun to the woman’s head..

“The only way you’ll put a bullet through me is over her dead body. She’s useless. You, on the other hand, I’m going to enjoy–”

“Let her go, Charles. You don’t want to do this. Just–”

“Let her go?” He cuts you off and runs the blade lightly across her throat. “She’s the only leverage I have to get to you.”

“Stop hurting her and I will walk right over to you,” you glare at him and slowly move your gun lower, gritting your teeth as you speak.

“Is that a promise?” He smirks, not removing his blade from Victoria’s throat as he eyeballs you. “Because I can get off at just the thought of carving into you, god I can’t wait to–”

“Get your hands off of her. Now,” you grit your teeth, your hands still on your gun as he watches you.

“Oh, look at you. You’ve grown up so much. I bet your parents would be proud, huh?” He smirks at you knowingly as he lifts his hands off the girl, the knife still poking her stomach and the gun against her temple.

You growl and take a step closer as he pokes the blade in deeper.

“You really don’t remember me?” The man laughs and you reach for your gun again. “I didn’t think you could forget me after the state I left your parents in. They were one of my first kills, blood spattered everywhere. Some of it even got on your face and you screamed. You were such a beautiful child.”

“Now is not a good time to lie, Charles,” you clench your jaw, not wanting to think of your parents. Not wanting to know how he knew about them.

“Lying?” He laughs again. “I’m not lying and you know it. I smeared the blood on your face after I was done with them. Red was such a good color on you, even then. You were wearing a pretty lavender dress with embroidered white flowers.”

You falter for a second as the man continues, not wanting to let him see what he was doing to you.

“You looked so sad, so confused. I couldn’t have someone as innocent as you be drenched in blood. So I took the time to change you out of the bloody clothes. I bathed you, cleaned every tiny bit of you. I changed you into a little white onesie. God, your skin was so soft. I wonder how soft it is now. So scrumptious, so–”

Originally posted by city-in-october

“Don’t even think of finishing that sentence,” Derek’s voice comes out gruffly from behind you.

“Or what? You’ll shoot me? As if she’ll let you,” he scoffs, raising a brow towards you while running his tongue across his bottom lip.

“If you don’t let her go, I will shoot you myself,” you grit your teeth and earn a sickening smile from him.

“I let her go, I have no leverage. Come on over and I won’t even look at her,” he rakes his eyes up and down, imagining you naked. “Is someone feeling jealous?”

You grit your teeth and look over your shoulder at Derek and the rest of the team, making sure they knew what you were doing. You give Derek the gun and walk over to the jackass, holding your hands up as Victoria whimpered underneath the knife.

“There’s a good girl,” he smirks, raising his knife to your stomach and his gun to your temple as he turns you around, pressing your back to his chest. He moans, brushing his lips against your ear and using you as a human shield. “You feel even better than you did when you were a child, even better perhaps.”

You grit your teeth and drift off,  not wanting to imagine what he was saying. There’s no way he could be the one, but there’s also no way he could’ve known any of those details. Everything about your childhood was erased. Penelope owed you one and that was all you wanted. The only proof that anything out of the ordinary had happened to your parents was a single sheet of paper, a report that had been filled out initially. No one else outside of your team knew about those events.

“Listen to me, you little whore!” He screams in your ear, pushing the gun into your temple as he grew impatient. The knife dug into your belly as he yelled at you, his head moving slightly to the side to exert more force. “You’re a filthy, cheap little slut and there’s no way you’re getting out of this alive. I’m gonna–!”

And before he can even finish the sentence, you hear a shot go off. The scumbag got one right between his beady little eyes. You look back to see Derek Morgan, gun in his hands and eyes on you as a tear rolls down your face. You quickly wipe it and turn around, facing Victoria as Hotch called for paramedics.

You rub the hair out of her face as she cries and whispers gentle thank yous, her hands still shaking as she fights to remain conscious. Once the paramedics arrive, you move out of the way and promise to visit her in the hospital before the team heads back to DC.

By the time you turn to face the team, they’re all making their way outside to tackle news crews and relay the information with the cops. Derek is the only one still in the room, eyes not leaving you. You finally stand up again, knees barely able to keep you up as you walk over to Derek with your hand outstretched.

“Here you go,” Derek whispers, handing your gun back to you as he places a hand on your shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” you shrug and whimper, your tough demeanor slowly breaking as Derek pulls you into a hug. “No.. I’m not okay, Derek.”

“I know, baby, I know,” he whispers and holds you close, letting you cry into his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

You two stay like that for a few minutes, finding comfort in each other’s arms as the agents and officers swarmed in and out of the room. The chaos around you continued, and for once you felt peace inside you.

“Morgan?” You two hear Hotch’s voice coming down the hallway and Derek lifts his head up.

“We’re in here, Hotch,” Derek yells out and you pull away from him for a second, wiping your tears. Hotch takes one look at you and closes his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. We should’ve seen the connection sooner,” Hotch shakes his head and you give him a tight-lipped smile.

“It’s not your fault, Hotch. We saved her and the jackass is dead,” you wipe a few more stray tears and shrug as Hotch nods. “It hasn’t been a bad day.”

“Morgan take Angel home. The rest of us will finish the paperwork tonight. We’ll call you if we need anything,” Hotch looks at Derek and then back at you. “You need anything, let us know, okay?”

“Okay, dad,” you whisper, still smiling at him. He returns the smile and walks out as Derek wraps an arm around your shoulder.

At the end of the day, all you had was your team. And what a team you had.

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Can antis explain to me how Eleanor after Elounor and Danielle after Lounielle: Has life friends jobs consistant on SM posts acts like normal 20 something. Both women during Elounor&Lounielle: Only hangs out with stunt related people like Lou Tisdale&Oli SM is on lockdown only post stunt related things stops going to work stops hanging out with friends become dog sitters and is only seen on Tues Fri or Sat at 5pm with Louis.

Hm Hdjdjkdkdk this is so sad

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hcs for brett helping nate calm down after a panic attack?... kinda had a bad day and maybe ,

•Nate, poor smol emo child, is panicking and freaking out over everything he has to deal with (ie, recording games, music and concert related thing, etc)

•Brett walks in on him curled up on the couch just crying his eyes out, hyperventilating

•Brett is super quiet as he sneaks over to the couch and picks Nate up, holding him close

•There’s a trick where if you find someone having an anxiety/panic attack, you tell them to focus on a specific part of you (ie, your eyes, your voice/breathing, heartbeat, etc), so Brett rests Nate’s head against his chest and tells him to focus on his heartbeat

•He starts mumbling sweet nothings, rubbing Nate’s back, cooing and doting on him, telling him he’s safe, that everything is okay

•Nate really slowly starts to calm down until he’s just a whimpering mess, clinging to Brett, begging for him not to leave

•Brett gently nuzzles at Nate’s neck, assuring him he’ll stay, that Nate can hold onto him as long as he needs to

•Once Nate’s fully calmed down, Brett helps him take a super relaxing bath

•After that, they just cuddle on the couch with ice cream and anime marathons, allowing Nate to have a night off

Stronger Together… part two!

I couldn’t very well make a Kara Danvers piece without making a Supergirl piece now could I?! If you didn’t catch it, the potsticker loving companion to this Maiden of Might is over here: click me if you love Kara Danvers.

Supergirl aka Kara Zor-El.

Completed: May 26, 2017.

A couple of highlights for me whilst making this one include (but are not limited to): realising there’s a Kryptonian font that actually exists and I actually used it in a piece of art holy wow, improvising with the letter ‘v’ and spending at least a couple of hours on this earth fighting with vector rendering of hair. 

I hope you like her as much as I do, and I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to drop me an ask!

Want to support little old me? Love fan art relating to nerdy things and/or strong women? You’re also a tiny bit gay? Check out my blog description for other places you can follow me!

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*squints* wait what does communism have to do with not "liv[ing] in a secluded home with their one marriage partner" though

all bad things are related and all good things are related.

this is why ending capitalism (a bad thing!) will also end racism, homophobia, the nuclear family, child abuse, exploitation, climate change, and death itself.

(if it turns out that some people have different opinions on which things are good and which things are bad then you just repeat it louder).

but more specifically some people are pining for an aesthetic of communal living and believe that everyone else is too or are willing to force it upon them if not.