I’m finishing drawing #4 tonight if it kills me

nothing just wanted to share the b99 related things i have in my meme/reaction pics folder because it’s 2016 and of course i have a folder like that


armys: *constantly telling bts not to work so hard or stay up late and get some rest*

what bts are actually doing:
Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things - Chapter 17

It’s not a castle.
That’s what Alec keeps telling himself. What he’s been telling himself all week. Like a mantra.
It’s not a castle.

In which Alec Lightwood confronts a lifetime of issues about his appearance, and slowly, with a lot of help, learns that he’s allowed to be pretty.

A Prompt Fill continuation of the “Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things” series.

to the boy who told me he didn’t like me because my lips were too big when i was 11, to the boy who told me my forehead was too big for my face when i was 12, to the boy who dumped me after a week for no reason in particular when i was 13, to the boy who dumped me for being ‘clingy’ when i was 14, to the boy who took my virginity and then denied all knowledge of it to anyone else when i was 15, to the man who didn’t like the fact i broke up with him so much that he texted my mother on christmas day with the only intention of ruining my life when i was 16, to the guy who didn’t even tell me he got a new phone for christmas and was confused when i was upset after a 2 weeks of no communication (no happy christmas, no happy new year, nothing) when i was 17, to the guy who didn’t think he had anything to apologise for when he crushed my heart after sleeping with me when i was 18

thank you for helping me build my walls, thank you for making me realise i was so much stronger than i realised (p.s. ur all assholes)

Just an update on my life: today was my third day of college, so my life right now is kinda ridiculous, what with my classes, homework, and I’m also going to be moving next week! So yeah, life is ridiculous and busy. Also you’ll probably be seeing some new content on here that’s quite a bit different from what I usually post, because I’m studying… guitar repair and building! So yeah I’ll probably post pics of what I make once I get to that point. Anyway, that’s an update on me.


The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard and references to it in Disney media (in order:)

  • Visual development for Tangled, painted by Lisa Keene.
  • Frozen, painted by Cory Loftis.
  • Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh.
  • The Last of the Big Time Swingers: Swingin’ Teddi Barra, designed by Marc Davis and quite possibly the very last park-related thing Walt saw before he died.

so chap 17 has been up for a few hours and the response has been amazing but honestly i have to say that i’m surprised no one so far has mentioned the video that magnus references????