important question: what kind of costumes would obi-wan, ahsoka, and anakin wear for halloween this year?

Little Battleborn Things #603

How relatable Attikus is as an author when he claims he doesn’t have a way with words… while you are in the wonderful story he’s written.

*another tear-jerking submission from the spooky boogeyman Battleborn insanekakashi.

You should be more surprised I’m awake instead hahah

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Lil Affection-HCs for Ronya / Enn

Just thought I’d list out some lil things I’ve made up during the time I’ve had these two pfft… Affection-related, so family/friends/lover-related stuff! NSFW stuff may or may not follow in the future.


  • Whenever Ronya kisses anyone (anywhere, non-sexually), she also gently bumps them with her forehead afterwards. Sometimes, instead of a kiss, she will only perform this forehead-bump - usually on the other person’s head, forehead, shoulder or higher back.
  • Since she used to have a phobia of hands, she’s very tender with the hands of the people she loves or cares for. She showcases affection by touching their hands, playing with their fingers or brushing their palms with her thumb.
  • Ronya is the kind of hugger who doesn’t let go before the other person pulls away. She lets the other party decide the duration of the hug, not pushing them away before they’re satisfied.
  • A lot of casual kisses and hugs. She likes giving little kisses just about anywhere on her partner’s body, while walking past, saying goodbye, saying hello, while cooking…
  • Lets people rest against her, and loves to play with the other person’s hair while they lean on her.
  • Plays with the other party’s hair often, now that I mentioned it.
  • Not afraid of physical contact with the people she’s comfortable with; Is often the one to initiate it, actually.
  • Respects people’s boundaries, however. She’s very careful with people who do not enjoy such open physical affection as she’s used to. However, she tends to be very cuddly with her family, even if her child/partner may resist every once in a while.
  • Likes giving massages to others, and has been complimented on her skills on the matter.
  • When she’s sad, she tends to get clingy and cuddly, seeking out for physical warmth from the other person.


  • Like her mother, she also performs the forehead-bump, but isn’t quite as gentle about it as her mother; If you’re not careful, you may end up with a headbutt instead of a gentle bump. Also, unlike her mother, she doesn’t bump her forehead every time.
  • Tends to have no regard of a personal bubble, and will practice a lot of hugging, jumping on the other, or pushing them playfully.
  • She’s a bit violent with her physical affection with friends, and likes giving noogies, playful punches and pushes, and pinches.
  • With her lover, however, Enn is very tender when it comes to just physical, not sexual, affection. Her hands are so gentle she barely brushes them on the other person’s skin, scared she may hurt them by accident.
  • Tends to surprise-hug people from behind, as she’s embarrassed to face them head-on.
  • Gets rather shy about kisses.
  • Likes leaning on people and resting herself on them.
  • Like her mother, Enn also likes giving massages to others. Her massages are rather rough, however, unless you tell her to be gentler.
  • Gets rough-handed when emotional/in distress/flustered/just not paying attention to her own strength. She will stop immediately if the other person shows signs of being in pain, and will avoid any physical affection with the said person for a while, ashamed.
  • Enjoys having her hair played with! It relaxes her greatly!
  • With a lover, she makes sure to shower them with a lot of gentle, considerate and careful physical affection, as to show how much she adores every part of them. She especially centers this affection to areas that the other person is insecure about, giving the area soft kisses and touches.

Steve climbing up the side of the Wheeler house like

me: ahhhh a perfect evening to sit and work on aldnt
my brain: …
me: hoe don’t do it
my brain: *maglien feels*

Posting this again because it’s the most Anti related thing I’ve drawn recently @therealjacksepticeye

H̬̖͙̄͒͊ͯ̆̂ë̫̼̘̹̰͇̯́̈̈͋̽'̖̱͉̓ͩͣͦͮͣs̲͚ ̪̦̦̘̳̖́͛͋̽ͪc̠̀o̔ͨ̇̇̾̇̿m̏̽̋̈̓i̠͚̟̐̈̉ͥ̇ͪn̰͓͂̅͑̽͐ͧ̊gͨ̊̉ ̰͕̗ͥ̌̃̽H̖͕̲͍̺ͫ̊̐̇̐̍e̜͈͙͆̍͒́͒̓'͔̮ͨͭ̐̾̈̈ͅsͥ͑̏̾ ̤̠̖̦ͥͥ̽̓͗ͬͅȟ̯͙̭̳̣̠̞e̪̭̯͕̅̑̀̈́̓̎r̖̝̭̟̭ͤe̪̞͙̔̋ ̀̊ͪS̰̣̣̻̲̲̹ͬ̓̀ͮ̄͂ḁ̎ỹ̤̬̺͓ͨͨ̍̍ͅ ͭ̂̅ͪ̐̾g͖̉͊o͕͓̼̗̙͎̽̎̽̌ò̗̞̪͇̜ͪ̌̉̉ͪ̓d̦̺ͭͩ͂̒͌b̼̞̲̹̆̊̋ŷ͉͈͉̦̪̅e͍̼̦̤̲͂ͮͦ͊̚ ͫ̊͛

Get to know me

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  • Nickname: Jess, jessiekayyy, Jay, bubba… other stuff too.
  • Star Sign: that one sign that’s a crab and a 69 too.
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Time Right Now: 8:03pm
  • Favorite Musical Artist: yoo I got so many dude. some include: Childish Gambino, J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Willow and Jaden Smith, Lady Gaga… the list goes on tbh.
  • Song Stuck in Your Head: Bruno Mars - 24K Magic 
  • Last Movie Watched: When Harry met Sally.
  • Last TV Show Watched: Being Mary Jane. 
  • What Are You Wearing Right Now: a sand color shirt, jeans and nude flats. (a choker and big ass hoops too) 
  • When Did You Create Your Blog: Like… 5 years ago.
  • What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: things I relate to, find intriguing, funny stuff too, things that make me smile, idk… a lot of stuff. 
  • Do You Have Any Other Blogs: No. lmao I remember starting another blog like 3 years ago about s………….. nevermind. 
  • Do You Get Asks Regularly: i’m a loser.
  • Why Did You Choose Your URL: Because of the beautiful, incomparable Sade and her song “No Ordinary Love” 
  • Gender: señora
  • Hogwarts House: “i don’t know anything about Harry Potter.” -Edwin
  • Pokemon Team: ummm…
  • Favorite Color: maroon.
  • Average Hours of Sleep: “eight.” -Edwin
  • Lucky Number: i think it’s 4 or 5 .
  • Favorite Characters: can’t think of any right now 
  • How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: none in the summer, several in winter. as of lately, 2.
  • Dream Job: Entertainment industry.
  • Following: 521 cute people. 

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Sometimes, all I wanted to do is to talk to someone and share random stuffs. No monkey business at all.
—  Nakakasawa din kase yung puro sexual na topic. Yung iba kase parang nakakaalala lang dahil libog sila sayo o may kelangan na sex related thing. Gusto ko din naman yung minsan, may sense kausap. Yun lang naman.

anonymous asked:

Murderer tw I have two special interest questions: can you have five or six special interests and a few that have always been special interests but become low key for periods of time and then the main ones (like a hierarchy of special interest that changes) and two: my newest special interest is serial murderers and things related to profiling and finding them and really prolific serial killers only I'm really paranoid and I love researching it only I'm scared as well:/ I don't know what to do.

Special interest anon. I should say, it’s urgent cos I don’t know what to do with myself and it’s really affecting my life

For question 1: Absolutely! That’s relatively common, and it’s how my own special interests work!

For question 2: When I get really paranoid (which often happens to me after I’ve been researching murderers :P ) I always close curtains and doors, make sure everything’s locked, turn the tv on, turn the lights on, and try to keep an animal nearby. I’ve also been known to cover mirrors, and carry a knife with me when I have to walk through the house. You might also find this self-help guide from @relatable-psychosis helpful. You can also try to do something distracting like play a game or watch a movie, but I often find that difficult when I’m particularly paranoid. You might find it helpful to write your paranoid thoughts down so you’re not running through them in your head over and over.

I can’t really think of anything else that I’ve found helpful, but maybe some other kittens have some more ideas!

-Brother Cat

Ajay was still in his nurses office, doing things related to work. He had planned passing by the party hall just to check if anyone needed him later on. But at this time he just sat at his desk, in costume and everything. He had been considering doing the whole zombie or ghost thing but, seeing as he was lost without his glasses, being a zombie with round glasses wouldn’t look as good.. So in the end he’d kinda just decided to go with an Asian Milo Thatch from the disney film,  Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Which he thought was a smart idea, plus the clothes were comfortable, so he wasn’t gonna complain there.

He quickly looked up as he saw the door opening, and a figure entering his office.. “Can i help you..?”

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Name: Abigail

Nickname: Abi

Gender: Cis F

Height: 5′10″

Favorite Color: Violet. Anything between magenta and periwinkle really, but there’s no color I hate.

Time: 7:42 PM

Last Thing I Googled: Aerobic stretches. It’s for class.

A Fictional Character I Would Like As A Sibling: Tbh? Savage. He seems like an awesome big brother up to a certain point

When I Made This Blog: May 23, 2014

How Many Blogs I Follow: 92

Number of Followers: 152

Do I Get Asks Regularly: Not really. I try to responds to the asks I do get as soon as possible though. And I’m always up for chat!

Aesthetic: Uhh…Internet culture, I suppose. Steampunk, memes, horror, computers/technology, ocean-dwellers (mainly sharks), fandom-related things…. I’m not sure.

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