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i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 

Me, in school: *that weird kid that is obsessed with fandoms and is friends with like 3 people*
Me, on tumblr: *is somehow funny and relatable*

stationery asks!

ask me anything! (i tried to relate the asks to the stationery somehow? idk tbh?)

muji pens: what are your favorite stationery?

pilot juice pens: what is your favorite drink?

mildliners: what is your favorite color(s)?

tombow dual brush pens: do you like to draw?

moleskine: what are your dreams, goals, and/or ambitions?

hi-polymer eraser: what is something you regret?

sharpie highlighters: what is your brightest moment?

post-it sticky notes: what is something you’d like to remember?

papermate flaire pens: how would you describe your handwriting? 

bic mechanical pencils: do you consider yourself to be a gentle person?

papermate inkjoy pens: do you have feelings for anyone?

sharpie fineliners: what kind of pens do you prefer? 

bic correction tape: what is your biggest mistake/embarrassment?

staedtler triplus fineliners AND stabilo fineliners: what/who makes you a better person?

or make up your own! send me an ask with your favorite stationery and a question attached to it!

Theory Time!

Okay, does anyone else see that the Angara look awfully remincent of the Quarians? They literally have the same body structure. 

And the clothes looks almost similar. What if the Angara are a more advanced, evolved version the Quarians? Or perhaps are somehow related in species somehow? Just a theory but it really has me wondering.

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Okay but can you imagine what people would say if someone was like "yeah I haven't watched/won't watch season 3 bc it's just so gay and it's not relatable to me” PEOPLE WOULD FLIP. But somehow now it’s okay to be like ”Sana’s season is so boring and I don’t wanna watch it bc it’s not relatable, I AINT RACIST THO, it’s just that I can’t relate ’cause I’m not muslim or anything:/” Like sit down, Susan, & take some notes, because it’s about time you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you


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Besides the Baudelaire family, are there other families of Jewish faith in VFD? Is it possible all of them are Jewish, considering there is a chance all families in the organization are related somehow?

Let me provide you this illuminating quote by Daniel Handler himself:

I think there is something naturally Jewish about unending misery, yes. I mean, I guess naturally but not exclusively Jewish. I’m Jewish so, by default, the characters I create are Jewish, I think.
[The Jewish Secrets of Lemony Snicket (Link), February 2007,  Nadine Epstein for Moment magazine]

Yup. Canonically every single character from Lemony Snicket’s universe is Jewish in some way or another. Daniel Handler’s a secular humanist so they’re not very explicit about their faith or heritage, but there are many mentions of Jewish culture within the books.

Something in Return

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Summary:  Just as you convince your brother, Carl, to go back home to your father and not follow through with his plan of taking down Negan, Negan finds you instead with a bunch of his men shot so he takes you in his sanctuary to discuss your plan while showing his liking towards you.

Warnings: Language, Negan’s vulgar mentions

I swear to God, Carl, you better take your ass home right now.” You hissed angrily as you forcefully latched onto his right shoulder to stop him.

You were extremely angered at his idiotic antic of sneaking to Negan’s sanctuary to take him down. The kid knows the saviors wouldn’t have it. They’d commit an act so humiliating; like hang him above the sanctuary for all eyes to see while Negan watched in appreciation knowing they satisfied his command.

He had no chance.

“Shit, would you just stop?,”” He growled as he jerked his arm towards himself; out of your grip.

“You don’t need to act like mom, okay? If she were here right now, she’d tell you that you’re acting way too controlling. She’d want that asshole to be gone. She’d be proud of me.” He stated with confidence in his tone as he pushed past you, rolling his eyes in annoyance.

You scoffed at his ignorance. “Listen, Carl, mom wouldn’t be proud. She’d tell you to haul your scrawny little ass down that trail right there,” You pointed towards a path.

“’And she would want you to go home to dad, eat dinner, and act like a kid you are. She knows you have no chance. He has hundreds of men. You’re one kid. Go home to daddy or I’ll tell him your plan. I don’t want you killed, Carl.”

He pursed his lips as he glared at you with anger imbedded in his eyes. “You know what? You’re-”

“Who the hell are those kids?” 

You peeked your head up from the bushes to see a middle aged man with his head shaved, another following after him with a weapon as they paced towards you.

“Shit, Carl, shoot him!” You covered your mouth with your hand at the thought of what might happen next.

He faced you with a smirk written across his face. “Oh, I thought I was supposed to go home because I’m just a kid.”

Your jaw dropped as he smugly handed you his gun, hitting a trail towards the woods without them spying him.

You wanted to slap your brother up the side of the head for leaving you with these men who could kill you and were planning to.

You angled yourself at the edge of the bush, peppering both of the men down with bullets causing an outrage to appear as the other saviors joined outside.

You held your arms in surrender, your heart pounding at the sight.

You had no chance just as Carl wouldn’t have.

“Oh shit, would you look at that? That little girl fired both my men down!” Negan shouted with fascination in his voice as he slouched back with a smirk plastered across his bearded face.

Feelings of fright and attraction were brought to you as he walked towards you; close enough you could feel his breath against your skin.

You only saw Negan from a distance when he came to Alexandria to take things from your group and scare your father. You had no idea he’d be that attractive.

Your mouth gapped as you noticed your mind was blank once he stood in front of you with Lucille over his shoulder, waiting for your reply.

“I- um.. I was stopping my little brother and I just thought your men were going to kill us. I had to protect him. Just please.. don’t hurt me.” You pleaded as you fell to your knees with tears in your eyes.

He chuckled in amusement at the act you were performing in front of him.

It brought him great joy knowing you were vulnerable to him.

And you are?” He cocked his head to the side as his bit his bottom lip, his eyes trailing down your figure.

“Wait, don’t fucking tell me. Are you somehow related to that little one eyed bitch who stared shit with my men and I before?” He gripped Lucille tighter as he clenched his jaw at the thought.

You scoffed at his insult towards your brother. Yeah, you were rude to him but you were obligated to being his big sister.

“Uh, yeah, that little one eyed bitch,” You inserted quotations in the air. “is my brother and he was just trying to protect his family.”

Negan slouched back with amazement in his eyes. “Shit, you were being all scared and vulnerable till I brought up your brother. Now you’re a little firecracker. I like that shit. What’s your name?”

You laughed as you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest.

“(Y/N( Grimes. Goodbye.” You swayed your hips as you began to walk off until the sound of a walker appeared causing you to search each direction.

Once the moaning of the dead became clearer, you saw it stagger towards you with his arms open ready to devour.

You instantly placed bullet holes through it’s body, grabbing the end of the gun and nailing it right along the head causing it to fall backwards as blood splattered along your face.

He watched; mesmerized. Mesmerized by how you didn’t hesitate to kill the walker and by how irresistible you looked with blood droplets resting along your perfectly proportioned angelic face.

Well, damn. You sure know how to turn a man on. Let me help you clean that up.” He insisted with a hand out.

“And why would I accept?” You spat with your arms folded along your chest.

You machined gunned a bunch of my men down!”

His tone changed completely towards a more harsher tone causing you to jump in your boots.

Look, I don’t enjoy harming women and I don’t want to harm such a gorgeous girl like you so if I were you, I’d listen and have a little chat. I think I deserve to clean up that pretty face in return.” He grinned with his hand out once again.

You hesitantly grabbed his large hand causing butterflies in your stomach to form at the skin to skin contact.

You hated to feel to cheery at the feeling of him touching you. But he was breathtakingly charming and he knew that himself.

He smirked in satisfaction as he tightly held your hand as you two walked throughout the sanctuary.

You would look absolutely stunning laying nude on my bear skin rug, my dear.” He whispered into your ear as he opened what you interpreted to be his bedroom.

You pursed your lips wanting to feel discriminated but you felt your cheeks become heated at the idea.

“You are disgusting.” You finally responded after what felt like the longest time.

He chuckled at your response. “Here, have a seat sweetheart.”

He patted the seat of the expensive looking sofa causing you to slowly walk over and sit with your eyes facing your lap nervously.

You watched as he pulled out a cloth from one of the drawers and stood over you, straddling your knees.

You felt your heart pound as you bit your bottom lip, allowing him to clean the blood of the walker off your face.

After he was finished, he gripped your chin with a smirk laying upon his lips.

“I can’t believe Rick’s daughter is in my room. Shit, what would he think of that?He smirked before chuckling and leaning in more.

Yeah, what would he?, You thought causing your stomach to churn with anxiety.

“”What would he think if I straddled her body like this and softly kissed her?” He purred as he groaned, his lips softly brushing along yours before fully pressing them against yours.

You kissed back, your nails digging into his leather jacket.

“Negan.” You breathed in his manly scent as you dug your face into his scarfed neck.

“Yes, baby doll?” He pulled you closer with lust in his voice.

“Was this something in return for what I did? Am I not punished?” You inquired as you looked into his chocolate brown eyes causing him to chuckle as he shook his head.

“You have no idea how punished you are, princess.”


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