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adventure of the day, 12/26/12, a slightly angsty post.

Oh gosh. I was at my friend’s house today so i decided to text the guy i like.

Basically, I really like this guy and i’m 90.5% sure he likes me back (I know, this sounds a little ‘middle school’ already, right?)

Basically, i texted him and he texted me back and life was grand.

He doesn’t hold conversation very well so when he left me with a large gap of time, i thought nothing of it.

THEN, i get “hi sorry!! there was a guitar catastrophe (blood is everywhere)…” So of course, i’m thinking he cut his wrist or is going to need stitches or something. When i ask if he is okay, i get absolutely no response.

So i freak out a lot a little. I texted our lone mutual friend and asked if she heard from him, to which she had not.

After an hour to an hour and a half of her calling him, he texted her and told her that he cut his hand on a pocket knife, there was little blood, and he fell off the couch and got a concussion.

Then, once she told him I spazzed thinking he is dead or bleeding out, he texts me “i’m back from the dead :D”

Awesome. Nice to know.

When of course he asked why i cared, i told him it would be really unfortunate if he died.

He just told me its nice that i’m not a hater.

To which i said i am most definitely NOT a hater.

Then, he fell asleep leaving me with no insight.

Moral of the story?

Boys are idiots.