I have killed myself many times.

The part of me that hated myself was murdered yesterday. The version of me that was unkind and cruel was destroyed years ago. I replaced my angry hard heart with a soft one and switched the part of my brain that hated anyone off. And the part of me that insisted on my killing myself? I strangled it with my bare hands for trying to suggest that I did not have a place in or beauty to give to this world.

Yes, I have killed myself many times. But only the parts of myself that caused me damage, that caused others pain, that told me my life was not worth living.

The universe made no mistake by creating me. And it made no mistake by creating you either. Kill the version of you that tries to tell you it has. You deserve every moment of the previous gift of life you have been given.

—  Nikita Gill
If you go through life just sitting around and waiting for the people who hurt you to get what they deserve, you will forget how to strive for your own happiness, you will forget to live.
—  Nikita Gill