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You know Carrie confirmed on camera that Han and Leia neglected Ben right? This isn't anything new, it's been known since TFA that Han and Leia were neglectful parents. Just because they were good heroes doesn't mean that would be good parents.

Leia felt the darkness in utero—because Ben had equal parts light & dark. Han and Leia were caught up in their own fears of dark!Ben (“Too much Vader in him”) and missed the fact Snoke was targeting him… Carrie is on camera saying they definitely neglected him a bit. Bad parents? Nope. But I don’t think they were prepared for a child… the timing was terrible not to mention he was born a target because of his bloodline. Just a bad situation all around. Ben loved/loves his parents, but it’s messy & complicated. I relate to him a lot in this.

Where has Carrie Fisher say this on camera that Han and Leia neglected Kylo bc i really don’t remeber her ever saying anything like that?

and no, it has been fanon by kylo stans like you that Han and Leia were neglectful parents since TFA (literally nothing in TFA paint Han and Leia as neglectful parents in fact the opposite but sure ignore that like you guys do about everything else)

and also man all what you are saying here is fanon and i’m feeling a dark presence for a moment while she was pregaent with Kylo really doesn’t mean shit or that he was brainwashed or wahtever.

and dude they have ever right to worry about the chance of Kylo going dark and really ok miss the fact that in TFA Leia says something along the lines of knowing about Snoke so wrong on them missing it (and dude that’s really part of the reason why he was sent to study with Luke, his uncle, and also we have prove in Bloodlines that they still stayed in contact with him so)

and really i’m not saying that they would have been prefect parents bc no one is but they did there best and calling them neglectful bc they worked and tried to make the galaxy a better places is shitty and just really wrong

and also, even if Kylo was neglected which he was not bc there is literally no prove of that beyond you guys wanting that to be try so you can give darth emo a tragic backstory it literally doesn’t excuse anything he has done and make it right that he literally choose to join a fascist organization like that’s not a freaking excuse and still makes him one of the most evil characters ever period.  

daily reminder that saying kanaya is a lesbian is not a “headcanon” it’s actual indisputable canon. also trolls aren’t all bi/pan so stop. saying. that.

Houses as Quotes from my Physics Class
  • Gryffindor: "It's not just a sword, it's a weapon."
  • Hufflepuff: "C'mon, what's the point of having a pet giraffe if you don't put it in roller skates?"
  • Ravenclaw: "Yes, the cow- and what kind of cow is it again? That's right, a chocolate milk cow. That is obviously very important to the question."
  • Slytherin: "You'd make a good detective. You have those serial killer instincts that could help you figure out their motives."
Roommates With Draco Part Three
  • Part Three: Three AM Revelations
  • Hermione: The human body is 70% water. So we are basically just cucumbers with anxiety.
  • Draco: Excuse me, with the amount of salt and firewhiskey I consume, I'm more like an anxiety pickle.
If you are looking for a daydream, made of sugar soft love and candy cane grace, someone who never falters or makes mistakes, you have come to the wrong place. I am wolf wild loyalty and messy mad love, I may be broken, but oh, my darling, I will give you a love as real as your own warm blood.
—  Nikita Gill