relatable qoute

where should I start?
where should I go?
am I still existing?
am I still here?
Do anyone see me?
Why am I asking this?
They don’t. Yes they don’t.
When everything is new at sight
when you expect that everything will be bright and lite
but the shades become darker than black
and no one seems to notice that you’re losing the pack
cause nobody seems to care
that you are there
existing just like them
holding no sword nor a pen
I was not a mere shadow of any
I was not really sure why you don’t see me
I’m still haunted by the world of uselessness
I’m still a captive of the un belongingness
I can’t move off my feet, I can’t be free to take a sit
How do you consider this a home
If I can’t be who I want on my own
Everything was so structured
they say just follow the rules
to cause no trouble and live happily
but never will it happen
I am so close on giving up the end
but why am I still holding on?
maybe I’m still hoping that it will soon get better
I will find my place inside those four corners
exercising happiness at its extent
dreaming about their promises of a happy end

You can’t say it’s not true😂😂❤️

I remember how I thought you could move mountains. Years later, I’m not the only one. That little boy looks just like his momma, but I’ll be damned, he’s got your smile.
—  The Story of #22
Kaye Curto