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There used to be a point to this but then it became a hot mess.


Supergirl has posted a lot of posters.

1 for the crossover episode during s1 which featured Kara, Barry, James, Winn, Alex, J'onn, & Cat.

The 2nd poster was when superman showed up and it was a recreation of the infinite crisis comicbook cover.

The next was the 4 way crossover. Which featured 2 characters from each show. The 2 from supergirl were Kara & J'onn.

The next few posters we been getting one for every episode.

Martian Chronicles: Kara & J'onn

Luthors: Kara with a Kara/Lena friendship quote

Mr./Mrs. Mxyzptlk: Kara & Mon-El.

I honestly don’t see a problem when them releasing a Karamel related poster. There’s is no problem with it as they’ve been posting posters. This is the first promotional art Mon-El has been apart of. I’m sure if Lena was a regular she’d be on the luthors posters. The sole reason you’re mad is because it happens to be Mon-El who’s a very polarizing character. You didn’t say shit when J'onn was used for promotional art. Didn’t say shit when a supercorp esq quote was used for the 2x12 poster. Y'all fangirl/fanboy over that shit. However the minute Mon-El steps foot on any media promotional you guys freak out and criticize the show. Bitch it’s one poster get over it. Stop being extra as fuck! Go for a walk or something to clear your mind.

2015 will officially end in approximately 4 hours in my time zone.
Thank you for the support through this year and please treat me well in the next year and many years after that too~ :)

Happy new year and may God bless you!

—-Mao Kousei, 2015

araitzia  asked:

IM THINKING ABOUT ASKING A BOY TO SADIE'S HELP ME THINK OF PANIC! RELATED POSTER IDEAS/WAYS TO ASK PLS (he's loves panic too and am honestly so blessed bc its rare to meet a cuteboy that will fangirl over Brendon Urie with you)

i’ve never even seen a dance from like afar before, unless you count maybe tv shows, so i got nothin,  but if anyone has an idea pop right over pop right over to them i guess


so back in sept 2015 me and my mum went to japan aa!! so i went and took some photos (mOST OF THEM I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED KILL ME) for some background practice ;v; when i saw ppl do this i got interested so why not try it ;^)

i took some from disney and akihabara as well! i didnt get pictures from nakano broadway bc i got distracted by all the manga and owari no seraph stuff ;A; these were taken in Ueno! i forgot the exact place but yeah xD some sort of panda park?? nyeeh! anyways have charisk