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Looking at the infinity war poster:
  • Me: oh shit, there's Bucky's arm, Clint's arrow, part of Tony's stuff, etc. etc.
  • Friend: I know! There's Natasha's bullets and Peters webs too.
  • Me: I can't figure out what's right bellow T'challa's necklace though.
  • Me:
  • Me: oh, it's Ant-Man.

music artists posters: axl rose (Guns n’ Roses)

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This sounded cute to me, but idk. Mc moving in with rfa+V+saeran? Like getting a house or apartment together. (or in jumin's case a giant ass penthouse, smh rich people)

A/N: I just wow i loVE THIS okay thank you ~Admin 404

Smh rich people indeed (i had way too much fun with V and i had to stop myself from going on and on) ~ Admin 626

-I think the two of you would end up with a small apartment to start out! Move up to a house a while after he starts his career
-Your living room is only part living room. Everyone has to fight each other to sit on the couch when they visit
-It’s only part living room because y’all spoil Lisa to no eND so there’s a huge cat tree and a ton of cat play houses jumin approves and actually gets a few of the playhouses for y’all
-Sure you could have made that extra room a cat room but???? No???
-Game room????
-IT’S LITERALLY THE BEST ROOM IN Y’ALLS APARTMENT it’s decked out in all of your nerdy-gaming related things (figures, posters, games themselves) and seriously it’s just pride and joy nerd
-Your bedroom is overrun with plushies, neither of you can really tell whose is whose anymore
-He makes you breakfast every day! The first day, he tried to bring it to you in bed but that was a disaster when he tripped over the plushies and you woke up with an omelette on your face
-Y’alls apartment is covered in cute things- stickers are everywhere, homemade gifts and decorations, and it just looks kinda like pinterest threw up in the apartment
-Your kitchenware is SO CUTE like your ladle is nessie, your measuring cups are whale shapes, and he has these cartoon cups that he tried hiding from you but they’re just so cute you can’t help yourself

-Y’all didn’t have to get a new place, he just moved you into his penthouse i mean didn’t he already in his route, LMAO
-But anything you want, he will get it for you
-He has a lot more cat shaped things than you originally thought though
-Like cat shaped bowls, has a few coffee mugs with cats on them, things like that
-He gives you complete control of decorating but it’s like??? Jumin I wanted to do this together???
-So he helps pick out throw pillows, new art pieces, anything you ask him to do
-The one thing he requires is a tON OF PICTURES OF THE TWO OF YOU
-Seriously there’s a painting of the two of you plus Elizabeth hanging up in the house but at least it’s adorable <3

-Also just moves you into his house
- i mean why not, it’s big enough
-Y’all don’t even sleep in your bed for like the first week, you two are having pillow forts in the living room
-You can have a room to yourself, for whatever you’re passionate about. Gaming? He has a room for that, he’ll share. Art? Room for you. A room dedicated to your favourite figurines from your favourite games or shows? He’ll have to get you a separate room he isn’t sharing his
-He’s got plates that are planets and they’re AMAZING y’all i almost bought some the other day omg
-But he’s such a brat, like he plays pranks on you to wake you up
-You’ve woken up to whipped cream in the face more times than you can count but you’ve also woken him up with cold water soooo
-No item in the house is safe from you two “playing” if you catch my drift wink wonk
-Saeran hates both of you so much

-Definitely not used to having you actually live with him
-You walked in the bathroom while he was in the shower and you never knew that he could scream so high pitched
-Black out curtains throughout the house because???? The sunlight sucks
-He’s actually lowkey really cute and likes to put pictures of the two of you in frames and just put them on bookshelves or hang them up
-But then he like denies that he puts them up??? “Idk how it got there, it looks terrible” uh yeah okay
-YOUR KITCHEN IS THE MOST DECKED OUT ROOM because the two of you actually really like to cook and it’s a bonding thing <3
-Otherwise, your bedroom is decked out with the comfiest bed, blankets, and coolest TV because MOVIE MARATHONS
-Every time you buy some cute little ceramic animals you can’t find it ten minutes later. He hides them in various places because he hates them
-Actually really loves the idea of painting the ceiling like the sky with some clouds but only in the bedroom, the rest of the house cannot deal with that
-The two of you pick out everything together! Everything has nice neutral tones,everything goes together perfectly (just like the two of you aw cuties)

- with zen, it wasn’t a slow move in where u just kinda left things at his house and things slowly collected over time
- nah that’s not Zen’s style
- of course he would make a big deal about you moving in
- “Zen we’ve already done the diddly do, what r u ashamed of”
- honestly ur lucky he didn’t make y’all wait til after you guys got married
- but it’s worth the wait!!!
- Zen completely redid his place just for you <3
- he denies the fact that jumin helped him but u know jumin did
- it’s so cute!!!
- the kitchen has a whole lot of sweet things bc he knows u love sweets
-there’s a sex swing in his bedroom
- Seeing Zen in sweats??? H O T
- Zen sees in ur pajamas? He suddenly has to go shower???
- Poor you gets roped into Zen’s workouts
- he claims it’s ur fault since ur sweets are fattening him up
-  living with him is super peaceful tho???
- he has self care days??? Who does that???
- face masks, bubble baths with candles, treats himself to mani pedis
- and he takes such good care of you!
- because of him, you eat more healthy! The sweets are treats okay
- and because of you, zen becomes a little more lowkey because you can’t always handle his dramatic ass everyone in the group chat kisses ur feet for that
- You two brought out the best in each other <3
- honestly her apartment is the tiniest thing in the world
- like you know the episode of Futurama where Fry moves in with Bender?
- yeah, that small
- you guys end up finding a super cute apartment!!!
- it is on the smaller side but it’s super cozy
- flowers everywhere!!! You want the place bright for when Jaehee comes home from work <3
- y’all have too many pillows on your bed and sofas but it’S WORTH IT
- there’s a little reading nook you guys managed to create!
- also, all the RFA hoes come over all the time
- no matter what u guys do, u can’t stop it
- one time you couldn’t get rid of Saeyoung for weeks because Jaehee figured out DIY Honey Buddha chips
- as much as you two protest, one day futons magically appeared on the floor for them
- Jaehee is the sweetest roommate!!!
- she always leaves u little notes everywhere to let u know she loves you
- she folds down the page corners of store catalogues if she thinks you’d like them
- and she always somehow has a cup of coffee ready for you whenever u need it???
- she’s a magician
- and you always makes sure she eats and rests enough <3
- You guys get a house together!
- You needed a room for work and he needed a room for his art, so an apartment was definitely out of the question
- you love decorating the house with him???
- He hung up Christmas lights in your room! Who does that! V’s hipster ass, that’s who
- Polaroids and other pictures eVERYWHERE
- and of course this guys gets a record player
- he puts it in the kitchen and he dances with you in the kitchen when you two cook together
- actually he just dances with you when he can, music or not
- you guys end up having a mini library because V is super into learning about other cultures??? He has books on everything u can name
- he ends up taking u out like every week for aesthetic pics, you cant get out of it no matter what
- sometimes he makes you get up to watch the sunrise with him
- it’s okay tho, u get back at him with a nERF WAR
- and sometimes you use a marshmallow shooter against him randomly
- “hey mc have u seen m-“
- he just stands there getting hit by marshmallow as he stares off into the distance
- think of the scene from parks and rec when Andy shoots Ben with marshmallows
- honestly u two are so cute and silly together, and all is right in the world


Cherik AU: Charles is staying at Logan’s and the only way Erik can visit him is by climbing up to his window. 

“Really, Erik? Who do you think you are, bloody Romeo?”

“I needed to see you.”

“Logan is going to kill you.“ 

"Don’t care. This is more important." 

(Need Simmers) Mental Health Awareness Poster!

Hey, everyone, as World Mental Health Day is approaching (10th October)  I am creating a mental health awareness campaign and I need some simmers help.

I suffer with mental health and a lot of people I know on here do as well and also irl,  I wanted to create a mental health awareness poster with as many simselfs as possible in the backgrounds.

I will publish a poster related to the campaign every Friday.

 if any of you want to be apart of this campaign to raise awareness of mental health. 

Send me a png file of your simself posing (full body) wearing the MHAC Hoodies

download here (xx)

Take a screenshot with no background or a green screen (jpg) and send it to over messages on tumblr and I will include you and tag you in the posters.

Sims must be ALPHA and HQ

I need everyone to reblog the posters so they can get around and do their job. I will release more information on them later on in the week.


guys. I have deleted all the studio Mir tour pics, if anyone reblogged them I STRONGLY suggest you delete them off your blog and warn others not to reblog and do the same if you have them on your blog.

the op is in trouble and i would like to hope us removing things quickly will lessen the damage 

New Girl - Jughead Jones

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also, this imagine was pretty crap but I’m a little rusty and wanted to get something out for this blog :)


When you first arrived at riverdale, it seemed like Cheryl Blossom had it out for you. You had no clue why, you had just moved in two weeks before her brothers  death, from a small town a couple hours away. Your father had gotten a new job  with the sheriff’s  deputy.

Your first day at Riverdale was worse. You hadn’t met anyone besides Cheryl, and when you talked to her she picked you out from the beginning.

“Hello, “ You smiled at the man behind the counter, “Two chocolate milkshakes please, to go”

The man smiled back, of course my dear. Are you knew to town?”

“Yeah..” You sighed, “Came from Capital Heights.”


A girl snickered behind you. You turned your head around to see a rouge-headed female sitting in a booth with an equally rouge-headed boy.

“Capital Heights. Just sounds like a pretty fancy place for some…”

She paused and looked up and down at your sweater layered with an old jacket your mom’s and some leggings. Old converse were splayed on your feet. 



You ignored her comment, and turned to grab your milkshakes.

“See you at Riverdale High, C-Hoe” her smile hid something behind it, as her presumed brother smirked too.

You didn’t see her again until it was at the crime scene. Your father and sheriff Keller had to be on scene, so you got dragged into it. Cheryl stared at you when your father car pulled up, you stood nearby a tree, awaiting until your father allowed you to leave.

Her eyes were coated in thick mascara that ran down her cheeks. Her lipstick was smudged. She had a glint of something in her eyes, but all of the whirl around it you couldn’t decipher what it was.

Her grin was displayed on her face while you walked into math. Your hands absentmindedly curled around the sleeves of your jacket. You picked a seat where no one was, and set your books down. First day, new people. this was going to be shit.

“So…” Cheryl slid next to you, pulling her hair to one side. “Capital Heights girl, right? C-Hoe?”

People around snickered at the oh-so-polite nickname.

“Y/n, actually”

“what?” Cheryl bat her eyelashes, “My name’s Y/n” You grumbled.

“Ouch” She faked, “Seems like you have a grouch to your tone..You know..My brother and I saw you..Could you have taken vengeance on him?” Cheryl raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve been in this town for two weeks Cheryl. I haven’t talked to your brother before. So vengeance? No.”

You stopped talking to her and continued on while class started. The teacher started to drone on as you tried to avoid Cheryl’s eyes while peering around the room. You looked at all the math related posters on the wall, and overlooked some of your classmates. There were some jocks around with the blue and gold jackets. A raven haired boy caught you attention. He had a grey beanie on, slouched slightly. His face rested on the side of the desk as his eyes looked extremely weary.


“Hi. I’m Betty! Sorry I didn’t get to you this morning, It’s been pretty hectic around here.”

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A blond, high ponytailed girl stood next to you. 

“That’s fine.” You smiled, “I’m Y-”

“Y/n..yeah” She smiled.

“Yep..That’s me” You shuffled your feet awkwardly.

“Say…” Betty looked at you, ‘Would you want to go to Pop’s? It’s a diner not far away from here. Some of my friends’ll be there, it would be fun”

You could tell Betty felt guilty for not showing you around earlier.

“sure..could I meet you there? I just want to drop my stuff off and let my dad know”


After you exchanged your number with Betty, you dropped your bag off. You brushed your hair quickly, grabbing a warmer jean jacket to wear, and left a note for your dad so he could know where you were.

The walk to pops wasn’t too long, you listened to music as you went, bobbing your head slightly. Your hands were stuffed into the pockets of your jacket.

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“Know she’s knew, but heck, V, you were new”

“Wheres she from?”

You stepped it the diner, a small bell dangling above your head signalling that you were there. Your eyes peered around for Betty. At first, you couldn’t see her over the fair amount of people around.

“Y/n! Over here” Betty waved you over as you slowly walked over to the booth.

There were four people in the booth, though it looked like they had moved to accommodate you.

Betty sat on the end of the booth, while a brunette with very arched eyebrows, and pearls around her neck, sat next to her. Next to the brunette sat a boy, with brown hair as well.

To the opposite of the booth sat the boy you had seen in your math class. His beanie was still adorned on his head, as was the same expression he had on earlier.

You sat, unsure if that was okay, next to the boy, awkwardly smiling.

“So…Guys..” Betty smiled, “This is Y/n” She gestured to you as you gave a little wave, “This is Veronica,” The Brunette girl next to Betty smiled, she was definitely brought up in a wealthy family. 

“This is Kevin” She gestured to the boy next to Veronica, who gave a little wave.

“And this Is Jughead” She pointed to the boy next to you. He didn’t smiles but only responded to the acknowledgement by speaking.

“The third”

“Oh yeah. Sorry. I always forget, he likes to add that”


Betty and Veronica started to talk again, while Kevin sat texted on his phone.

“So…Jughead right?”

You looked over to the boy beside you, enjoying his second milkshake.

“Yep. Jughead Jones the third”

You nodded.

“Soo….I think I saw you in math today”


You nodded again, clearly he didn’t want to talk.

You tapped on the table awkwardly.

“You from Capital Heights?”

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You looked over at the boy again.

“yeah..” Your eyes narrowed, “why?”

“dunno. Just seems odd that you arrived before Jason’s death”

“Oh god” You groaned, “please don’t tell me you think I did this. I didn’t even talk to the boy. Sure Cheryl’s a bitch, but aren’t we all?”

He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing about the subject.

“Okay well. I better go. I guess I’ll se you tomorrow Y/n”

Betty got up, gave you all a smiler, and left with Veronica. Kevin slid over to the end of the booth. “I better go too, nice meeting you Y/n”

Great. Now were left with this robot.

He taped on his laptop quickly, hiding it from your view.

“What are you working on?”

“Nothing. You know, you should probably go too. It’s getting late. See you in Math, Y/n”


Chat Noir’s identity stopped being a secret with the worst possible timing; sort of like his puns. Marinette blinked at the oblivious boy, trotting away from behind an advert pole with his own face on it, and her heart cracked for the second time in as many weeks.

Alya never noticed, not when the first wound from Valentine’s day was still fresh. Marinette had never mentioned her alter-ego, as not only was this Alya, but she had in no way wished the other girl’s wrath onto Adrien. Even if he didn’t like Marinette, and only had a crush on a superhero he didn’t know (after all, half the class did, and that was alright), it was fairly normal for a teenage boy.

And at first, after the second shot at her heart, Marinette had thought it was a good thing. Adrien didn’t just have a simple case of celebrity crush, after all, didn’t he? If he was Chat, that meant he’d spent time with her, and knew her - Ladybug her - and so his crush was a lot more genuine. Tikki had rejoiced at her better mood, and encouraged her to try to speak to Adrien again.

He’d approached her, the day after Valentine’s, because of course he would. He wanted to let her down gently, be the gentleman she knew he was. She hadn’t really allowed it to go well; Alya hadn’t left her side (Alya had been witness to Marinette the Sobbing Mess, so there was no way in hell she was leaving Marinette Alone with Adrien), and Marinette had forestalled anything the boy had wanted to say by admitting she knew he didn’t like her, it was ok, hoping they could stay friends, and then running away. It could have been called a success, except that Marinette had kept running away every time she saw Adrien even try to attempt to look in her direction. To say their friendship was strained at this point was like saying her papa’s eclairs were … good.

So Marinette had been determined that night, as she went to bed, to speak to Adrien the following morning, properly. She’d even smiled a little, and just as they were about to fall asleep, Tikki had dropped - what she probably thought was a good thing - the fact that now, as half the secret was out, it was safer for Marinette to actually share her identity with him, as it was always safer when the black cat and ladybird were on the same page.

Burning hot anxiety and ice-cold dread had seized Marinette in the same instant, her half-closed eyes snapping open. She could hardly breathe, she couldn’t move, and she stared unseeing at the ceiling of her room as tears gathered in her eyes. As she heard Tikki fall asleep beside her, unaware of the havoc she’d just wreaked on Marinette’s mind, Marinette re-lived with mounting dread the moment Adrien had read her signed valentine, then imagined Chat looking at her with the same eyes, saying ‘what? No, Marinette, it’s you?’ with the same disappointed tone, and her heart cracked in a new, unexpectedly devastating way.

People did say tragedies came in threes. She supposed she should have expected it; the same boy broke her heart three times.

The thought of her partner, her best friend and the person Marinette had always, unconsciously, considered a second half of her brain - he just, understood her so well! She didn’t even have to speak sometimes! - being disappointed to find her behind the mask… it was a pain she hadn’t anticipated. It took her unawares, mercilessly culling her heart and leaving her feeling hollow.

Because she already knew what his reaction was going to be. She had seen his reaction, his face dropping as Marinette appeared where Ladybug should have been, at least in his mind. The person who knew her best, who - he said - loved her most, was disappointed in her. Found her … wanting. Lacking. A bit of a let-down, really.  If he didn’t want her, who would?

Tikki must have been shocked, the following morning, to find the joyous, hopeful Marinette who she’d gone to sleep with had transformed into a girl in a worse state than even the one after Valentine’s day. She didn’t cry this time - really, what was there to cry about anymore? - but she silently went about her day, smiling only when appropriate, nodding at people. Marinette sunk into her work with a determination and a silent drive that almost scared the tiny goddess. And when Tikki dared to propose they go speak to Adrien, as they had planned, her charge had, for the first time in their acquaintance, told her summarily to shut up. Marinette had never ordered Tikki. And Tikki, being a slave to anyone holding her Miraculous, could do nothing but obey, retreating into her bag with tears prickling her eyes as she realised, belatedly, that something had gone wrong inside Marinette, and that Tikki hadn’t noticed in time.

And then the Surete came looking.

The Mayor of Paris, they said, may be content to let two dangerously powerful Vigilante roam Paris’ streets and rooftops. The central Government of France - not to mention the European Parliament - had other opinions.

It was frightening how quickly they zeroed in on the 12th Arrondissement. The Mayor had never wanted the Heroes to stop doing their job - it brought Paris notoriety, publicity, and Ladybug fixing everything at the end meant no monetary costs for anyone, so that kept insurance companies happy and gave people peace of mind. He had never ordered a police investigation, therefore, and the Heroes were only children. It hadn’t occurred to them that Paris was covered in security cameras. Some belonged to the police, some belonged to banks, some to random citizens or shop owners, all just trying to protect their properties. The Surete had jurisdiction over them all.

Chat Noir blended into the background more easily. They had traced his retreats to one of the richer areas of Paris, then routinely lost him. Ladybug, however, in her bright red suit, was a lot harder to miss. The school Marinette went to had cameras as well, and a bank just down the street caught her several times. Even if Marinette was cautious enough to take round-about routes home every time, it didn’t change the fact that eventually, she had to go home.  Sabrina had no idea, when she was excitedly reporting the news her dad passed her surrounded by a gaggle of people and enjoying her moment of fame, that she was making Marinette’s stomach drop and her breakfast try to make a second coming every morning.

And then another complication occurred. Chat Noir, quite innocently, had begun visiting Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He’d noticed, he said, that she looked sad and paler than usual when he’d caught sight of her during patrol - Marinette wasn’t sure which patrols he meant, but she knew he patrolled alone sometimes, and perhaps he’d just noticed it at school. So he’d begun dropping by, bringing gifts, trying to cheer her up. It had been flattering at first, had made her hopes rise a little, until the Surete investigation had dropped on them like a bomb.

Marinette had tried to drop hints subtly at first, gently and slowly trying to tell him that it was too foolish and dangerous for him to come to her so often. She didn’t want her kitty to think he wasn’t welcome, or wasn’t loved - dieu was that wrong in so many ways - but he wasn’t taking the hint. Whether he was willfully ignoring them, she wasn’t sure, but it drove home the possibility that their ability to understand one another on the battlefield was magical, and therefore not at all what Marinette had thought it in the first place. It wasn’t a deep interpersonal connection that they shared as two people. Only a side-effect of a magic suit. Slowly, slowly, without even realising it, Adrien began to chip away at all the certainties Marinette had built during her year as Ladybug, making her feel like she had returned to the quiet, shy, lonely girl Chloe bullied constantly before she met Alya and Tikki.

The final blow came when Marinette was putting up new posters one night. Her pictures of Adrien had come down the week after Valentine’s, and her wall had remained pointedly blank since then. One picture of Chat Noir had gone up, the Ladybug side folded so that it faced the wall underneath, and she’d endured his teasing for it with a good face. Today, though, she’d decided she was tired of the blank wall, and was putting up some more pictures - pictures of a better time, she told herself. Her old class, Alya and her in a few selfies. That one time they’d taken an improvised photo session for Juleka last year. Nino and Adrien - though she made sure another photo of Juleka and Rose ‘accidently’ hid the blond’s face.

When Chat Noir coo-cooed through the sky light, and then made himself at her home on her chaise as she finished putting pictures up (the last a large poster related to Fashion Week), she ignored his nagging at first. It had been the same each week, when he dropped by; why was the Ladybug part of that poster hidden? Come on, he and his Lady were a team. He was flattered, but it wasn’t fair that she didn’t unfold the other half of the poster and hung it up properly. How sad Ladybug must be, with her face against the wall like that-

Marinette had snapped, at last. Even when he came all the way to her house to see her, putting them both in danger with the ongoing investigation closing in at an alarming rate, all he could speak about when he was in a girl’s bedroom at night was Ladybug.

‘Ladybug doesn’t exist!’ she hissed. She regretted it a moment later when she saw how Chat’s eyes grew large, and his face fell in dismay at her anger. Marinette reigned it in as best she could. ‘Do you think Ladybug is Ladybug right now? No, she’s probably a random girl, doing her homework somewhere. Or, or getting home. Or starting work - no one knows how old she is!’

Honestly, she was trying not to breathe too hard as several things happened inside her at once. Keeping her anger and hurt in check, keeping her identity secret, being apologetic, trying to keep her anxiety in, and trying also to keep her identity straight. But once she started speaking, she couldn’t stop.

‘I, I mean, no one knows her identity, or who she is - which means the same thing, which means, um, I mean. Or how old she is. Or what’s her name. I mean, you don’t either, right? You, you don’t really know her. She could be anyone.’ She swallowed, knowing by the aghast expression on his face that she had said the wrong thing. ‘I mean,’ she tried, screaming in her head even before the words came out. ‘I could be Ladybug! And you would never know!’

The way Chat Noir burst out laughing did something inside her chest she didn’t quite have a name for. It wasn’t heartbreak, because she was quite familiar with that. It wasn’t pleasant, yet it didn’t make her feel drained and hopeless the way she’d been feeling the last few weeks. Anger was another emotion she was familiar with, but this wasn’t exactly that, either. She did feel energised and ablaze as she did when she was angry, but instead of having a hot head and clouded judgement, she almost felt like this was the opposite. Her head felt clear, free of all the emotions and doubts and encumbering problems that had plagued her.

Several things clicked in her brain at once as she watched Chat, her beloved boy and partner, laugh at the possibility that Marinette was Ladybug. This was the solution; this was the solution to all their problems - all her problems too. She almost felt like she did when she was in battle and things in her surroundings lit up in black and red as she held the Lucky Charm.

‘You’re really sweet, and brave and smart,’ Chat said with the last few chuckles, ‘But Ladybug is something else, Princess.’

Marinette smiled, the first honest smile in weeks. She felt lighter, all of a sudden. As the forming idea in her head took more and more body, she felt better than she had felt in nearly two months.

‘Yeah,’ she replied, a giggle of her own escaping her as the buoyant feelings inside her hiccuped, and only rose further up. ‘Ladybug is someone else.’*

Chat Noir didn’t catch her rephrase as he chuckled on with her. Tikki, hidden within the sheets of Marinette’s bed, watched in horror as her charge’s words registered.


Continues an earlier concept which ended in angst, but I cannot link because I’m not on my laptop and tumblr coders expect me to code for them I googled html coding I haven’t used since my livejournal days. Welp, that website is still better coded than this one. I will edit later with a link at the top. Please have more angst. Another part shall soon follow.

* In French, this phrase would be ‘elle est special’ - Marinette would have changed it to ‘elle est genial’, which CAN mean the same thing, but also tells Tikki that Marinette just had an idea, and seeing her mood, she can guess it’s nothing good. As it is, I’m not happy with the English translation, as it’s too much of a hint. Alas, it is as it is. Alons a la prochien part.

I am also really frustrated with the tumblr app for not taking italics keyboard commands. Dudes. Tablet keyboards are a thing. Dudes.

Angst Concept story line: 1, 2, 3, 4