relatable poetry

For someone who’s spent a lot of time feeling alone, it’s terrifying how much your arms can feel like home.

I’m falling in love with you but I can’t let you know, I’m scared of commitment but I can’t let you go.

—  [s.bucks]

Your smile drives me wild,
Your eyes pierce through my soul.
Every time you look at me,
I want you to take me whole.
Your every essence of being draws me in,
Though I cannot have you,
For you are my forbidden sin.
The temptations forever getting stronger,
So hard not to give in,
What I wouldn’t give to feel your lips upon my skin.

I am flawed.
Not in a poetic
Or deeply lovable way.
I’m not waiting for someone
To fall in love
With my scars and my morning breath and my 
Low self-esteem.
This is not ‘I’m not like other girls’.
I am exactly like other girls
And other humans in general.
I live and I breathe and I crave attention
That I don’t know what to do with
If I ever obtain it
And I read a lot of self-help articles
Filled with advice
I don’t often follow.
I am flawed
And I am human
And I am learning.
—  M.S.

You smell like adventure
and the scent clings to me
like the smoke from your cigarettes.

I can’t help myself
I keep trying to inhale you
and you keep stealing my breath.

—  [s.bucks]

I want to be
A mystery
A sultry silhouette
Who gets more
Than she gives
And leaves you
With more questions
Than answers.

I am cursed
With a tongue that spills
Too easily
And a soul
That needs to be known
And a heart
Designed to be broken.

I am not a mystery
Not a shadow
Or a whirlwind.
I am a human-
Far too human
To be loved by pen and ink.

—  M.S.