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Love As The Stars Went Out.

A collection of poetry from the end of the world. Poems of love, feeling and emotion, the collection encompasses all of life, and even beyond. Simple and elegant, the book contains all the poetry of existence.

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Fall in love with a girl who writes poetry. Find yourself in her words. Watch her turn you into hurricanes and weatherstorms, conjure you into stars and constellations, build and rebuild the universe around her as you, you and only you. Just remember, if you leave, she will turn you to ashes, she will burn the galaxies down to destroy you, she will take every dark thing within the world and with her ink make it all about you, you and only you.
—  Nikita Gill, Fall in Love With a Girl Who Writes Poetry

Your smile drives me wild,
Your eyes pierce through my soul.
Every time you look at me,
I want you to take me whole.
Your every essence of being draws me in,
Though I cannot have you,
For you are my forbidden sin.
The temptations forever getting stronger,
So hard not to give in,
What I wouldn’t give to feel your lips upon my skin.

it’ll hit you in flashes.
no more good morning text,
no more goodnight kisses.
the sheets don’t smell like him anymore
and his toothbrush is gone.
you’ll miss the way his arms felt
the way they slid around your waist
after a long day.
how he kissed will haunt you.
you will feel the ghost of his lips
late at night when your only company
is the blinking red LED of the clock.
you will worry about him,
all alone in that house.
you’ll wonder at 2 am if
he too is awake and thinking of you.
you pick up your phone to call him
but think better of it.
you remember he’s not yours to take care of,
not anymore.
at 2 am it hits you.
he’s gone.
he’s really gone.
—  j.e.b. ((you didn’t think he was truly going to stay, did you?))
You just can’t forget people,
you just can’t erase
their names on your mind,
especially when they touch
your heart for too many times,
you’ll still remember
who they were once,
but you only pretend
that they don’t exist
And then she smiles. It actually reaches her eyes, and you wonder just how long it took her to do it, but you don’t dare ask.  You don’t ask her how many nights she spent on the bathroom floor piecing it back together. You don’t ask anything like that, because you know that if humans have anything in common, it’s that we all break somehow. You know that no one lives their whole life unscathed, and old wounds aren’t meant to be reopened. So, you just smile back.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write #13 (236/366)

You smell like adventure
and the scent clings to me
like the smoke from your cigarettes.

I can’t help myself
I keep trying to inhale you
and you keep stealing my breath.

—  [s.bucks]

For someone who’s spent a lot of time feeling alone, it’s terrifying how much your arms can feel like home.

I’m falling in love with you but I can’t let you know, I’m scared of commitment but I can’t let you go.

—  [s.bucks]
The Closet

The closet:
To some it’s just a room
To others it’s filled with gloom
A constant reminder of feelings that we hide
Never knowing who’s on our side
A simple word we are too scared to say
Hiding in the closet to hide the fact we are gay
Some are lucky and avoid this room
Others must live here or face their doom
If only the world could see
There’s nothing wrong with you or me
We are who we are and can’t change
We are all people and we are not strange

I’ve been searching
for some reason
for me not to love you.
And I couldn’t find anything.
There are so many reasons
why I love you,
and I can’t find the exact words
to describe all of them
to you.
—  I Can’t Hate You
Darling, you don’t need to blame yourself for trusting the wrong people. It happens and sometimes you didn’t even know how to distinguish those people who tell the truth and who lie in front of you. Sometimes people wear so many layers that you can never see what they’re hiding beneath their words and their actions. Do not put the weight of their mistakes and their wrong intentions on your shoulder. You always have the right to break free from the past and move forward. But the next time they ask you to believe them again, always remember the biggest reason why you shouldn’t.
—  ma.c.a // It’s Not Always Your Fault