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Suga /Agust D / Min Yoongi

There are 3 very different people:
Suga, Agust D and Min Yoongi

There is Suga - BTS’ rapper. He has had many different hair colours and he has killed us with his skilled tongue.
(Suga jjang jjang man boong boong)

There is Agust D, who just relased his first mixtape. He is extreme - he accepts he’s problems and talks about them.

Agust D said that he killed Min Yoongi.
“Min Yoongi is already dead (I killed him)”
But we can’t really know it, can we?
We don’t know who is Min Yoongi.

And that’s why I love him so much, there are so much different shades in him.


Characters you can ask anything starting from now.

1. Quincy: Heart of the gang. Can get really loud and expressive if needed. Would be a good leader, outside of the fact Florence is their leader. Smiles just to avoid the question “are you okay?”. Likes to spend his time with the girls or with his brother, doesn’t find Florence’s company really interesting. Is rude like…once a year? Idk.

2. Raven: Is emotionally unstable, can relase lighnings if is pissed off, mocked or angry. Has a really dark sense of humor. The others see her as a little cutie but she insists not to be called that. Has a big passion for classic music and poetry. Suffers from PTSD (Post traumatical stress disorder) because of her past and her abusive family.

3. Ambrose: The calm guy in the background. His passion is drawing with a really specific love for bats. Wears a mask he made himself to cover his horrible identity (vampires are not allowed in their world). Often fights with Florence because of personal reasons, even tho he is really tolerant and calm for his situation. If angry he shows no mercy to the one who ruined his mood. Has feelings for Raven. I THINK HE’S REALLY CUTE WITH THAT LONG HAIR!!

4. Florence: The bloody genius and brains of the gang. Might not be sure of himself sometimes. Has feelings for Raven. Performs surgery and random experiments with home made poison in his laboratory under the house. Can get extremely violent both physically and psychically if his friends are being abused. Has that evil laugh all mad scientists have. Often fights with Ambrose becuse of personal reasons.

5. Naga: Usually writing fanfictions about her friends’ personal lifes. Enjoys giving nicknames and pranking Quincy from time to time. Is a pretty dirty sinner with selective taste in fanart. Doesn’t tolerate racism, sexism and other things like that. Has a collection of dolls made from human skin. She gets the human skin from Florence’s lab, usually sneaking in and destroying his latest experiments and inventions.


anonymous asked:

Pls don't make this ship the new nesscas. Like Mother 4 isn't even out yet.

I ship what i want. And when it isnt relased yet, makes it interesting.

Think of all the theories or ideas people get, and can show.

All the art and such.

And when it is realized, we get to know the story.

This is kinda why i like to ship it now. Because all the ideas on how they meet and interact.

15 facts tag

I tagged by @xkisawaii thank you sweetheart :3 maybe we should talk more often, even if not, I love you girl *smirks* 

1- love studying/working on something… I don’t like be free (doing nothing) so much.

2- I’ve had a polar bear toy collection when I was child. (yeah, the coke thing, where did they go? I can’t remember T.T)

3-I love using parenthesis, maybe realized so far LOL

4- watched K drama before being into kpop. we used to watch with my brother (historical drama! yeah!) 

5- I falling into bangtan with HYYH era, but I listened danger when it relased. since I was preparing for exams I didn’t search them

6- loving novels too much, I usually prefer the fantastic ones, but I reading romantic series nowadays. ( that bad romeo… *sighs*)

7- LOTR is life to me, I watched last week recent (I don’t count anymore) 

8- I enjoying listening rock and hiphop, these are different kinds of music but… ı love. (I guess it’s not necesarry to mention the kpop groups I like sfddfg)

9- always want to play piano but my family didn’t allow for that.

10- I’m a kind of romantic person but I didn’t have proper romantic relationship (except one. maybe I’m still waiting sdfgdsg) 

11- loving science so much since my chilhood, I don’t know why, maybe I was born with it. I didn’t surprise my family when I chose biology major.

12- sometimes I write some fictional things, but I don’t have enough confidence to release them 

13- I love winter more than summer (definitely!) 

14- for a personality, I always thoughtful and sensiable person. even now, sometimes I think about my future, my past my mistakes etc. but I’m not a social person at all. 

15- (personality again sdfsd) if I good at something, I hard worked on that and don’t hide. (not showing off exactly but…kind of.) 

 the hard thing on the tags is tagging another people LOL. I’m tagging @yugyeom-biased @namjoonade (I know we knowing each other but dfgdsg) @bubbletaesty (I just knowing well you too ^.^) @sassyassuga @saranghae-hoe  if you don’t want to this, its okay ^.^

anonymous asked:

You could post some of your old objects I would do totally pay lots of money for your objects your meshing queen I still hope that someday you relase your nap nanny or octopus playmate by mama and papa's but again it's your meshes can't make you post maybe someday you'll share cc with us again.

[[OOC: Nah. My old stuff sucks. Also the nap nanny sucks and the octopus playmat isn’t mine. So I can’t share that. Plus if I got patreon it won’t be updated much because I work so I wouldn’t have time to update.]]