relapse eminem

A volte mi sento così solo, non so il perchè, così solo e infreddolito, è come se qualcosa prendesse il sopravvento su me, appena torno a casa e chiudo la porta sento come una sorta di Deja Vù, voglio andare via, lo voglio,
ma non posso.
—  Eminem
The Eminem Problem

So I just had to write this after watching that cypher and hearing the reactions to it.

Okay, what Eminem did was much appreciated. If any rapper whose fan base had a large percentage of Fascists/Trump Supporters, it was his. Because Em cultivated the angry white boy. His music, from his antics, dislike for women, and rage that brought white men into rap. His entire persona is an angry white boy’s colonial fantasy. White man tries to be learn about cultural practice. White boy is not accepted by culture in spite of being really good. White boy breaks out and proves he is exceptional and better at the culture than people it belongs to. So of course, they would gravitate towards Eminem.

What I appreciate is that what Em did actually mattered because of the previous point. Not just because he is white. He was a paragon for these angry ass white men out here. So when Eminem says that you ain’t shit, then it means more because of that. I am not sure if it was Em’s intention of cultivated these fandoms because he has always been on the left side of Liberalism(Mosh). Sure, he is a homophobe who routinely talked shit about women in a way that he incites violence against them, but dude is a democrat. He has always been outspoken politically. He just did not revolve around being political.

Of course, when you have white nationalist anthems like White Trash Party(not sure if parody or serious), I guess they could have not gotten the memo. 

However, white people just make shit soooo much worse. I just wish sometimes we could just listen to shit in an echo chamber away from white people because you motherfuckers have this way of bringing shit down. Em’s message alone without the context of racism and white supremacy was magnificent and well said. His message in it…fuck. 

This not me saying Em is not talened because dude is an excellent rapper. An amazing one. We know dude can spit. I know dude could spit when I was rapping the entire Lose Yourself verse. I knew dude could spit when I was memorizing his verse in Forever. Eminem is an insane lyricist with crazy internal rhymes in his lines and that cypher was a prime example of his style.

Here is what Liberal Keith Olbermann said

Eminem was not the only rapper who spoke against Trump. YG wrote a song about him. Run the Jewels centered an entire album around Trump. Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, Mos Def went to the Grammy’s and basically called out Trump for his anti-Muslim rhetoric.  I could go on. Hip-hop, collectively has spoken out against Donald fucking Trump.

But when this white boy does it, it gets clout like no other. And sure, he is talented, but there are plenty of talented rappers out there that do not get the clout Em gets. Whether it is in style(GZA, Busta Rhymes), viciousness(Killer Mike, Ice Cube), lyricism(Andre 300, Talib Kweli, Nas, Lupe Fiasco before he lost his mind), or consciousness, Eminem is always held up as the exception to the rest of them because he is white. AND that pisses a lot of people off.

Em’s music is seen as less misogynistic than most rappers when he has created hits such as B**ch with D12, talked about killing his wife Kim and throwing her in the trunk, spoken very ill of his mother several times. Em’s music is seen as less drug abusive and less about sex when we know that is bullshit. The guy was on drugs when he made Relapse for fuck’s sake. Eminem always gets miles for the inch that he travels. 

I am not trying to diminish what Eminem did. It’s more that I am trying to push back against the notion that what Em did was singular.