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Week 8 - Photography

This week I found very fun and interesting but also felt I didn’t quite produce finished pictures to the best of my ability. I feel as though my work completed did not really look as good as I was hoping.

My raw images straight from the camera seemed to let me down, as I struggled to find 5 stand outs when reviewing them in Adobe Bridge. Many of my photos I didn’t plan for more than 30 seconds, and I feel it definitely showed. I thought that most images could be made better later in photoshop or another photo editor, but found a great raw image to start with was key. I took lots of wide view photos, but feel I could have taken more close-up photos, as I am very interested in texture, and I feel I could have composed them better.

Another reason my photos were not as good as I hoped was due to the fact that I am relatively new to photography, and am very new to Photoshop and photo editing. My limited experience of photo editing comprised mostly of Instagram filters, and I felt as though I didn’t know where to start in the editing process. After fiddling with almost every variable to work out which setting did what, I seemed to grasp an idea of what looks best on different photos. This then also hindered my final images, as editing photos with many different effects, I lost idea of what I was aiming for and how the original looked. I felt some of my photos became somewhat over-edited and that may have ruined the final image.

As a very beginner photographer, I was excited to learn more to develop my photography skills and better communicate my ideas, but I seemed to run into beginner problems that I have now learned from, and hope to complete images of a higher quality in the future. I learnt to take time to compose and think about the way my raw photo will end up, and the different features and edits I can make to the images after they are taken. I enjoyed the freedom we were given to go out and explore the campus through a photography lens, and to see things at uni I hadn’t noticed, many of the small details I had never looked for.

Roof in Upper Campus

Quick sleep on the Scienta Lawn 

Ground to Level 1 steps in Business School

Lunch time at Library Lawn

Lowy Cancer Research Centre 

Product Shot - Wireless Computer Mouse

No filter

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Photograph of the corona taken at the total solar eclipse, 29 May 1919, at Sobral, Brazil. In May 1919, British physicist Arthur Eddington organised a test of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Two Royal Society teams observed a solar eclipse from Brazil and the island of Principe off west Africa. Photographs appeared to show that the mass of the Sun had bent light from distant stars, just as Einstein had predicted

Breathtaking (Drone-Powered) Views of Australia from Gabriel Scanu

To see more of Gabriel’s drone photography, follow @gabscanu on Instagram.

Gabriel Scanu (@gabscanu) can’t fly through the air to achieve his aerial views of Australia — a drone does the heavy lifting. Last year, Gabriel and his father, a cinematographer, began capturing breathtaking images of his native country from hundreds of feet in the air, opening eyes all over the world to its diversity. “Being Australian, foreigners always think of you as a farmer, riding to work on a kangaroo through the bush everyday,” he says. “Growing up in the booming city of Sydney, my experiences of Australia are far from this assumption.”

Drone photography is relatively easy, Scanu promises, even in bad weather. “I think the most appealing aspect is the adrenaline and excitement of operating such an amazing piece of technology,” he says. “It’s almost like a sport, going into it and not knowing what the outcome will be, or if you’ll even get the drone back at the end of it.”