Okay so i decided that i will also do one of these ‘follow forever’ posts because i gained so much followers in the last few weeks and that is absolutley amazing :)

you guys are the most important, you always welcome me, let me feel like home and make me feel loved. i learn so much from you and i know, i could write every single one of you and you would be there for me if i need you. you brighten up my dash everyday and after a bad day in ‘real life’ you are there. most of the blogs i follow are football blogs (of course) but i have some others who aren’t and they are so important too.

i learned so much from you guys, it’s amazing. i follow one bxb blog and shes one of the nicest girls i know. she showed me that not all bxb fans are bad and that actually, some are really cool :)

i follow some arsenal/chelsea blogs and - i never thought this would  happen - i start liking chelsea and david luiz because of you because you showed me the good sides from these clubs/players, not only the bad.

i follow blogs who don’t even like bayern but our love to real unite us and that is so awesome.

i follow some juventus/italian blogs because they slowly teach me something about serie a and buffon.

we don’t always have the same opinion about football or whatever, but it oddly works and we can handle it and this is so incredible.

i make some great friends here and i don’t want to miss them. they’re already as important as my “real life” friends and yeah..thats quiet strange but also very nice.

watching a football game and being on tumblr at the same time and feel what you feel is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, it’s like a big public viewing and it shows me everytime again how precious this all is.

you all understand me and you all are family. the bayern family, the real madrid family, the football family and the rest of you, you’re all my family and i love you so much. i’m not good with words so sorry for this, probably a little bit crappy, text, but all i wanted to say was thank you and that i love you. hala madrid, vorwärts fcb and again: danke, gracias, obrigado, thank you!


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Der FC Bayern ist gut aufgestellt

Auch nach den Rücktritten von Xabi Alonso und Philipp Lahm, sieht Thomas Müller gelassen auf den bevorstehenden Umbruch beim Rekordmeister: “Natürlich verlieren wir zwei große Persönlichkeiten. Wenn ich aber durch unsere Reihen blicke, sehe ich da mit Manuel Neuer den Kapitän der deutschen Nationalmannschaft, Mats Hummels hatte das Amt zuvor bei Dortmund. David Alaba, Franck Ribery und Arjen Robben sind schon ewig im Klub, kennen ihn durch und durch. Thiago ist im besten Fußball-Alter”.

Außerdem sei davon auszugehen, dass man wieder auf dem Transfermarkt aktiv wird, so der Bayern-Stürmer.