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Elle S'appelle - Little Flame (New Version)

From the fantastic new album “The Amazing World o’ Stuff”, released this friday just gone at their lovely launch show in Liverpool (alliteration king), and for free download here.

This new version of Little Flame, pretty much the only song many people had heard of the band, released way back in 2007, is given new life here, with new vocalist Lucy (of Liverpool indiepop heroes Puzzle) lending her voice on this, and many of the other tracks on the album. 

The album is full of big distorted synths and absolutely lovely vocals melodies. And main man Andy Donavan has one hell of a great voice. There is no reason for you not to download this, one of the best indie pop records of 2012, no doubt.


Puzzle - Everything You Ever Made EP

Liverpool based indie-pop trio Puzzle are releasing this fantastic EP through Rekordmeister  Music’s brand new “Used Vinyl Club” this Friday, and it’s an interesting release for a tonne of reasons, but more on that in a bit.

Puzzle released their debut album “Sometimes, All Of The Time” way back in 2007, and every year since then seems to have resulted in another great little indie pop EP; 2008 had a split with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and a Cloudberry EP, 2009 had Patterns We Left (which I’m proud to say that I released through my Lightningheart Records label), but then 2010, 2011? Way too quiet.

But now we’re at the start of 2012, and Puzzle are back. New EP “Everything You Ever Made” takes the Puzzle formula of wistful female-led indie pop, and makes it tighter and more anthemic than ever. From the opening vocals of “Six Years”, you get thrown into a track than likes to switch from guitarist Dave’s pretty, finger-picked guitar lines to upbeat sung refrains like there’s no tomorrow, with everything being kept together by some pretty fantastic drumming by Puzzle drummer, and all-round legend, Mounsey.

“Cut Short” feels like the standout track here, and has the whole melancholic-looking-at-the-past thing down. That’s a lovely thing I’ve found about Puzzle, the lyrics are these great little snapshots of memories, it’s almost like singer/bassist Lucy is telling you an anecdote of summers past set to brilliant melodic indie-pop.

The title track is another great example of Puzzle switching between quiet and anthemic, and features some really interesting arrangements, with the refrain of “all the little things” in the background that weaves in and out of the main vocals, and then “Hopes and Plans” rounds off the EP quite nicely, kicking off with a solo bassline, into another reflective tale, this time of champagne, plastic cups and dancing.

All in all, this is a welcome return for Puzzle, and fans of indie pop in general will find something really lovely to listen to here. 

RIYL: Ace Bushy Striptease, Lemuria, Hot Club De Paris

It’s definitely worth mentioning how this record is being released as well, as the first release through Recordmeister Music’s “Used Vinyl Club”. Each CD comes with badges and a mystery 7" record, and it’s limited to just 100 copies. Puzzle are playing a launch show for the EP at Mello Mello in Liverpool this coming Friday, and hey, why wouldn’t you go? Here is the facebook event page

For more Puzzle based fun, have a look at and stream two EP tracks at

It’s my fave’s birthday, I just reached 1k and I’m in a good mood so why not show my love for you guys? These are my favorite football blogs and a group of generally awesome people. I probably forgot tons of people I’m so sorry. Bolded are the people that put up with me aka that talk to me and Italicized are either blogs that I’ve been following forever and can’t imagine my dash without or they make great edits/pictures. The rest of you: I love to pieces and hugs to you all. Anyway here it goes:


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Erstmals in dieser Deutlichkeit hat sich der Reus-Berater über den seit Wochen anhaltenden Wildwuchs an Spekulationen über einen möglichen Wechsel des BVB-Stars zum Rekordmeister geäußert: “Es gibt kein Thema Marco Reus und Bayern München und es gibt auch keine Gespräche.”

Dirk Hebel, Berater von Marco Reus, im “Kicker