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In celebration of 50+ followers, I have put together three HOKAYS (I call any ideas I have ’hokays’… I’m not too weird, I swear) that I rekon I could make a decent oneshot out of!

Vote for your favourite one, by either reblogging it in the tags, or messaging me, or whatever other means of communication! In a few days, or a week, I will count them up and write it!

(If you need me to decipher my handwriting, don’t hesitate to ask! It’s pretty terrible… Also if you want me to elaborate a little more on each HOKAY, I’d be happy to!)

lycandad asked:

hey! just wondering cos of all the question marks on that post, u not sure about being straight???

i guess im straight like i only wanna do guys but i think chicks r hot but i dont rekon id b attracted sexually 2 them cus i like man dominance or w/e lol but i dont wanna rule out chicks cus 1 day i could find a hot, dominant, in charge female so who knows really i dont want 2 set myself limits 

I rekon on the 1989 tour DVD there will be a general concert CD and then another CD that features all the special guests and celebrity appearances.

anonymous asked:

Hey loving ur hair 😊😊 u would suit a bob too i rekon xx

thank you :-) Perhaps but I feel like my hair has 0 volume so I can’t pull any hair style off

1st September. Pictured above plus handful of peanuts. Feeling a lol podgy Weight was 47kg however I did self induce vomit last night so I rekon it was that. Also dehydration. Feeling 7/10. Dinner was on point tho. Treated myself like miso noodle soup with a poached egg. Was taystayyyyy but og so filling and made me feel a tad tired. Plan for tomorrow: 7am - wake 10am-11 - complete quiz 11-12ish - uni work (preferabley analsys and critique ax.) 3-4 - walk maxxie Rest of the day inc. Shopping and cooking as well as more university work.

Camelot (aka kelly) created a friendship/force to be rekon with. New York made Zachary Quinto hate us forever. Hedda Gabler will always be unforgettable. You are always there supporting me and my craziness! You are such a beautiful, talented, and driven person that I look up to so much!! I love you Gracie aka Tina! Happy freaking gosh dang birthday!!!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Party hard and don’t get too crazy! 💜😘👑🎀🐘