“Ramsey and his puppets, the heiress, Mogar, the Vagabond, the fucking mail-order twink-”
“The foreign one. Burn’s has that ass on call all the goddamn time too.”
“No, you, you called Free a puppet.”
“Yeah, so?”
“Are you kidding? anyone with eyes can see he’s not a fucking puppet.”
“ok, fine, sure. What is he then, the puppetmaster?”
“Wouldn’t put it past him. I dunno where he stands dude to be honest, but he’s too goddamn ….volatile, er, fucking crafty I don’t know, to be just a puppet. Burns wouldn’t have snatched him up if he were. I dunno man, you’d just better stop underestimating the frontman. He’s dangerous.”
“Dangerous? He can’t shoot, he cant fight, he can’t do shit. He’s a toothpick with an accent. Ain’t worth the money burns spent to fly him here.”
“You’re wrong. He’s dangerous.. He looks harmless yeah, but he’s no puppet.”

DAS BC HE IS THE PUPPET MASTER YEAHHHH *ahem* but no, my little devil pulling the strings behinds the scene. bc tbh being a frontman, and a hacker, well thats opportunities a plenty to set yourself up for greatness right? you have access to all the files and stuff, you’re out meeting with clients, forming connections, gaining a reputation within the clients eyes but detached in a way, like bc gavin probably doesn’t do all that much fieldwork so firefights gav probably might stay away from if he can. a measure of security, unlimited access to all of the fake’s online secrets, and him being the public face of the Fake AH,… idk man i think it could work out .

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips on memorizing things like definitions, dates, and facts aka the boring stuff (according to me, very biased opinion)

Hey:) I struggle with that from time to time as well, but I rekon I’ve found a method which helps me: I use Quizlet for things I’ll have to reproduce verbatim, like vocab or bills for my economics class, as this app only allows the answers you put in at the beginning.

For things where you may vary your answer, I find the foldables (for more info check out @studyign )quite helpful.

Other than that I try to find mnemonics or links to daily life things for concepts which are hard to memorise.

Removing all distractions may also help it the subject is really boring:)