Sometimes I get really frustrated when I try to organize my rekkid collection.  

What should be a therapeutic experience generally ends up giving me agita.  Cataloging is the easy part, but organizing is always such a chore.  Genre?  Alphabetically?  Favorites?  Somehow, I always end up needing one more crate than I currently have.  I’ll never understand that.

Then I remember that no matter how bad my problems may seem, they must be a million times worse for Madlib, especially when he moves.


Got a nice little haul for Record Store Day:

Distant Light, which I’ve been looking for on vinyl for ages.  I’ve only seen it once before, completely shot to hell, so it was a total holy-grail-choir-of-angels moment when I spotted this very clean copy in the bin.  The line-up at Sonic Boom’s cashier desk was so long I was hesitant to really buy anything, but once I saw this I knew I’d be willing to wait on that line for any length of time.

Hollies, Hear! Here! reissue on Sundazed in Mono (now playing).  I’m no audiophile and usually couldn’t care less about the subtle nuances of mono vs. stereo, but as with anything involving Tony I made an exception here.

Lords of the New Church, Is Nothing Sacred?  Somehow I never got around to picking this one up in the ‘80s.

Brazilian Nuggets: Back from the Jungle Vol. 1.  Very expensive so I’ve been wavering on it for a while, but the glowing reviews in Ugly Things & Shindig were haunting me.

Judas Priest, Sad Wings of Destiny on CD.  Mr. Roots has been reliving his metal past lately and wanted to upgrade from some of his scratchy old Priest LPs.

The Zantees, Out for Kicks.  Got this one at Hits & Misses.  I was listening to the archive of Billy Miller’s guest stint on Dave the Spazz earlier today, so I couldn’t resist.

Good Kimono My House Morning. なんだかんだ言ってパームツリーに買い換えてるし、涙。イギリスで買ったから安かったんだけど。今晩は、20ギルダーズのライブ。個人的にはこんなイメージもあるんだけど、ギルダーズはいかんせん泥臭/ロック過ぎますな。ぽっちゃり系だし。20:30からです。Sparks/Kimo My House (Island/ILPS9272/UK pressing/1974) #Sparks #KimonoMyHouse #IslandRecords #ILPS9272 #NowPlaying #recordcollector #record #rekkids #vinyl #lp #vinyljunkie #レコード #棚からひと掴み

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During my last visit to Rochester, I bought an enormous slab of black granite from the weirdest estate sale in history.  It’s about 3" thick, 24" across and 16" deep.  The ladies running the sale gave me a strange look when I asked for a price, the “boy, you’ve lost your mind” look…  (I know it well).

From the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew what I wanted to do.  See above for reference.

i’d like to take this time to note our killings this week, including: katie’s 40 dollar mf doom - operation doomsday double lp grab, a chico hamilton 10" called revelations that i won free from wax poetics magazine, nuggets volume 2: punk, and some 45’s including the rivieras “california sun”, the surfaris “wipe out”, the shirelles “soldier boy” and some monkees single.