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endless list of favorite characters → florina (fire emblem)

↳ “pegasi are all very shy around humans…but i’m kind of that way, too. at first this sweet mare and i were so afraid of each other, it didn’t go so well. but we played together, and swam together…and soon, we began to understand each other, and that’s how we became friends. so even if two beings may be shaped a little differently…that doesn’t mean they can’t get along.”

So… what if Hawke could learn shapeshifting?

This is a silly thing from my very self-indulgent RP with a friend, but I think that Hawke being able to shapeshift like this might be a good way for Fenris to be physically close without feeling quite so uncomfortable from past experiences. Maybe then we wouldn’t have like a 3 year gap of nothing but silent puppy eyes.

Preen ALL of the hair!

Enjoy some Eliwood x Fiora. 

A Fire Emblem 7 rare pair that deserves more love. The pairing’s lack of popularity will always be a mystery to me; their support about equality was so cute. I like the fact that contrary to his other romantic choices, Eliwood was the one to approach Fiora, to express his concern over her happiness and safety. They have lots of things in common, when you think about it; both have a deep sense of responsabililty and tend to blame themselves for whatever happens around them. They would get a great understanding of each other. I can definitely see it working. ♥