reki (haibane renmei)

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Relationship status: singleeee, and it is a complicated please-no-relationships-ever-again. i have enough on my plate with my own emotional problems/schoolwork ok. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: neither, tbh, but i do put on chapstick if my lips feel like an arid desert.

Last Song I Listened To: oats we sow - gregory and the hawk. i love this song so muchhh.

Last Movie I Watched: moanaaaaaa.

Top 3 Characters: y must u do this 2 me… all righty, let’s see… reki from haibane renmei without a doubt leave me alone, bon from sgrs, annnnd lillie from pokemon sumo has grown on me, haha. can i also sneak watashi from yojouhan shinwa taikei on this list since a new movie is coming out??

Top Three Ships: OKAY, LET’S SEE AGAIN………… i am a simple woman with simple pleasures, but couples are a little hard for me to choose because i tend to forget ships easily lol. (i value sibling/family/platonic ships moreee!!) fumi and akira from aoi hana has to be on here because i would be beside myself if i didn’t include my favorite yuri manga, mitsuha and taki from kimi no na wa because that movie’s ending made me grossly cry, annnnd i am a guilty yuri plisetsky and otabek from yuri!!! on ice shipper, sue me.

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Name: Claire/Caelen/Adrian [sorry, I’m bad with names, even worse when finding my own]

Gender: feminine eldritch horror

Starsign: Virgo with Aries tendencies

Height: 6′1″

Sexual orientation: pansexual

Favourite color: purple, red, black, white, gold.  Combine any two or more of those and I’m ultra happy. 
In clothing I have a tendency to like olive green.  

Favourite color to paint the walls: depends on the room

Favourite color of lipstick: don’t wear any

Favourite animal: spiders, owls, snakes, cats, ravens, crows, dogs/wolves, vultures, hyenas, praying mantis.  In that order [at the moment, the order changes].  

Time right now: 11:55 AM

Cat or dog person: both

Favourite fictional character: Reki [Haibane Renmei]

Number of blankets I sleep with: two

Favourite singer/band: jeebus.  um…  this shifts a lot, but the constants are: Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle/Tool/Puscifer, Brand New

Dream trip: back to the Void

Dream job: writer/artist that earns enough to pay bills

When was this blog created: 2016 I think?

What made you decide to make a tumblr: one of my best friends kept talking about it and I was so done with Facebook.

Why did you pick your url: it is my League of Legends username, which I was really into at the time.  I am mostly active/driven in the vesper hours so it fits.  

Last song you listened to: Jesus Christ by Brand New

Last book you read: PaxCorpus by one Meryl S. Kavanagh :3  [haven’t finished it yet ^^;]

Last thing you ate: cheese stick [mozzarella].  That with coffee was my breakfast lol

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: right here

What time would you travel to: far future, far far future.  Like year 4100 or way further.  
Then I’d be dissapointed to see everything was still the same.  People just being shitty as usual.  

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