As much I desperately want to work on my Milizia version of Ark (Terrall and Oni are already butting their way in. Oh you guys~) I think I’m getting sick and ought to get some extra rest x.x

So have more Jennadelle art! Guys, I cannot say how much I love her work and totally jump on any opportunity to commission her that I can.

Look at Rek’s beautiful face and TINY FEET. [Bigger version because I cannot not share this]

-Day 24-a/30-

What I drew today isn’t really worth showing so here’s a closeup of my favorest panel from the short comic I posted yesterday (“Dessert”). This panel was rather neat for some reason, the rest are scribbly. They’re just reduced so far down, they look nicer.

I’m going to keep experimenting with the comic style. What I had going took quite a long time, too long. Also I’m not sure how I would put it into a book should I ever *fingers crossed* get one together. And I have to say, I do miss my brighter colors.