Do You Rekall?

~ Re-Vamped ~

Gradence AU of Total Recall

now with more smut

Doug Quaid is a nobody factory worker in a world torn apart by corruption and greed, and the resistance, every day portrayed on the news like a plague to be wiped out, is working behind the scenes to try and overthrow the dictatorial regime ruling with an iron fist.

when the resistance loses sight and sound of their greatest ally, trained spy and double agent Graves, they send another operative after answers. 

originally posted in november, i’ve since improved in some ways, a lot of ways, so i decided to remove this fic and revamp it, edits and minor scene additions *cough* smut *cough*  so i think its much better, and a kinder homage to the original, with a Gradence twist.

(so yes the Total Recall remake is mostly shit, but the soundtrack is amazeballs and Colin is pretty enough, along with a whole bunch of other big names, including another Potterverse alum, Bill Nighy.)

Full Name: Archseer Anariel Veris Morr, Tetrarch of the One Realm, Warden of Unity, Dynast of the Spear of the Unbroken (translated from “Eazenilashad” aka Craftworld Lonad-Shair).

Lineage : Dark Eldar nobility and Craftworld Seer families. Grand-daughter of Archon Razek Morr. Grand-niece of Pentrarch Rekal Morr The Undying. Second cousin of the Archoness Elasha Balamaethor (herself grand-daughter of Rekal).

Gender and Sexuality: Female, and like most (of my) Eldar, she is pansexual. Betrothed (y/n) unknown.

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity/Species: Craftworld Eldar.

Birthplace and Birthdate: : Everblue garden (Aft-district of Craftworld Lonad-Shair) ca 400.M38

Guilty Pleasures: Sandragon sashimi

Phobias: Slaanesh, Death, and her darker vision but nothing out of the ordinary for a powerful Eldar Seer.

What They Would Be Famous For: Leading the council of commanding the Craftworld and its forces. Being one of three (four if you count the democratic mechanisms in place to prevent abuse) wardens / rulers of the Realm.

What They Would Get Arrested For: probably using of her influence.

OC You Ship Them With: I need to think about it. She deserves a great guy or girl, but someone who’s definitely not gonna “wear the trousers”.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
Are you crazy, she would know what you’d attempt before you even will have a chance to actually enjoy the idea.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: she’s a damn book worm. Comes with the function, I suppose. Lots of legal stuff, lots of accounts of battles, things happening in the universe, diplomacy, whereabouts and intentions of other species and of course lots of arcane stuff.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: she hasn’t got much time to ponder over such things. Which makes her a bit of a killjoy at times. No poetry, not much time for entertainement in general, just visions and plans and orders and reports to read and more decisions and meditating and people to send on missions and so on ad nauseam. The only bit of enjoyment she gets is with diplomacy, by visiting friendly Eldar. She sees it a bit like vacations.

Talents and/or Powers:
I remember having fluffed for endtimes (which didn’t happen) that she would be so powerful, she could use her psychic powers to teleport the whole Craftworld someplace else (and die in the process). I’m glad 8th evolved the way it did, I don’t want to part with her just yet, but that gives you an idea. Even Eldrad is impressed.

Why Someone Might Love Them: IDK she’s a bit too serious, every OC I believe is an exagerated part of my personality, and she is the dutyful, the work-work part.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
she knows what you are going to say, what she will answer, how you wll react, where she is going to send you, and how you will perform where she sends you. That would piss off a lot of people.

How They Change:
She doesn’t much. Hard to change when you think you already know how everything unfolds.

Why You Love Them: she was the first real Eldar OC I made.


Elasha Vashti Balamaethor

Titles : Tetrarch-Archoness of the One Realm and the Kabal of the Bloodied Sea, Princess-Heiress of House Balamaethor, Wielder of Silent Lament — the cursed blade of turmoil, Holder of Crimson Dusk — the moonlance of storms.

Birthplace and Birthdate: Fallenstar, the Void-Stalker Class Flagship of her father’s family. Born in early M40 (ca 2000 y.o. in 120M42)

Lineage : 2nd cousin of Archseer Anariel Veris Morr. Daughter of Prince Arphenion Balamaethor and Bellasiel Morr. Grand daughter of Rekal Morr the Undying, himself brother of Razek Morr, former Archon and founder of the Kabal of the Bloodied Sea.

Lady Elasha has enjoyed being considered the most graceful lady of the Realm for a long time. She has had a lot of suitors over the centuries but turned each and every one of them down.

Archoness Elasha is an expert Seer and her training history includes completing the Realm’s Howling Banshee-equivalent 50 year-long training programme… three times.

What is an “Archon of the Realm”?

A life-long title and position directly inherited from the Dark Eldar who first migrated to Craftworld Lonad-Shair between M31 and M32.

The position has to remain within a certain lineage, namely House Morr. But the Eldar system of succession is pretty egalitarian so it can follow female lines, and thus the “House Name” may vary.

The position has always been synonym of leadership over the mighty warriors of the Realm. The Archon/ess controls the (professional) military across the Realm, delegating the excercice of such power to local commanders.

The chain of command is however very clear, and the only officer able to wield the full extent of her executive power is the Governor of the military-world Iotesh.

The supposedly independent War Fleets (previously known as “Raiding-Fleets”) of the Realm also formally pledge their allegiance to the Archon/ess.

The Archon/ess also has leadership over what remains of the Kabal, which is in fact, indistinguishable from the Professional Warriors’ command structure. The Kabal is however a name people identify to culturally, and some traditions and rites still has weight in the minds of many civilians. Therefore the Archon/ess also has several ceremonial public duties.

An Archon/ess also presides over the quasi-secretive inner circle of the Kabal know as “The Red Kinship”

pulmonary-poultry  asked:

For the character thing: elasha vashti balamaethor

Yasss! It is cool ‘cause @kaijuslayer​ asked about her potential LI!

This character is generally super kind and therefore an excellent diplomat / voice of reason. She’d look something like that by the way (spent 30 mins to find something not too anime or sexual or both).

Full Name: Elasha Vashti Balamaethor Titles : Tetrarch-Archoness of the One Realm and the Kabal of the Bloodied Sea, Princess-Heiress of House Balamaethor, Wielder of Silent Lament — the cursed blade of turmoil, Holder of Crimson Dusk — the moonlance of storms.
Gender and Sexuality: female / pansexual, same-sex preference

Pronouns: She/Her

Heir of two different heritage : Drukhari Eldar nobility (grand-daughter of Rekal Morr, grand-niece of Archon Razek Morr) and Craftworld Fleet-Dwelling nobility (daughter of the head of Balamaethor family).

Birthplace and Birthdate: Fallenstar, the Void-Stalker Class Flagship of her father’s family. Born in early M40 (so ca 2000 y.o. in 120M42 - which is still young for Caliranite nobles and leaders)

Guilty Pleasures: Teasing / bantering with Archseer Anariel Morr, her second cousin. She likes comfort food.

Phobias: Not really any besides from she who thirsts.

What They Would Be Famous For: Mhh… let’s see… her famous Drukhari lineage, being one of the current Tetrarchs of the Realm which means literally being at the top of the command structure of the entire Realm’s (professional) armed forces. But no, the thing that makes her most famous : her beauty. She has been seen as the most graceful lady of the Realm for a long time. She has had a lot of suitors over the centuries. She’s a kind of reversal Cinderella prince, but instead of looking at the poor man version of Cinderella, she looks at the cocky smol space-elf gal.

What They Would Get Arrested For: So officers could try to hit on her? No but seriously, it can’t happen.

OC You Ship Them With:
Syviis, all the way!

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:
a lot of ladies of Caliran probably do in their dreams. — watches over shoulder. Is it okay if I do a small smutty allusion? Okay, good. — A lot of men probably too, but not the same kind of murder… (ew gross).

Favorite Movie/Book Genre:
Not much time for distraction readings when you’ve got such a position but probably some melancholic poetry. If she was human the 19th, early 20th would be her favourite era, all the big names that drowned themselves in absinth and such… Yeah.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:
beautiful women being tokens, definitely.

Talents and/or Powers:
Experimented Seer level of psychic abilities, Howling Banshee equivalent type of training.

Why Someone Might Love Them:

Why Someone Might Hate Them:
All the girlfriends of any male at one point of their existence : “I’m sick of her, it’s all about Elasha in this acursed Realm, and she has done nothing to deserve the attention she gets!”

How They Change:
Thinks about it. Decides to change.

Why You Love Them:
my sweet little thing that needs a lot of character development still.