Ahh, it’s finally 2017! This year I’m going to work on finding my own true art style(I keep bouncing back between different ones), anatomy, and profiles- along with shadowing. 


Ace Attorney - Harpy/Adventurer AU

As sort of a late birthday present to myself, I thought I’d make one of my AUs reality. Miles Edgeworth is an adventurer searching the globe to prove the existence of harpies. That’s when he finds Phoenix in the mountains. He spends time with him, filling journal after journal only about Phoenix. He feels so special! Miles wants to take him back home for everyone to see but Phoenix doesn’t wish to leave his friends and the orphaned egg(Trucy) he has been incubating! And that’s all I got at the moment. I’ll add more to this idea later. Probably.

Diabolik lovers Lunatic parade Reiji Sakamaki (Care for vampire) ~Translation/traducción+CGS~

Muchas, muchas, MUCHAS GRACIAS A @rkyt1965 y @the-precious-sugar-chan que me ayudaron con la traducción~!

*It’s raining*

Reiji: …You were here.
Reiji: I can’t believe I forgot my umbrella.
Reiji: It started raining right away, but it was not so heavy so I kept walking.
Reiji: I wonder if from storm will increase from now on…?
Reiji: I’m not so wet, I’ll dry out right away. So there’s no need to—

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Diabolik - Falling

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Plot: The reactions to you falling to your death. Setting (not specified, so pick a place, any place… really… anywhere… dying from falling off a couch, I don’t judge).


He would probably be disappointed in himself for not saving you(r blood) in time. Letting this get the better of him would be pointless so he doesn’t ponder over your death. Although, one more bite would have been nice…

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He wouldn’t have spared the effort in really trying to save you. They would find another girl with rich blood. It sucks though, he was just getting to really enjoy your company.

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Ah, he would be only slightly emotional about it. Nothing wrong with a dramatic scene. He would have probably pushed you to your death to just prove his love for you.

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He doesn’t show his sadness in your death so he just blames you for being foolish and dying. He won’t find another like you, but he will not let it bother him.

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You deserved dying in his eyes. Your fault for falling. At first he would be angry that you were selfish enough to die even though he can’t, but later feel bad and wish he turned you into a corpse bride sooner.

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He would more than likely hold a grudge against himself for not saving you fast enough. Even though he doesn’t have strong feelings towards you, he still didn’t mind having you around.

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He would be emotional towards your death but not to the point of tears. To hide his emotions he would remind himself you were simply just life stock. However, he is a bit ticked he couldn’t figure out who was Adam.

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Honestly, he could care less. His attempt in saving you was only for Eve’s blood. His garden feels a bit empty without you there to help him, but he could find someone else if he really cared.


He would probably be a bit sad and feel as if you did it for a selfish reason. Your death would probably be on his mind most of the time but he wouldn’t let it bother him. After all, he has an important job as an idol.


He would be sad that he couldn’t save you (Eve’s blood) and he wouldn’t forgive himself. He might take one of his knifes and harm himself to try and feel better. He won’t shed a tear over you, however.


He wishes he could say he didn’t care, but in all reality he is upset he couldn’t save you in time. Although he can hide his emotions very well he still is a bit stricken by your death, in fact he could say he was angry you died.


He would lose his temper for he no longer had a way to prove his worthiness to Carla. He might as well jump off had his bloodline not been in danger. I imagine he would have difficulties telling Carla of his failure.

I hope you enjoyed. (Still accepting requests for reactions, ships, smuts *with a proper plot to it*, and scenarios) 



Ace Attorney - Harpy/Adventurer AU

- Alright, I had mentioned before that Phoenix had an egg(Trucy), right? I have this idea that in Nick’s little community of harpies, there is obviously a nursery for the soon-to-be mothers and their eggs. Perhaps this egg was just forgotten when rolling away from it’s nest and in consideration that everyone already had their chicks to watch over, they couldn’t take in another stranger’s egg. It would be removed for the other mountain animals to eat- until Phoenix offered to take it under his wing for the time being. Phoenix searched for relatives of the egg to no avail, so with a night of thinking it over, he agrees to raise the egg as his own once it hatches.

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ayato you are now ore-sama laito see that girl over there she's called a bitch chan kanato you see the girl with black hair she will become one of the prettiest dolls shu listen to classical music reji here's a library card subaru kawai *hugs subaru*

And then Ayato proceeded to use the word for the next week before the maids got mad at him.

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What kind of acholic drink do the boys have? I see Reji as a whiskey drinker tbh :3 Lols sorry for the random question.


Shuu: White Russian

Reiji: i think reiji would be a whiskey drinker as well ! 

Ayato: Beer

Kanato: Hurricane

Laito: Bloody Mary 

Subaru: Brandy Alexander


Ruki: Hard Lemonade

Yuuma: this boy doesnt drink

Azusa: Sangria

Kou: Vodka


Carla: Strawberry Daiquiri

Shin: Captain Morgan

- mod aku <3

Ittoki Otoya (CV: Takuma Terashima), Natsuki Shinomiya (CV: Kisho Taniyama), Ren Jinguji (CV: Junichi Suwabe), Syo Kurusu (CV: Hiro Shimono), Ranmaru Kurosaki (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki) & Reji Kotobuki (CV: Showtaro Morikubo)

   Uta no☆Prince-sama♪Shining Dream Festa Opening
   DAY DREAM - Ittoki Otoya (CV: Takuma Terashima), Natsuki Shinomiya (CV: Kisho Taniyama), Ren Jinguji (CV: Junichi Suwabe), Syo Kurusu (CV: Hiro Shimono), Ranmaru Kurosaki (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki) & Reji Kotobuki (CV: Showtaro Morikubo)

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Boys reaction to their girlfriend breaking up with them? Like why would she need a reason too and their reaction to it and stuff please

NOTE: WE DID NOT PLAY NICE WITH THIS. POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNINGS. We take a lot of these things really seriously and don’t want anyone getting hurt. Read at your own discretion. 

(Raia: I LOVE ANGST SO MUCH UGHHH. I don’t wanna hurt Shu, but I’ll do it for you guys…ugh my heart…)

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Cooking - Requested by Anonymous

“Y/N, will you please stop playing with the turkey and get started on dinner?” Reiji smiled at you faintly as you made cute noises while making it dance.

Giggling, you continue to make the stuffing for the turkey. Before stuffing it, you decide to take the whip cream and dab some on his nose. As you reach, you successfully get some on there. He notices your trick and grabs your arm. You giggle even more as he dabs some on your nose. “Please stop playing and get back to the stuffing.” He sighed briefly as you licked the cream off his nose and your own. Turning around you hear him mumble something under his breath. “I should of licked it off myself…”

You can’t help but hold in the laughter as you stuff the turkey. Deciding to pull one more prank, you take the whip cream one more time. Instead of spraying him with it right away, you act as if you’re just making a top for the pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, for him, he fell for it. Turning his back you spray him all over with the cream. Her turns around quick. You expect him to be angry, instead he grabs the can and sprays you too. While you’re laughing harder than you should, he cracks a smile as he walks up to you and embraces your still laughing body. He kisses your forehead and scolds at you, “Look at this mess. I expect you to clean it up, otherwise…. I’ll have to punish you.”

You nod as you quickly run to grab a rag.

A/N: Sorry its so short. I didn’t have much of an idea besides small pranks. I hope you enjoyed anyway! 😆

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What if the Sakamaki/Mukami brothers have an older sister that they didn't know about? Karlheinz took care of her and she's aware of her brothers,but their father keep refusing to introduce them til one day he gave up.

Oh! I will try my best! Thanks for sending in your ask! Hope ya like it!

Shu- “I couldn’t care less; just another undesirable connection.” I feel like on the outside, he would be very nonchalant and show that he doesn’t care. However, in the inside, I think he would be slightly worried about how she would fair around his brothers; they can be quite sick, as we all know. He might also be slightly curious as to who her mother is… but I doubt he would ever act on it on his own.

Reiji- “That man really has no self control.” Reji would probably be pretty irritated, especially because she is older than him. He may even feel inferior to her as well, even with his mother dead and gone! He really wouldn’t understand why his father felt the need to birth so many children.

Ayato- “Can you make takoyaki?” -or- “I would’ve hoped a female in this family would have a better body.” He would want to use her for any abilities she might have. Cook him takoyaki and tend to any other needs he has. After all, he is the best, so she should be happy to have him as a younger brother and show show how grateful she is. All this would also help to assert himself as the best, seeing that he is putting another person down under him (y’know, to make himself feel better; don’t tell him I said that). Lastly, if she had small breasts, he would definitely call her out for that.

Kanato- “I hope she proves to be useful or I’ll just make her into a doll. Right, Teddy?” I feel as though Kanato would be initially irritated at the fact of having yet another sibling. Perhaps, though, after a while, he would mark her as his new person to run to for comfort. At the same time, ask her to play with him- because she is his older sister and should do so; is that not what older sibling do? Kanato would probably try to hit her soft spot and manipulate her with his tears and tantrums and what not. If she doesn’t pay enough attention to him, consider her dead.

Laito- “Oh~ a girl in the family? This will be interesting~” He would definitely be curious. Whose her mother? How was she raised? What kind of person is she? Also, Laito has such a bad relationship with love, lust, and sex, I can’t help but think that he would try to get with his older sister. I mean she is a female, older, and has a vagina. Who else had that? Cordelia. And since he had sex with his mother, incest probably wouldn’t be a problem for him. Beside, whose her mother anyways? They might just have the same dad right? However at the same time, Laito didn’t exactly want to have sex with his mother; he just thought that that was how he showed is “love” for her. SO maybe a few flirtatious comments, but just playful. Laito is a delicate character, so I’m sure people would side with different viewpoints.

Subaru- “Tch… How annoying.” That’s all. This boy is a loner, so leave him alone. Maybe later, he would develop some trust for her and find her to be a good confidant, but that would take a lot of time and effort on her part. She would have to be really patient with him, but as we all know, he is a tsundere. So, underneath that tough exterior is a young boy wanting affection; he just doesn’t want to get hurt.

Ruki- “You can stay for a while, but please do pull your own weight around here.” Since these guys have a somewhat better relationship with their “father” when compared to the Sakamakis, he wouldn’t really mind an older sister. Ruki would probably just assume that Karlheinz had saved her from death as well. He would make sure that she wasn’t “dead weight” around the house; a.k.a have her cleaning, cooking, etc. They would probably get along pretty well, depending one who exactly the older sister is (i.e her personality).

Kou- “Oh~ a new little kitty to play with!” He would post about his newfound sister all over social media. He would even invite her to his concerts and such. Also, since she’s a girl, he would probably enjoy talking fashion with her, depending on her personality (you know his other brothers probably would be to keen on that subject).

Yuma- “Alright, well as long as you don’t cause any trouble, I guess.” He probably wouldn’t really care, honestly. It’s nice to have another helping hand in the garden though. Maybe if their relationship was built overtime, he would become very protective of her and enjoy having long conversations with her.

Azusa- “Do… you like… pain, too… then?” This poor boy would probably see his older sister as a potential cutter. Y’know, cut each other, cut themselves together, etc. Again, depending on who the older sister is, the relationship might just be like that. If not, it could go into a totally different direction. For example, the older sister would try to explain to Azusa that what he is doing isn’t right and that he shouldn’t do that because it is harmful. Depends, depends, depends.

For all of them, I feel like they might look at her in a motherly fashion, seeing that she is an older female. Since all there mothers suck, they probably want to know what it is like to have family that actually cares about them.