Hanumanasana to Vasisthasana

Full Split to Side Plank with Bind Variation

Cristal Gould

Start in a low lunge position. Straighten the front leg, pointing the knee and toes up towards the ceiling. Curl the back toes under and lift the back off of the ground. Squeeze the inner thighs towards each other and slide the front heel forward. Keep the hips squared forward as the leg releases closer to the floor, coming into the full split. Fold the torso forward over the front leg, plant the palms and begin to lift the hips up. Sweep the front leg out to the side and reach for the big toe of that front foot, placing the body weight into the grounded hand. Stack the hips to come into the side plank and lift the top leg perpendicular to the floor, keeping the big toe bind. Pause and breath, then release the leg back to starting position, carefully retracing the steps. Come out of the split and switch sides.

Good for hamstring, inner thigh, arm and core strength and flexibility. Balance and coordination.

Standard Moves presented by PUMA.


Bow Pose

Kelly Ann Charles

Start by lying on the belly. Bend the knees, bringing the heels of the feet close to the body. Sweep the arms behind the back to grab the ankles. Start to kick the feet into the hands, as you peel the chest off of the mat, keeping the hip points and lower belly pressing down. Keep rolling the shoulders back and down and send the gaze up towards the ceiling. Hold the pose for 3 steady breaths.

Good for back strength and flexibility.

Standard Moves presented by PUMA.

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Malasana to Tittibhasana

Squat to Firefly Pose

Yana Guseva

Come into a squat, bringing the feet a little less than shoulder width apart. Tilt the pelvis forward, bringing the torso between the legs. Keep the chest low and begin to straighten the legs enough to bring the pelvis about knee height. Bring the left upper arm and shoulder underneath the back of the left knee and thigh and then the right. Place the hands on the floor behind the heels with the fingers pointing forward. Press the hands down and begin to rock the weight of the body back, and off the feet and onto the hands, keeping the inner thighs as high up on the arms as possible. Inhale and straighten the legs out to the sides, keeping the pelvis high, bringing the legs parallel to the floor. Gaze forward slightly and stay taking 3 steady breaths as the arms and legs continue to extend. Release and repeat.

Good for Inner groin and back stretch. Strengthens the arms, wrists and core. Improves balance.

Standard Moves presented by PUMA.

Give your mind, body and tired spirit the gift of silence in this moment. Turn down the volume of life and turn up your breathing. In and out. Slow. Intentional. Let your heavy eyelids close and wash the day away. Dive into silence, the water is warm and replenishing. #doitwithsoul #calm #peace #replenish #rejuvenate #relax #stopworking #recenter #connect #meditate #quiet #peace #selflove #heart #soul #mind #rest #letgo #settledown #heysoul

Halasana to Salamba Sarvangasana

Plough Pose to Shoulderstand

Sharon Aluma

Start lying on the back, legs long, arms down by the sides. Bend the knees into the chest and lift the hips and low back off the floor. Straighten the legs overhead, reaching the toe tips to the floor behind the head. Keep lifting the thighs and tailbone towards the ceiling as the chest presses towards the chin. Clasp the hands and press the forearms down. To come into the inversion, start to lift the legs up, bringing them perpendicular to the floor. Keep reaching the toe tips towards the sky and the hips towards the heels. Stay for 6 steady breaths, releasing slowly through plough and returning to lying on the back.

Good for shoulder, neck and spine stretch. Stimulates the thyroid gland and abdominal organs. Helps fatigue and insomnia.

Standard Moves presented by PUMA.

Day 2 of the #yogalovechallenge ! @bhost7 asked us to choose a pose that rejuvenates us after a long day. I have many! Reclined hero pose is one that I love to do after my practice. It’s a great stretch for the quadriceps, chest, and the ligaments around the knee joint. It feels great! If you have knee pain in the seated version of this pose, do not lie down!! It’s also advisable to sit on a block or a blanket if you find discomfort here. Have a beautiful day everyone and don’t forget to follow the rest of the #yogalovecrew @rivkayoga @yoga_in_nashville @bhost7 @yoga_ky and our sponsor @risebar ! 💛😊🙏 #live #love #yoga #yogini #yogakini #yogalove #yogalovecrew #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogisofinstagram #yogalovechallenge #yogaeveryday #instayogi #igcontest #igchallenge #invertyoself #inversionjunkie #health #bliss #balance #backbend #blissfulyogi #rejuvenate #stretch (at Neo Vertika)