No Regrets | 01

Plot: ‘Forever, we are young’ – that was Seokjin’s motto. You had never expected to live by it, not until he came up with a bucket list and forced his friends to go on a week-long trip with him during spring break. All of you soon learnt that youth was an adventure, and a great time to make stupid mistakes.

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: fluff, humor, (very little) angst, Non-idol au!

Notes: The Seokjin series of everyone’s dreams. I’m trying out something new here, so bare with me. Fluff is not my forte. I’d love to know your opinions about this series, so feel free to hmu. 4k Words

P.S. I’d like to wish happy birthday to @seokjinkie <3 She said it was her birthday in November in her reblog (idk when) so yeah.. Hehehe

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In front of the mirror there’s a part of me
and behind it the other one exasperates,
reduced to the most vulgar of the polluting impulses, exasperating,
waiting its chance. And it won’t lose out when,
in fantasies,
the memory of error comes and visits me
with its just chant of insomnia and regret.
Sky painted above by an English Landscaper
and the smell of future rain in the deprived soul,
I let off my shoes and wait along with a nocturnal Hopper scene
let the blue water wet my feet
so I can burst to tears.
I still see behind me that mirage
of unreality
when everything is a bad film in which fate rejoices:
directed by everyone and seen by nobody.
‘Cause that way no one will know how to see
below the black fabric that covers the screen of polished reflection.
And if I close my eyes
the shades of singularity disappear and I see myself vanishing
ages before my molecules split themselves in the dark matter
of the trance of repetition.

toonygirly  asked:

Sorry I'm asking a lot of questions, but I'm just curious, what holiday theme fanfiction is it going to be? Is King Dice and the devil are going to be in the story?

tis fine, i’ve gotten quite used to it now lol

for my story i’m actually adapting a holiday from a Rescue Bots episode (okay i’m really just copy and pasting it) for Inkwell isle. [ahem]

A long time ago, when the islands were just starting off, there was a horrible winter storm that swept the land. Ships were unable to bring food and supplies to the islands from the savage storms, and the inhabitants were growing hungry and hopeless. One night, a lone citizen went to every doorstep and left behind a loaf of bread, and by morning the isles had rejoiced from this act of kindness. The community came together afterwards and held a bonfire to keep warm, keeping each other company through out the harsh times. Now every mid-winter the tradition still stands; a loaf of bread is still delivered to everyone’s doorsteps thanks to one citizen who holds the post in secret (passing down through the generations) and everyone comes together for a bonfire festivity come nightfall. Over the years, gifts being exchanged also became part of the tradition, a kind gesture between friends and family.

and there you go! i don’t know how much ill be able to do in terms of making content for it, but following this holiday would be what i’m doing. (and yeah! they’d be doing their own thing for the holiday too)


“Like a centipede.”


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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Super Sons #10

I call bullshit Bruce

that’s more like it

drag him clark

Damian “too cool to hang with dads” Wayne

Sometimes we forget Damian is just a kid and we should never, ever forget that



*screams but with a sore throat*



smh Bruce you need to work on that attitude

Jon is good influence dAD

im crying


and they’re going to the same school asdjkashffj this is a dream come true I swear I have a fic coming up for this

this…this is too good to be true. tell me im not hallucinating


We all know Damian’s “I hate you” automatically translates to “I love you”…so what’s the truth here

I got a great haul from Sac Anime this weekend, but this by far is my favorite.

And yes, that is Zenyatta’s VA (the one and only Feodor Chin) stating that he loves Genyatta.

And just in case y’all think he was playin’:

That’s him on Twitter liking a comment thanking him for declaring his love for the ship.

Special thanks to @poladraws for collaborating with me on this, and for help making this moment possible.

But yes Genyatta fans, rejoice. Feodor does love your ship. And oh, as a bonus, Gaku Space likes it, too

Also, Feodor was nice and really funny during his panels and I’m really glad I got to meet him.