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here’s my whole opinion on the jackson situation:

Do I think he’s wrong for wearing the dreads? No. I’m not mad at him personally but I am tired of idols thinking my culture is a fashion trend. When black people wear weave, get braids or dreads, people see us as ghetto. They think our cultural styles make us look uncivilized or dirty. We get bullied and made fun of. When we wear them it’s not a trend at all. Suddenly other races have adapted these same hairstyles like cornrows and dreads into their own little fashion world and suddenly it’s super cool and trendy?? That shit pisses us the fuck off. We have started so many fashion/beauty trends and lose credit to it because it took a white or non black person to make it actually trendy and cool. That’s where a lot of this anger from black fans are coming from and I can understand them. Don’t invalidate the feelings of black fans who respectfully have the rights to be angry !!! ESPECIALLY if you aren’t black !!

But for me, as long as the person wearing said style has respect for black culture and is educated on our culture I’m cool with them wearing our traditional hairstyles. Y'all are quick to jump on non Asians for wearing an Asian cultures clothing,etc, well this is the same situation. Kpop and khh takes so much from our culture. from the clothing to the style of music itself. But y'all ain’t know that because again, we don’t get credit for shit that we start. (And if you want examples of what kpop/khh takes from black culture ill be glad to whip out facts and receipts.)

I don’t see Jackson’s braids as cultural appropriation because he isn’t mocking my culture or being disrespectful. He’s not wearing my culture as some costume. But I am bothered by his response to angered fans. instead of trying to understand the anger he dismissed it as hate and that’s not okay. Black fans deserve a sincere apology.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Jackson could have rejected the styling. Most of the times they have to listen to the higher ups without refusal. So if you really wanna go yell and curse at somebody, do it to Pepsi and whoever decided to style Jackson. That’s just my opinion on this whole thing

*UPDATE: jackson said he CHOSE the hair style because he loves the culture… yet he’s still disregarding the feelings of black fans and calling it a misunderstanding. still no apology

Imagine in Cursed Child Harry trying to use the map to make sure Albus and Scorpius stay apart

and the map just rejects him Marauders style like

“Mr Moony presents his compliments to Mr Potter, and begs him to stop being such a bad father.”
“Mr Prongs agrees with Mr Moony, and would like to add that Mr Potter is acting like a prat.”
“Mr Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that the wonderful Harry Potter has become such an arse nowadays.”
“Mr Wormtail bids Mr Potter good day, and advises him to sort his fucking life out.”

Bts reaction to you insulting friends in a loving way:

Anon requested:  hai~ I don’t want to be a bother but I was wondering if you could do BTS reacting to their s/o playing around with their friends by throwing insults at each other (like calling each other bitch/hoe ad saying mean things) but it is in a loving way. thank you so much and if you don’t want to you don’t have to do this!!! I just found this blog and I think you are amazing at writing, so I think you will do this well!

A/ N: Omg you’re not a bother and why would I not want t do this, you guys can request freely I don’t bite.


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Tries his best to not look scandalized but fails each time. It won’t take him long to adapt to it though, Mama Jin sometimes needs a minute to understand what’s going on. 


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Smiles each time like what a badass I own. Doesn’t seem to mind it as he himself cusses quite often.


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Laughs real loud each time you and your friends start insulting each other

Rap Monster:

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Doesn’t mind it at all, he might as well not pay attention to it unless you bring it up.


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Laughs shyly as he asks you why you keep insulting them, not actually knowing that you don’t mean it.

V/ Taehyung:

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Confused baby like are you sure you don’t mean it? That was really extreme are you sure they are not hurt. Might as well look a bit uncomfortable. 


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Likes it so much he might as well start experimenting with others. If the hyungs reject his new style, your friends won’t be the only ones you hear insults from.


HEY YOOOO GUISE um here’s more these are music themed ones

GUISE here’s the MASTERPOST to ALL the photo sets that i posted for deez vday cards  

Critics have been quick to deride Styles as someone who wishes to be taken seriously, as they did with Zayn Malik, but I don’t think that’s what this album is about: Harry Styles is a result of him experimenting and pushing himself to do something outside the system that initially brought him fame. Even his lead guitarist and main co-writer, Mitch Rowland, worked in a pizza shop prior to joining Styles’s band. Taking a risk on an unknown and aligning himself so closely with someone who doesn’t have an established reputation or strong industry ties serves as better rejection of Styles’s regimented boy-band past than any stated rejection of pop or Payne-like lyrical sneering would have.
5 Things Maggie Stiefvater Taught Me About Writing

Some things @maggie-stiefvater​ taught me THROUGH THE POWER OF LITERATURE.

1. Write About What You Love.

Maggie’s love of vintage cars serves to transport us into Gansey’s Camaro. Her love of horses translates to knowing exactly how Puck’s pony behaves. I read Scorpio Races years ago and one thing that still sticks in my memory is when Puck’s pony bends around to scratch its ear with a hind leg like a dog. I have seen a pony do this, and it’s adorable. It takes knowledge of horses to know that this behaviour is (1) odd but possible, and (2) embarrassing if your horse does that while you’re on his back.

Writing about what you love adds richness to the story through vibrant details.

Passion in the writer also translates to passion in the reader. I don’t give two craps about cars, but when I read the Raven Cycle series, I cared deeply about that Camaro.

2. Create Unique, Relatable Metaphors.

“A laugh like sucking the whipped cream off of hot chocolate.” “Friendly in the sort of way that an electron is friendly with a nucleus.”

I had not heard these ones before. Not only are they effective descriptions, but they’re also fun to read. Small phrases like these make the whole book stand out.

3. Focus On The Characters.

All of Maggie’s stories centre around intriguing characters with distinct personalities.

“When Gansey was polite, it made him powerful. When Adam was polite, he was giving power away.”

Characters are the most important part of a story. You can argue with me, but I will argue back. The best moments are the ones centred around interpersonal conflict. A character’s stakes, emotional journey, quirks, and unique view are what pull a reader into a book. Even rip-roarin’ action scenes can be improved with relatable emotions and internal struggles.

4. Write With Confidence.

I attended a panel in which representatives from a publishing house said one of the main things they look for in a manuscript is an “it” factor—a quality of writing that differentiates a professional novel from an amateur one.

Maggie, of course, has it. She writes with calm command. I don’t sense any fear of rejection or hesitation in her style. Instead, I sense, “Yes, I am a writer, and this is my story, and if you don’t like it, go read something else.”

You, too, can do this. Write unapologetically. Own the page.

5. Be You.

If you follow Maggie on social media, you know she injects her personality fearlessly into everything she does. Your writing and your author platform are unique. Anyone can make a story, but only you can write your story.

There’s a reason this quote is so overused: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

Well, write your story. You’re the only person in the world who can bring all of your quirks, obsessions, experiences, and general weirdness together into one identity—your authorial masterpiece.

last bit of tbirds high school AU stuff i had just kickin’ about. a proper image of their heights all together, just in case you wanted to see the actual outfits and not just silhouettes.

i just want to design whole wardrobes for all the characters but that would absolutely kill my hands. take what they’re wearing in this set as their sort of. general fashion styles.

vruthless  asked:

Could my character (a somewhat small woman) conceivably rip out her would-be rapist's throat with her teeth? Also, if someone were completely awful at swordfighting in general but was just the most determined person in the world and just kept going at it until he attained something resembling skill, what would his fighting style be like?

In reverse order:

Like someone who had practiced until they got it right. When you’re training, how good you were at the beginning doesn’t matter when you’re done. If you have the dedication to commit, and push yourself you can do pretty much anything. You practice until you get it right. That’s where the dedication comes in. It’s about not giving up until you’ve learned.

An unremarkable student who commits to the training, puts in the time, and has a drive to “get it right,” can become a formidable fighter.

In comparison: a talented student who views training as a distraction, wants out as fast as possible, and thinks their starting point is “good enough” is doomed to mediocrity.

Just because you don’t have a natural aptitude for something doesn’t mean you cannot do that. It just means you’ll need to work harder. If you’re ready for that, then initial talent is no obstacle.

Okay, on to the first question:

Physiologically? Yes. Psychology? Maybe not so much.

It is physiologically possible. The throat is comparatively soft tissue, and if your mouth is right there, against a foe who is otherwise distracted, it’s a relatively easy target.

Failing that, the nose, ears, and lips are also vulnerable in this kind of a situation. But, it is entirely possible to bite a chunk out of an attacker.

The real question is, “can your character get to a place where they’re willing to kill someone with their teeth?” For most people, that answer is “no.” This is a state of mind that runs contrary to all of your social conditioning.

Biting someone else is a behavior that has been conditioned out of you since childhood. Everything you’ve been taught about acceptable behavior says, “this is not okay.”

For example, ask yourself, “could I bite that guy over there?” I don’t mean as a gag, for fun, or foreplay. I mean, can you look at that human being as 200lbs of ambulatory meat? Not just at an intellectual level, but in such a way that you could just rip pieces out with your teeth?

For most people, the answer is, “no.” They can’t force themselves into a mindset this feral. They won’t even consider it as a possibility. Maybe as an intellectual exercise, but not an option in the heat of the moment.

As I’ve said before, this is some pretty messed up behavior, with some very serious social consequences and medical risks. It can be done, but it’s something you need to build towards when creating your character.

This can work with a character who is feral in their own right. Either because they were never exposed to civilization, or because they’ve chosen to reject it. A D&D style barbarian or a character with some kind of animalistic approach. Expanding on fantasy concepts, a character who magically transforms into animals (D&D Druids and Rangers, or lycanthropes) could also probably get there pretty easily.

A character who is incredibly opportunistic, brutal, and disciplined enough to fully disregard social norms when it suits their purpose could work.

In either case, this will cause others to view the character as little more than an animal. In the case of the later, you’re informing your audience that said character is more of a trained attack dog rather than a person. In the former case… you’re telling your audience and anyone who witnesses the attack that your character is (at least partially) more animal than human.

Just remember: If one of your characters is willing to bite their attacker, this is sending a permanent message to your audience about who this person is. If you want that, then this is an excellent way to send a message. If you don’t, then this is probably something you should avoid.


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