rejection quote


I’m afraid of the heights
That I create in my mind.

I keep telling myself,
Through each heaving breath,
I’ll get over this.
I’ll get over this.

Push me over
Before I push myself.

—  A.N
Yes it was love; young love,
and though we didn’t get
eternity, forever will
linger in our could’ve beens.
—  Mistakes young lovers make, by M.A. Tempels © 2017
To be ignored like I don’t even deserve an answer, well I get it I take your action as an answer. You made yourself loud and clear I’m nothing to you.
Though in the end I know
you are better off –
without me,
I hope
there are quiet moments
when you allow yourself
to remember how it was;
those fiercest of kisses,
those tightest of hugs,
devotional touches,
elongated sighs,
of electrifying infatuation;
I hope you will recall
how I loved you,
mad and
with an
aching intensity;
how my body shook
as you stripped me clean
of all sadness, despair,
and melancholy.
How I would almost cry
each time you healed me.
Yes, you are better off
without me,
but I hope you will recall
those times I loved you
—  Come undone, by M.A. Tempels © 2017