rejected movie

Take One

Take One: Scene One
[College Au! Taking an editing course with Christian]

As class came to an end your professor handed back your peer reviewed midterms. You honestly always thought peer reviewed was a fancy way of saying Your professor was too lazy to actually grade it themselves, but there were no complaints on your end. There was no way a classmate would fail you, they probably had the same anxiety.

Everyone was always lenient at peer reviews. Right?

“Alright Kids, remember to go over the discussion board, read the next chapter and start drafting ideas for the final” Professor Seo leaned on her desk, taking off her glasses. “Any questions?”

“Yeah, can I do a makeup midterm?” One of the kids in the back piped up.

She chuckled. “No make ups, but if anyone enters the film festival, that presentation will be used to replace their lowest grade, including a midterm. Next question?”

“Professor Seo, what is this?” you gasped turning over your paper.

“Is there a problem?” she raised a brow.

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Memory Hole’s high paced editing and abrupt cutting of rejected home movie submissions from the cutting room floor of some 90s funniest home video show is truly hypnotic. They present a bombardment of context-less weirdness centered around vague subjects and you don’t have adequate time to process it all coming at you. Each video is a wild surreal experience, it feels like we’re peering into other people’s lives and we really shouldn’t be there. It especially works well here with these visual tricks, they show you clips faster than your brain can understand how they were filmed and it fucks with you. And the way it’s all paired with ominous soundcloud trap beats completely shifts the mood to something darker and more sinister. It’s really brilliant content.