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you should watch the lego batman movie it rejects heteronormativity and is kind of gay like you

how dare you. how dare you imply I’m only “kind of” gay


GET TO KNOW ME MEME - 3/5 favorite directors ; Rob Zombie

❝ It’s great now for kids, make some goofy movie, stick it on YouTube, and you’re a hero. Back then, it was like: ‘Man, I can’t wait till I can save enough money to develop the film.’ ❞

Dude, Megamind is such a good movie. For starters, it’s really funny, but not in a way that puts anyone down or is offensive. It’s mostly just jokes about how Megamind doesn’t know how to pronounce words. Secondly, it’s got several great plot twists that make it super interesting and nonboring. Thirdly, it’s got the ultimate whiny baby menenist as its main antagonist. Hal/Titan is created by Megamind to be a hero, but when he’s rejected by his crush (a woman who he worked with and who has told him multiple times before that she’s not into him) he decides to be evil, because what’s the point of being good if he can’t get what he wants? He goes through the whole jealous, I’m-better-than-the-guy-she’s-seeing phase, and then he decides to just destroy the town because of her rejection. Later in the movie, while he’s in the midst of destroying things, she shows up and he says something like if you’ve changed your mind I don’t want you, and she doesn’t try to change his mind to stop him, she just says she’s going to fight him. Like, she doesn’t pretend to like him or try to be with him to save the city or anything, she just does her and tries to save the city in other ways. Also, this movie is really great in that they don’t say at all in any way that it’s her fault that he’s destroying the city and stuff. Aside from Titan saying that it’s her fault, everyone else is like no? it’s not her fault? And that’s great. Anyways, Megamind is a great movie and everyone should watch it.