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I’m a friggin’ loser who can’t even deal with how cute this edgy nerd is.

These are all literally drawings of Saeran that I did in class along the margins of my math notes. I just compiled them on one page and then traced them cause some of them were surprisingly cute. I found myself hoping that no one would look over my shoulder and ask who this was becasusesssss;;;;

I’ll probably color these all later when I’ve got time. Like the obsessed loser I am.

Request: Make things right

Request: One shot where I’m jax daughter and he like thew me out and one year I become successful with singing and they come see me in my singing and listen to the song I sing you don’t own me by grace and colors by halesy and the WHOLE (i.e.) like tara and gemma is there club is shocked and they try to talk to me but security doesn’t let them so they follow me into my Manson and they are shocked I have a huge house and a baby girl but they tell me they need help with money and I help them and happy ending BTW the baby girl is happy’s 

Song reader is singing, HERE

It was hard to write this one. I’m writing the request, but I don’t believe Jax would not want a child, it doesn’t matter who is the mother, but I wrote it and I’m sorry if this offend anyone, somehow. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of sex, rejection, depression

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The leather kutte was missing, but I could easily see him as a Son. I was finishing my beer when he entered the bar. Nobody else paid attention to him, but I couldn’t look away. He noticed, locking his brown eyes with mine and licking his lips. He got closer and we started to talk as we drank. I had stopped in that place, on Charming’s city limits, just for a beer before hit the road, but there I was, spending hours with that mysterious man. Booze made me bold and next thing I knew we were in the back of my car, having sex. I scratched his tattooed scalp and moaned as we both came. I sat next to him, trying to catch my breath. He put his jeans on again and hopped off the car, just like that, no names asked, no cuddles after the sex.

I sighed and jumped to the driver’s seat, pulling my skirt down my thighs again. He leaned on my window and I glared at him.

“New in town?”, he motioned to my suitcase on the passenger’s seat.

“No”, I hissed and started the car, “I’m leaving”


3 years later…

I closed the blinds when we got closer to Charming. We wouldn’t stop, just pass through the little town, but I didn’t want to see it. I had left a while ago, but it still hurt to think about my life there.

I had avoided SAMCRO, the famous motorcycle club, my entire life, but it was kinda hard to do it when my father was the VP. My mother had been one of his one-night-stands and he didn’t want to be father, not when he was so young. Jackson Teller, my father, was trying to forget his girlfriend, who had left him, so he was drinking and having sex with random girls. We didn’t have a good relationship, actually he practically ignored me, unless club was going through a lockdown because one of his enemies. Then he would send someone to pick me up and I would hide somewhere at the clubhouse and wait for the lockdown to be over. I was invisible.

One day, someone finally noticed me and I had the chance to leave that place and I did it. I hadn’t been close to Charming in years, I thought in gave it just a quick look, but before I could open the blinds a child crying got my attention. She was more important than Charming and its people.

Happy’s POV

Jax had been acting strange all day, nervous and smoking one cigarette after another. Club wasn’t going through any trouble as far as Happy knew, so it must be personal. Gemma arrived at TM, mother and son had been locked inside her office since then. When SAMCRO’s president finally entered the clubhouse again, he looked at his brothers and announced they would go for a ride that night. He thought it would be some club business, but Happy found himself in a concert, looking at the stage, waiting for the singer.

“How you never told me you had a daughter man?”, Happy inquired, turning to at Jax, who was standing next to him. Tara, Jax’s old lady, and Gemma were there too.

“We never had a good relationship”, his brother sighed, pinching his nose, “I was lost, it was just one night, but… I couldn’t be a father, I was too young and I hated that child and her mother for awhile… I was wrong, I should have been a better father. You have no idea how much I regret this. I don’t know what I am doing here, but maybe I get the chance to make things right”

He didn’t know how Jax would do that, but Happy would be there for his friend. He never had thought about being father, he didn’t do relationships, but Happy would never give up on his child, he would want to be the father he never had.

The lights and a man announcing the singer caught his attention. Happy turned his look to the stage again and there she was, Jax’s daughter…And the girl he had sex with on his first night visiting Charming.


Happy felt a lump on his throat. How that had happened? He had had sex with his president’s daughter, a girl that should be completely off limits for him. However, they had met each other in a bar, he didn’t know who she was, they hadn’t said their names. It had been a random, half naked, quick and incredible hot fuck in the back of her car.

Y/N was singing and she was good. The lyrics said “You don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way” and Y/N was pouring her heart out, he could see it. SAMCRO family was watching the show in awe, people singing Y/N’s songs with her; in a short time, she had conquered fame and it would only grows.

“Come on”, Jax called his brothers as soon as the show ended. They tried to get close to the stage, but security wouldn’t let them pass. Happy saw Y/N from afar and she turned her head in their direction when Jax yelled her name. She got pale and someone pushed her inside a car.

“Let’s go brother”, Happy pushed Jax back to where their bikes were, “We can think about this at the clubhouse”


“Are you sure?”, Jax asked as they parked the bikes in front of a house in Los Angeles.

“Yep”, Juice nodded, admiring the place too, “What’s the plan?”

All the Sons looked at their president. Jax took a deep breath and just walked to the gate. They waited as he talked on the intercom; it took a while but someone was finally coming from the house. Happy put his sunglasses up and saw Y/N there. She didn’t look pleased to see them.

“What are you doing here?”, she barked, “How did you find me?”

“Y/N please”, Jax begged to his daughter, “We need to talk”

“I don’t think so”, Y/N shook her head and turned her back on them. Jax was about to yell, call her back when a little girl came running, a woman chasing her.

“Mommy!”, the girl giggled and Y/N glanced at the bikers outside her gate. She lifted the little girl on her arms and walked away, but not before Happy could notice the girl’s big brown eyes, just like his.


A couple of days had passed and the atmosphere around the clubhouse couldn’t be worse. Jax was disappointed his daughter didn’t want to see or listen him; and now the club was going through financial problems. Happy couldn’t bear that situation anymore, so he hopped onto his bike and drove to Los Angeles, only stopping at Y/N’s gate. He asked to talk with her on behalf of Jackson Teller.

“Could you please tell my father I don’t want to speak with him?”, Y/N barked on the intercom, “If he insists, I will call the police”

“I need to talk to you Y/N. This is Happy Lowman, the guy you fucked on the back of your car years ago”, he blurted and she gasped on the other side.

“I don’t wanna talk to you or any Son. Leave me alone”, she said after a minute of silence.

“No”, Happy clenched his jaw, leaning closer to the microphone, “I saw your little girl. How old is she? Two years old maybe? Who is her father?”

“It’s not your business”, Y/N hissed.

“Yes, it is, because I think she is mine!”, Happy heard her gasp again, “I won’t hurt you or my daughter. I won’t take her from you, but I want her to know me, I want to be a part of her life… Listen, I know you don’t want to know about us, but… Your father is really sorry, he wants to apologize and… This is too much, but we could use your help, financial problems… Think about it. You know where to find us”

Days later…

SAMCRO had done some business in the last few days, but it wasn’t enough, they were barely keeping their heads above water. They needed a big deal soon. Happy was outside the clubhouse, trying to think and come up with a plan, when a car entered the parking lot. Y/N hopped off the car, surprising him. She looked at Happy and opened the back door, lifting her little girl from the car seat. He walked toward them, looking at the girl on Y/N arms. She looked up at him and he could see the resemblance.

“Do you wanna hold her?”, Y/N whispered. He raised an eyebrow, not sure if he had the right to do it. She smiled and nodded, “She is your daughter”

“Y/N?”, they both turned around at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“Hi father”, Y/N started to tear up and grabbed an envelope from her purse, handing it to Jax, “I heard you guys needed help with money”

“Darling…”, Jax sighed and pulled his daughter to his arms, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I should have tried harder, I should have… I don’t have to help us, especially after everything I put you through”

“I won’t lie to you father, it still hurts, but…”, she pulled back and wiped the tears, “We should try it and… Maybe she is our second chance”

Y/N looked to her daughter and Happy walked closer to them. Jax looked from the little girl to Y/N, “Is…Is she my granddaughter?”, he was crying too, “Jesus!”

“Yes, she is”, Y/N answered, looking at Happy, who nodded, “She is your granddaughter and Happy’s child”

“What?”, Jax asked as Happy let him hold the little girl.

“Long story”, Y/N grimaced, “We should go inside to talk about this”

As everybody walked back inside the clubhouse, Y/N stayed behind with Happy. “Thank you”, she whispered.

“No”, he held her arm, making Y/N look at him, “Thank YOU, for helping us and let me see my daughter”

“This won’t be easy Happy”, she sighed, “And after my own experience, I expect you to be a great father”

Happy Lowman had never imagined he would be a father someday, but was sure he would do his best to be a good one, “Yes, I will”

Windy Days Wolfstar Headcannons

•Remus refusing to go outside the castle unless it’s absolutely necessary (like Sirius’ quidditch matches, he would never miss that Adonis body on tight sportswear) because hE HATES WINDY DAYS SO MUCH.

•Sirius using the wind as a perfect excuse to braid his hair on complicated styles that make girls so jealous of his braiding abilities. Also, shaving and getting super androgynous. (I’m such a slut for queer!sirius)

•Remus roaming around with a blanket if staying in the Gryffindor tower.

•Sirius stealing Lily’s rubber bands to pull his hair into cute man buns that makes Moony thirsty.

•Hot make-out-and-intense-sexy-rubbing under huge trees to keep the personal temperature a bit up.

•Sirius stealing chamomile tea bags from the kitchens because Remus loves it and he wants his baby to be okay with such horrible days.

•Quirky and funny moments when Sirius gets on top of huge stones and lets his hair run wild over his head with the wind, pretending to be a super model. Also, “SHUT UP! I’M MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT OVER HERE MOONY.”

•Remus’ nose and cheekbones getting super red with the blistering cold slicing his beautiful face

•Lazy morning sex with the windows open after Prongs and Wormtail leave for breakfast. The excuse: “We’re acclimating ourselves you judgmental prick.”

•Sirius kissing all of Remus’ reddened face because it’s sO WARM.

•Remus sharing his oversized sweaters with Sirius because he thinks Black looks better on them.

•Sirius has the same opinion on his leather jackets over Remus’ slim body.

•Remus rejecting the leather jackets because he prefers to stay inside Sirius’ sweater arms.


»It’s been a while since I’ve written down headcannons and stuff. I’ll try to keep writing them bc tHEY’RE SO MUCH FUN AND I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THE MARAUDERS’ ERA.
As usual, sorry for English mistakes and stuff. You know it’s not my first language.
All the love, me.«


{Michael} *eyes*

I went down to a place near Sydney a little taste of liquor on my lips my eyes in a daze my head dizzy with the idea of the storm that could happen tonight.

“Woooooo Michael the Cliffors already drunk before we even start the party!” Cal yells as loud as he can in my ear. His arm slung over my shoulder as we stumbled down the bricked road. My eyes tracing the cracks along the city’s art filled walls the slurs popping out back at me screaming my name. 

The bass of the lounge fills my ears as we open the ground doors behind the bar. Cal nods to the bouncer and we immerse ourselves in the world of the leather clad rejects of society.

Everything turns into a nirvana state the moment we see the damaged couches and the people of the party world dancing to some rap coming from Luke’s Dj station in the back. I smile and give a slight wave as he nods our way. Cal leads us to the bar and I faintly hear him ask Ash for the strongest shit he has.

Their laughter echoes in my ears as I stare at the girl on the counter top dancing silly to the Lana remix now now coming from the broken speakers. Lip singing along with her friend.

The clang of the drinks now caught my attention. Ash pushed my glass to me and yelled “Drink up boy you only turn 18 once.”

I groaned in fake annoyance and took the shot with my two best mates. 

A sudden disturbance brought be away from the sting in my mouth to the pink haired beauty now gazing up at me as she lay awkwardly on the bar top. She was the one dancing on top of it before and it looks like she took a nasty spill.

I smile down at her my eyes tracing from her overgrown brown roots to her freckled cheeks and purple stained and smudged lips.

“Hey the names Michael.” I say as I smile and gaze into her eyes. Shocked when my name appears on her neck suddenly like ink spreading on thin paper.

“Hey hot stuff guess were soul mates huh.” 

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