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Heartbroken Unsent Text Messages Are Transformed Into Art by Röra Blue

Titled The Unsent Project, blogger and artist Röra Blue’s most recent endeavor chronicles the painful and unsaid words from former lovers. The heartbroken excerpts allude to nostalgia, happy memories, and painful setbacks, which connote bottled feelings, which prevent once happy lovers from moving on. They illustrate the complexity of feelings and the difficulty the human mind and heart endures when a relationship ends. 

She explains on her site: “State your first love’s name and type what you would say if you sent them a text message. Also include the color that you think of when you think of your first love.” After receiving over 25,000 proposals on Instagram, the artist created a colored college of the submission, which detail hundreds of unspoken words, unrealized dreams and intimate thoughts.

Illustrating words many of us have thought, Blue’s project is a conceptual and hypothetical release for the heartbroken soul. They are private wishes, which we are too ashamed to say out loud out of fear of rejection. 

Model Predator

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“Good evening Princess!“  Chat Noir’s voice announced his arrival just before he landed on her railing.  Quickly taking note of Marinette’s scowl, he stepped down and looked at the sketch pad.  "Oh dear.  Designing evening not going so well?”

She dragged her pencil tip heavily through all the brainstormed designs in rejection.  "Ugh.  No. These are all awful.“

He caught her hand before she could turn the page.  "What’s wrong with this one?”  He tapped on a doodle in the upper right corner of the page.

She screwed up her face a little and sighed.  "Technically nothing.“  Her fingertip outlined the sketch as she explained it.  "It’s a simple suit, designed to appeal to young men for nice events that aren’t quite formal.”

“Date suit,” he said.  "I like it.  I’d wear it.“

She snorted.  "The biggest problem with that one is that I have no one to model it.  At least not until summer’s over.  And I don’t want to wait that long.  I have so much work to do to get my portfolio diversified.”

“All your friends go backpacking across Spain or something?” he asked, leaning his hip against the table and crossing his arms comfortably.

“Some of them have.”  A number of her classmates, Nino included, were starting their gap year with that very hike.  "And the ones who haven’t wouldn’t really bring it to life in photo format.  They’re too shy, or too obnoxious…"

“I thought you were friends with that Agreste guy,” Chat interrupted.  "Can’t you ask him?“

"Adrien?”  She shook her head quickly.

“Not that good a friend?” he asked, sounding a little sad.

“Oh, no.  I could totally ask him, and I’m sure he’d be super nice about it,” she explained.  "But I couldn’t do that to him.“  She sighed.  "I don’t think he really enjoys modeling that much, for all that he’s incredibly good at it.  He’s so busy this summer, and he’s probably under some sort of exclusive contract that would make it… hard.”  She shook her head again.  "I know he’d want to help me, but I’d hate to make things more difficult for him.“

Chat stared at her for a moment, his expression thoughtful.  "Can I volunteer?”

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My favorite part about the animated Star Wars series is that so much of it borrows from conceptual/in-development Star Wars that never made it to the final cut. Like, “Hey yo are you going to be using this concept art of Padme in the final cut of any of the movies? No? Okay we’re going to color her skin blue and make it Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi. Are you going to use this rejected design for Chewbacca for anything? No? Great well now he’s purple and his name is Garazeb Orrelios. Oh they won’t let Lucas call the Light and Dark sides of the Force Ashla and Bogan? Fair enough. Ashla is now the Lasat word for the Force.” The animated series are so well done and people work so hard on them but so many of their elements are basically the lore equivalent of

and I love it.

Top 10 Facts Of The Day (April 10, 2017)

10. The ‘Drinkable book’ is an instruction manual that not only teaches people how to clean their water, but is also made of removable pages coated in silver nano-particles that filter contaminated water and kill over 99% of bacteria, and the whole book can last about four years. 

9. Ancient Irish respected their dogs so much that if a Warrior or King gained the loyalty of a hound they would be given the prefix “Cu” meaning “Hound” added on before their own name to show others they were worthy of the respect and loyalty of a dog.

8. Stu the IT guy’ from the movie “What We Do In The Shadows” is actually an IT guy named Stu.

7. Adding a type of seaweed to the diet of cows reduces their methane production by 70%

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Liar! Office Deception 1st Liar: #Internet Famous Walkthrough

Please only click “keep reading” if you already know/ are willing to know who the Liar is as before you start accusing you must first select the liar!

Note that this is translated from JP Doubt so wording is not exact until I’ve run the game, however A/B/C choices are guaranteed. Official translations are up now.

As always, please don’t spoil for others.

Points Needed:

S rank: 10 Cool Points + 100 Savvy Points
As long as you have 10 CP and don’t make mistakes, you should be able to achieve S rank.

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Lithuania Character Facts

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🇱🇹He is worse than Germany at understanding jokes

🇱🇹He once beat Prussia

🇱🇹He has a weak stomach

🇱🇹He has pollakuria

🇱🇹He hates Prussia

🇱🇹He owns a used car

🇱🇹He likes martial arts

🇱🇹Russia still stalks him

🇱🇹He has scars on his back

🇱🇹He often gets stomachaches because he gets depressed very often

🇱🇹He is surprisingly muscular

🇱🇹Russia did dress him up in a maids outfit and chased him with a whip

🇱🇹He threw away all the stuff related to the Soviet Union after it was over.

🇱🇹He is a member of the choir club

🇱🇹His design is a rejected Hungary design.


The Olin Winchester Salvo Rifle,

During the 1950’s the US Military experimented with the concept of a Salvo rifle, a rifle that could increase the probability of hitting a target by firing multiple projectiles with one shot.  Numerous prototypes were created which fired special duplex (two bullet) or triplex (three bullet) cartridges.  The Winchester Salvo was one prototype based off of the FAL.  An extremely bizarre weapon, the Winchester Salvo featured two barrels  and two chambers which fired simultaneously.  As a result, the Winchester Salvo used two magazines at once.  While the Win Salvo was double barreled and fired both simultaneously, it only had one bolt with double extractors, and was operated with one gas system.  It could be operated in semi automatic and fully automatic, and when fired the spent casings were ejected to the left and right.

To increase the Win Salvo’s firepower even further, the weapon used special 5.56 T65 Duplex ammunition.  The T65 Duplex cartridge used 7.62 NATO brass, necked down to 5.56mm.  However the Duplex cartridge featured two 35 grain or 41 grain bullets, with each seated on top of each other inside the cartridge.  Thus when fired, the Duplex cartridge would fire two 5.56 projectiles at once.  With the Winchester Salvo rifle, four projectiles would be fired with each trigger pull.  Obviously when used in fully automatic fire, the Win Salvo sprayed a formidable stream of lead.

The bizarre Winchester Salvo produced by the Springfield Armory for US Army Ordnance testing.  The Army rejected the design for a number or reasons.  First and foremost the firing of two 5.56 T65 Duplex cartridges produced 25% more recoil than a .30-06 M1 Garand.  The Win Salvo was also very heavy, weighing almost 12 pounds, 3 pounds heavier than the standard M14 battle rifle.  Finally the Win Salvo was an ammo hog, firing two magazines worth of ammunition simultaneously.  Remaining prototypes are currently on display at the Springfield Armory Museum.


I’m hosting a giveaway!

What am I giving away? Jewelry, naturally. But not just ANY jewelry. You work with me to design a custom, OOAK set of a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings!

We will have to work within what I currently have, but…uh, I have a lot of stuff. Especially if you like lace. Why do I have so much lace? Heck if I know!

I can do nickel free pieces, though that does limit the options somewhat. I can do a metal free necklace and bracelet as well–but again, that does limit the options a little.

Please note that I reserve the right to reject design ideas that are not feasible for my skill level, are too complicated, or for any other reason (such as being deemed hateful in some capacity). I will ask for a new plan or edit the existing one until it works.

(Substitutions for smaller/simpler pieces are welcome, ie necklace-→bracelet or bracelet→earrings; If the design you want for earrings is simple enough, then I’ll bump it up to 2 pairs.)

*Must be 18 or older.

*Must be following the cocomerecreations tumblr. New followers are welcome, but please don’t just follow and then unfollow after the giveaway is over.

*Must have either Skype or Discord and be willing to share it with me if you win; this is how I plan on communicating with you! There’s a lot of small things that go into making jewelry, and email is simply too slow.

*Must be willing to give an address, PO box, or other place where a physical package can be sent.

*Must have ask box or messaging turned on within tumblr so that I can easily contact you. If I find that you’re not reachable, I’ll re-pick a winner.

How to enter:
–Reblog this post for one chance. Only one entry per person with this method, no giveaway blogs!

–Every $10 spent in my store equals one more chance. Please send a message/conversation on Etsy telling me your tumblr username if you enter this way!

This ends on the 11th, and a winner will randomly be chosen and announced on the 12th at the latest. If winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Tumblr is not in any way affiliated with this giveaway.

noticing there’s a weird divide between the attitudes of Hellsing Fans like the fans of the gonzo anime have some pretty strong rose tinted glasses imo

“Hellsing Ultimate is terrible. It’s script is crap and it has horrible cgi. The original is so much better in every way.”  They cry to the heavens. 

okay but the anime is horribly divergent from the manga storyline and therefore non canon
and it aged badly. Not just in terms of quality but also visual style.
Also it has very poor consistency in animation quality and style through the whole TV series. The main villain Incognito didn’t even fit in the universe at all in terms of visual design, if anything he looked like a rejected early design for Megamind.

Ultimate’s animation quality can stand up to animes that have come out in the past year and it’s cgi is still better than the shit that was used in the Sailor Moon Crystal 3D