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My favorite part about the animated Star Wars series is that so much of it borrows from conceptual/in-development Star Wars that never made it to the final cut. Like, “Hey yo are you going to be using this concept art of Padme in the final cut of any of the movies? No? Okay we’re going to color her skin blue and make it Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi. Are you going to use this rejected design for Chewbacca for anything? No? Great well now he’s purple and his name is Garazeb Orrelios. Oh they won’t let Lucas call the Light and Dark sides of the Force Ashla and Bogan? Fair enough. Ashla is now the Lasat word for the Force.” The animated series are so well done and people work so hard on them but so many of their elements are basically the lore equivalent of

and I love it.

So, this was the design my little sister, Kaelah, made for Black History Month. The one on the right is the front of the shirt and the one on the left is the back of it.

My sister was first asked to depict the education crisis for African Americans; the idea was later rejected and changed to just say crisis control because the subject was “controversial.” She wanted to draw a design that represented what some African American families go through especially when it comes to getting an education; sort of like something that symbolized cause and effect. She drew a split family, symbolism of no income, bad report cards/grades, symbolism of incarceration, a desk (that represents education) and a shadow under it that says crisis (it’s hard to tell sorry), and a trash bin that says “future.”

Now, I don’t know what made one teacher particularly scream that the back of the shirt made them uncomfortable, but she put a lot her time and effort into this shirt. She felt honored to be even asked to design a shirt! I watched her draw the sketch myself and even gave her some tips.

My sister informed me that they will keep the front of the shirt but they MUST get rid of the back portion. She spent the most time and research on the BACK. The back of the shirt holds a lot of POWER and an experience some of us African American families go through?? Which is a HUGE problem and I feel is really overlooked.

So my question to you guys is: do you feel uncomfortable with the back of this shirt?

Please tell me what is offensive…. because all I see is symbolism…

Lithuania Character Facts

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🇱🇹He is worse than Germany at understanding jokes

🇱🇹He once beat Prussia

🇱🇹He has a weak stomach

🇱🇹He has pollakuria

🇱🇹He hates Prussia

🇱🇹He owns a used car

🇱🇹He likes martial arts

🇱🇹Russia still stalks him

🇱🇹He has scars on his back

🇱🇹He often gets stomachaches because he gets depressed very often

🇱🇹He is surprisingly muscular

🇱🇹Russia did dress him up in a maids outfit and chased him with a whip

🇱🇹He threw away all the stuff related to the Soviet Union after it was over.

🇱🇹He is a member of the choir club

🇱🇹His design is a rejected Hungary design.

The album cover for “Reasons To Live (Remix Album)”; oh yeah, it’s happening!

Featuring the songs:

Melanie Martinez - Pity Party

Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie

deadmau5 - Let Go

Drake - Forever


All American Rejects - Move Along

RELEASE DATE MARCH 3rd, 2017, 5:00 pm CST

An idea I’ve got for an akuma oc since a long time: Dark Gems!

her akuma is in her necklace

She can turn people into gemstone matching their personality and use them againt her enemy (for exemple if she turn someone into a ruby she is able to use fire)

Her real name is Amber, she have 25 years old and she get akumatized when Gabriel Agreste reject her design for his jewelry line and make fun of her.
The Squire Digital Art Glove
For the digital artist.... Free your hand!

Hey everybody! You might remember me as the glove guy. For those who don’t, I’m a comics guy working on a project called Outer Demons.

Over the course of teaching myself digital art skills, I created a glove to make it easier to get my hand across the surface of a tablet without smudging, skidding, and pressing the wrong buttons.

Now I’m crowdfunding this tool that I’ve been using for so long myself and manufacturing them here in Cape Cod! I’ve got 33 days to hit my goal and I’ll need your help if you want one for yourself!

You can get yourself one, or a variety of other rewards ranging from comics to digital art tutorials here on the kick-starter!