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Loki and you stay at the Avengers Tower. He likes you but doesn’t approach you, for he’s a pariah, no one wants to interact with him. You’d reject him as well as you always look at him with distaste. One day, he acquires a laptop & finds you on social media. He poses as SHIELD/Stark employee, keeping his identity hidden on pretext of confidentiality. You develop a slow romance and sext/chat online often, sharing pics without revealing faces. He wants to tell you who he is, but he knows you’ll run the moment he reveals his identity. So, he keeps it hidden. One day, his identity is accidentally revealed to you. You react badly, as expected. The Avengers ask SHIELD incarcerate him. Before leaving, he promises to not contact you again but asks you if you’d have given him a chance had he been honest with you. Your answer is clear by your facial expression, & Loki nods in acceptance. He leaves peacefully and you’re left wondering what to do, for you realize you do actually care for him.

The Right Note

For @itsallavengers, happy birthday darling! Sorry I’m late, but I hope this makes up for my tardiness 💖


The first one was in the photo-frame.

Tony was never the nostalgic type, no matter what everybody said, but he did have two photographs on his bedside table. One was the candid shot taken by the shawarma shop owner in 2012, after the first battle the team had won. It was no art and nothing close to the portraits that stood out on magazine covers; half of them looked dead on their feet and Thor’s mouth was open on a bite that showed more than some could digest. It was a study in a disaster’s aftermath and a capture of life amidst ruins but it had been the first photograph of them together.

There were a million others in the database or the internet but none came close to this one where six heroes were just people; nothing more and probably a lot less.

It sat in a simple frame of silver beside the other photograph, the one where Rhodey and Pepper stood flanking a tired but faking Tony in 2008, a few hours after a disastrous press conference where Tony had announced himself as Iron Man. It had been taken by an SI staff’s son, and was mildly blurry in tge edges. Happy was out of focus at the back, like he had blended into the background but was still present. It wasn’t a candid shot, there was too much of weariness and tension to invoke candour, but it was the first step of his family becoming a team.

It was quite symbolic that he had them right next to the one where a team went on to become a family.

He blinked twice at the post-it stuck onto the frame of the Avengers photograph and reached out to peel it off.

“J, who’s handiwork is this?” he asked as he sat up, the warmth of sleep lifting off him while he read the note.

“It would be Doctor Banner, sir,” JARVIS replied, a hint of amusement shining through his tone.

“Did Bruce creep on me in my sleep?” Tony laughed, feeling the paper in his hand, the neon green shade stark against his skin.

“I believe he didn’t have any malevolent intentions, sir,” JARVIS paused in consideration, “And he did close his eyes when he came, something that caused him a stubbed toe. If it helps, he also asked me to inform you of the apology written behind the note.”

Tony dutifully turned the note around and snorted at the large scrawl of an apology with a badly drawn Hulk smiley. He turned it back around and read the note again.

The first element of childhood

The last bond of life

Pick one of both and come out

To avoid a big green strife

(Clint can’t rhyme and this is all his fault)

“First element,” Tony mused and slipped out of the bed, eyeing the room, “First element of childhood? If Bruce intended it and Clint rhymed it, then it’s something to do with science. First element…hydrogen?”

Tony walked around a bit and paused when he came across the stand beside the TV. There was a bunch of colourful balloons stuck to it, all Avengers themed.

“J, are these hydrogen balloons?” Tony stifled a laugh but rubbed a hand across the grumpy Hulk one.

“It would seem so, sir”

Tony peered at all of them and carefully peeled out the string of the Hulk balloon, leaving the others stuck to the stand.

“What’s the second clue?” he muttered to himself and eyed the drawer beside the stand, his balloon clutched in one hand, “Last bond of life. Life. Last bond could be philosophical but -

"Bond. It’s definitely chemistry,” Tony mused and searched the area, coming to a stop when he found something wedged underneath the table. He frowned at it, a basket for hoops and then it struck him.

“J, is this supposed to look like a bond of oxygen?” he chuckled and eyed the shape of a smiley that resembled :O

“I don’t claim to understand some human jokes, sir,” JARVIS replied in a droll voice and Tony shook his head with a grin.

“Such a nerd,” he huffed fondly before picking it up and walking out of his room, curious to know the next part of this adventure.

The next note was more of a scroll, hanging from an arrow.

“Subtle, Clint,” Tony picked it out from the shield shaped clock in the hallway and read it over.

The only best friend worth having

The only food worth storing

Eat one and skip the other

If you make me rhyme more, I’ll yell, you mother-

(He wrote this before coffee. Just ignore the last one.)

The part within parentheses was definitely Natasha’s handwriting and Tony smirked as he imagined her smacking Clint before snatching the scroll from him.

“Best friend,” Tony hummed thoughtfully to himself and looked at the mantle below the clock. A small dog’s toy sat on it, big dark eyes and soft fur. Tony shifted his balloon to one hand and picked up the toy with the other, grinning at the hangdog expression of it.

“Dumbass,” he said with a fond chuckle before walking towards the kitchen to check for the next clue. He placed his bounty on the kitchen table to open the fridge and let out a guffaw at the sight.

The entire fridge was filled with pizza and Tony chortled as he picked out a box with a small double cheese pizza in it.

“Alright, agreed I guess,” he shook his head and looked around for the next clue.

The third note was easy, placed on the coffee pot.

One resembles your humour

The other was once your ego

Accept them as we have you

And the past maybe we’ll forego

He sighed with a small smile at Natasha’s neat cursive and eyed the kitchen.

“Now where would our Widow hide her stuff?” he asked himself and began opening the drawers. He found a blunt Scouts’ pocket knife in the cutlery section and snorted at it. He was rifling through the cereal cupboard when a file fell out.

Tony stilled when he read the file. It was a familiar one, the same he had gotten from Fury in 2010, when he had been rejected for the Avengers Initiative. There was one minor change and Tony swallowed hard as he read it.

Iron Man recommended, Tony Stark not recommended needed

“Goddammit Nat,” he whispered and swallowed again before breathing out slowly.

“Would you like to continue, sir?” JARVIS asked quietly and Tony nodded.

“Let’s do this,” he said and picked up the articles he had collected before walking out of the kitchen.

The fourth note was painted on a… flag.

“I’m surprised he didn’t inscribe it on stone,” Tony rolled his eyes fondly as he read Thor’s note.

The first ride of a warrior is mighty

The first wound much remembered

One more step towards your prize

One puzzle and all your questions shall be answered.

“If he’s kept some Asgardian horse hidden here, I swear,” Tony sighed but was hiding a smile as he began searching for Thor’s objects.

The first one was smack dab in the living room of the floor and Tony doubled over laughing.

“Where…where did he get a frickin chariot?!” Tony laughed as he looked at the small chariot in the middle of his floor, with a flag of red and gold fluttering atop it. He wiped tears from his eyes and kept chuckling as he searched for the next item and found it in a bottle on the coffee table.

“Asgardian salve,” Tony commented with an appreciative tone as he eyed the gold potion before placing it back, “Bruce is going to go nuts.”

“Ready for your last one, sir?” JARVIS asked and Tony patted the chariot once before nodding.

“Where’s Steve’s note?”

“For that you must go to the library,” JARVIS instructed and Tony felt curious but excited to see what his husband’s note would be.

When Tony entered the cozy library, he froze at the sight in front of him.

Steve was sitting in front of the piano, a small smile on his face and fingers poised on the keys. Before Tony could find his voice, his husband began playing a tune that unfurled memories of a cherished past.

Try to remember the kind of September
When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When grass was green and grain so yellow.
Try to remember the kind of September
When you were a young and callow fellow,
Try to remember and if you remember then follow.

If Tony shut his eyes he could visualize his mother playing the same tune ages ago, blonde hair and nimble fingers. People had always called Tony a slice of Howard; from his choices to his looks, he had outshined and shadowed the man through many walks. It had become a silent string to Tony’s life and he had long since accepted it as part of his legacy. It was a twinge against his breastbone but Tony had long since given his heart, in pieces and parts to people he had loved. It didn’t matter anymore.

What people didn’t know though, was that Steve was a reminder of his mother. The kindness and love, the sadness and solitude, the need for a family and the uncertainty around it - Steve was a Maria who lived; who stayed with Tony despite life and defeating death.

The last bridge of music faded and Tony smiled as Steve looked up, the same azure eyes that had sworn love to him a decade ago, now shining with a knowing affection. Tony had learnt over time to appreciate affection over love. Love was an ever-present pull in his life and Tony had become a better man for it but affection, that was the comfort of everyday. Of trust and mistakes, casual and effective in its reassurance. It was home and Tony always flew the skies knowing he would come back to it.

“Happy birthday,” Steve smiled and Tony pushed off from the wall he was leaning against, walking into the room and placing his things on the coffee table before going towards the man who had captured his heart-strings long ago.

“Very happy indeed,” he murmured and leaned down to kiss the lips that wished him goodnight after any kind of day.

“Stop the saliva exchange for a minute,” a voice called out and Tony rolled his eyes as he leaned back a fraction, turning his head to see his team, his original team, standing in the room.

“Whatever, Birdbrain,” Tony grinned and Clint shot him a thumbs-up before gesturing to a banner above them.

“Happy birthday, Tony,” Bruce called out as Tony read the banner with a laugh.

You completed a half century! Good job, now try getting to a Steve!

“Already got a Steve,” Tony winked and Thor laughed as Natasha rolled her eyes before walking over.

“It was Bucky’s idea,” she informed before wrapping him in a hug, “Before you ask, the others will be joining for the lunch Pepper is organizing later.”

“They saw it fit to let us wish you first,” Thor agreed and hugged Tony when Natasha let go.

“Can’t ignore the Original status,” Clint remarked and slapped Tony’s back with a grin.

“What was with the gifts?” Tony asked, turning to face Steve with a smile.

“Well,” Steve shared a look with the others over Tony’s shoulder before pulling him into his arms, “What do you give the man who has everything?”

“Probably something he didn’t have before,” Bruce commented and Tony got it. He got it with a sharp realization that pushed him to bury his face in Steve’s chest for a minute.

They had given him a childhood, their versions of a childhood. Simple things, simple memories, and simple pleasures that Tony had never had when he had dabbled with engines and robots to impress someone who didn’t see him well. Bruce remembering a childhood with balloons and basketball, Clint equating friendship to a dog and a pizza, Natasha growing up with pocket knives and constantly relearning impressions, Thor bringing a part of his home, and Steve. Steve bringing a part of Tony that he had seen in a memory. Bringing him the missing note to begin a new year.

“Very happy indeed,” Tony repeated and breathed out as he began a birthday with a family he had made and one that accepted him.

The right note of life.


hello bandom,see my room with your eyes 

  • marvel: the vision is a dark brooding tragic shakespearean character, made miserable and evil and abandoned by all those who claimed to love him, now ~morally ambiguous~ and untrustworthy
  • marvel: truly, is he even a person?
  • me: wow I sure do love when vision goes on fun road trips and bonds with his family while being a huge dork :) even when he has terrible fashion sense the avengers still love him :) and think of him as a person and valued member of their team because he's a hero :) those issues are always so great 👍

Rejection hurts like a mother fucker

Pairing: Steve x stark!reader

Word count: 1,270

Plot: Steve has a crush on the reader who happens to be Tony’s daughter but she doesn’t give him the time of day because of what happened between him and her dad. Tony ends up stepping in and has a talk with the reader when he noticed Steve’s depressed state because his daughter rejected him.

A/n the reader is a total bitch in this. I still have writers block for my Clint fic so I’m accepting drabble request for the avengers and hemlock grove so if you have a request send it it. You can also choose from this list but you have to add ‘from romanogers drabble list’

When Steve first laid his eyes on you he knew he was in trouble. You were the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen since Peggy. The only problem with him liking you was the fact that you were Tony Starks daughter. Yes him and tony worked out their differences after everything that happened in Siberia, but he knew tony would have a problem with him dating his only child. Steve was ok with keeping his feelings to himself but the team didn’t like it and they kept pressuring him to ask you out.

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Rejected opening to "Avengers: Infinity War"
  • Chief Stacy: I'm sorry for calling you both in but we've discovered something about the Uncle Ben shooting case that you need to hear.
  • Aunt May: What is it?
  • Chief Stacy: I'm sorry but the man that the Spider-Man caught was not the shooter. He was just the accomplice.
  • Peter: Are you serious!? This whole time, it was someone else! Who is it then!
  • Chief Stacy: Witnesses placed this man at the scene of the crime.
  • *Peter looks at a sketch drawing of Thanos that the Chief hands to him*
  • Chief Stacy: His name is Thanos. We've already started a manhunt for him-
  • Peter: *runs out of the room and calls Tony* Tony, I take back what I said. I want to join the Avengers.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Nat's reaction to Jess dating Roger in Spider-Woman #17?

Thank you for asking about this anon, because I really want to talk about it! For those of you who aren’t aware, Natasha showed up in the last issue of Spider-Woman to basically, be a huge jerk.

Jessica: What possible right could you have to judge?
Natasha: Well, you see, I was a particularly impressive super-spy. Quite possibly the best ever. Whereas your boy down there… strictly d-list. We’re already expected to bite our tongues about your career change. You belong in the big leagues and everyone knows it.

In this issue: Natasha dismisses Jessica’s new romantic relationship with the ex-villain Roger Gocking, and Jessica’s decision to leave the Avengers to work smaller cases as a PI.

So, it’s pretty clear that Natasha in this issue is mostly the guest-star prop used to define and reiterate Spider-Woman’s themes. It would probably be more “IC” to use Carol in this role, as it’s similar to the role she played in Alias, but Natasha had already been featured in Spider-Woman as the person trying to get Jess back with the Avengers. Part of the reason for this, of course, is that Hickman was completely ignoring the developments in Spider-Woman during his Avengers run and Hopeless & co. had to play fix-it. For these reasons it’s difficult to see this issue as organic character development for Natasha. And that’s okay.

Natasha has been nosy and opinionated when it comes to her friends love lives before. She wanted Clint and Melissa Gold to hook-up and was horrified when Clint started shacking up with Moonstone instead. She played matchmaker for Hercules when she was leading the Avengers and perhaps most famously conspired with Foggy Nelson to end Matt’s controlling relationship with Heather Glenn. She’s usually well-meaning but not particularly nice. So on that level this has precedent.

What doesn’t have precedent is Natasha’s insistence on the A-list/D-list superhero dichotomy. This is actually a recurring trope in comics themselves, particularly when they star women. Carol’s struggle to make the A-list is the initial theme of Ms. Marvel vol. 2, and her current series is about her struggles as the universe’s premier heroine. Hopeless’s Spider-Woman, by contrast, is about Jessica’s rejection of super-hero social climbing for personal happiness. And then you have stuff like Marvel Divas, where the “A-list” heroines are something for the book’s heroines to define themselves against:

Monica: Who invited the A-listers?
Patsy: My agent. Apparently, Sue Richards couldn’t put my last book down. Ditto the other glamazons.

I always thought this A-list/D-list dichotomy showed up in stories about women because comic writers take a lot of their writing cues from teen comedy cliques. But I’ve gotten a lot of weird asks about whether I like D-list heroines over the years, so now I think some fans like to identify themselves with the underdog in the form of these semi-obscure heroes.

But it’s not something that makes any kind of in-universe sense for Natasha to buy into. Her stories require her to be something of an outsider among her peers— because of her lack of powers, her villainous history, and her general Byronic qualities. Her career as a spy, moreover, requires her to keep a low profile, even if out of universe she is now treated as an iconic Avenger.

I do think Natasha would be alienated by Jessica’s choices for other reasons. Before the Hopeless Spider-Woman series, Natasha was framed as Jessica’s Avengers semi-mentor and new friend, so Jessica’s rejection of the Avengers could seem like a rejection of that friendship. Natasha also once refused the Avengers to do street-level stuff with her boyfriend, Daredevil, and that turned out to be a mistake. But more than that, Jessica’s decision to focus on personal fulfillment and happiness is totally alien to Natasha’s worldview. Natasha does what she does because she feels obligated to, not because it makes her happy.

Alternatively: she likes Jess, and she’s just jealous.

Panels from Spider-Woman #17 and Marvel Divas #1.

Make This Go On Forever

Song here

Steve Rogers meets his soulmate in the cabin of a ship straight out the future after being defrosted from the ice that he has slept in for the past fifty years. If that alone didn’t tell him that he and Tony Stark are fated, the warm, complete feeling that rises in his chest when they first touch sure did.

“i guess there’s no point trying to keep it a secret from you,” Tony laughs nervously. His eyes, the blue now rimmed with gold, stare at the same ring surrounding Steve’s irises with fascination and no small bit of apprehension. “I never believed that I would-”

“Me neither,” Steve replies breathlessly. He can’t stop smiling, can’t stop catching himself of an endless loop of soulmate, I have a soulmate. Even more, his soulmate is beautiful, and brilliant, and courageous. He wants to touch Tony, even though Tony doesn’t seem to like it much, when he stops, frowning, a pain he isn’t used to weighing him down. “Why does your chest hurt?”

The smile slides off Tony’s face and all the sudden he looks miserable. “Oh.” With shaking hands he reaches up and unbuttons his shirt, revealing a mass of metal that looks welded onto his chest. “I was injured. This keeps me alive. I’m…I didn’t even think, I’m so sorry.”

“Hey,” Steve hushes him, and ever so carefully puts his hands on Tony’s shoulders. The tension bleeds out of Tony, the look in his eyes full of relief held at the ready for Steve’s next words. “It’s not your fault. You survived, you should be proud. And I can handle a little pain. We can share it.” Tony’s smile is fragile and gorgeous. Steve can’t believe how lucky he is. “We’re in this together now.”

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Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve   Ch.3

A/N: this chapter includes the teaser from a few weeks ago. I hope you guys enjoy this because the next chapter is going to be super angsty. 

A huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my beta on this fic! You’re the greatest Momma V!


-Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise :)

-For this chapter: fear of rejection, I don’t think there are any other things I need to warn you about but let me know of you see one .

Originally posted by rogerses

  Thor held her hand tightly as they traveled to midguard. She was thankful for his grasp, having only traveled through the bifrost once before, when she was brought to the palace. She hated the journey then and she hated it now, it made her head spin and stomach churn. However, she refused to get sick when they finally landed in a large feild somewhere in midguard. 

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You were embarrassed.  Locked away in your room hot tears streamed down your face as you replayed the failed interaction in your mind.  How could you have been so stupid?  Of course Steve didn’t like you like that.

A soft knock on the door caused you to look up, and Sam carefully stepped into the room.  “I came to see if you were okay.”  He offered, sitting next to you on the bed and rubbing your back gently.  “He feel’s bad.”

“It’s okay.  It was stupid to ask anyways.”  You sniffled, whipping at your eyes as Sam gently pulled you into his chest.

“Don’t say that.  You asked.  That took some serious balls.”  He tried to cheer you up.  “Anyone would be lucky to go on a date with you.”

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