You did a horrible thing to me. You came in and made me believe in laughter and forehead kisses and hands sliding across each other’s skin. You gave me conversations that lasted until sunrise and chased the demons from my soul. You warmed my body on cold nights and cooled me down with gentle touches. You took the very worst parts of me and made them beautiful. I looked in the mirror and saw an essence of you in me. You gave me reasons to give a fuck. You made me believe in something other than second best. And then just as quickly as you came in and changed my world you left. Like it was nothing. Like I was nothing. You did a horrible thing to me and I’d let you do it all over again if you wanted too.
—  How pathetic is that (a.c)

no one tagged me but here’s my transformation! top 4 are before and bottom 4 are all 2015 😋
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