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season two sterek where Derek is protective over stiles (him getting mad when he finds out that Erica hurt him and put him in a dumpster would be a great plus) :)

I’m not sure if you wanted only fics based on that exact premise, but since I couldn’t find any here’s a list of fics where Derek is protective (especially of Stiles)

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I’ll Watch Over You by mrandmrhale2 

(1,043 I Teen I Complete)

They find out Stiles is the next target of the current Big Bad, and Derek is the one assigned to guarding him at night.

Of Course I Wear Armour by nighimpossible 

(1,108 I Explicit I Complete)

“You got a death wish, asshole?” Stiles pauses his pacing directly in front of Derek.

“No,” Derek says calmly.

“Then why are you taking bullets for me?” Stiles yells. 

Best Laid Plans of Wolves and Men by Jerakeen 

(2,026 I Teen I Complete)

Maybe murder seems better to Derek than being Stiles Stilinski’s pretend boyfriend.

You Found Me by PhantomQuill 

(2,338 I Not Rated I Complete)

Stiles knew when he first saw him, he was different. In the beginning Stiles had never seen himself with anyone but Lydia. The massive crush that left him gibbering nonsense, getting weak kneed, drooling at the elegance and perfection….but then he met him.

Watching Your Back(Side) by echo_inside 

(3,578 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek shows up everywhere Stiles goes when he’s working on something for the pack. He’s positive it’s because Derek doesn’t trust a human to get the job done.

Derek is just watching Stiles back to make sure he’s not putting himself into too much danger. Getting to watch Stiles is just a perk.

Stiles finally confronts Derek about it and feelings get mentioned and there’s a slight case of accidental knotting.

Old Traditions, Werewolf Edition by Footloose 

(3,601 I General I Complete)

Stiles does not work his Omega ass off to attract frat boy Alphas.   Absolutely not.  He’s at college to get his degree.  If he’s crushing on an Alpha who never crosses the lines of propriety, well, no one needs to know, right?

Decisive by SlipOfAScribe 

(7,3738 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles comes home after months at the hospital, not sure what to expect from his coming first full moon as a werewolf. Derek is right by his side, ready to take care of him through everything. John Stilinski might also have redecorated their loft… He definitely did (they now have drapes).

New Orleans by Handsofred 

(12,891 I Not Rated I Complete)  *rape/noncon

‘’What is your name?’’ Opening his eyes again, he stared across at the kid to see him huddled in his blanket again, eyes glowing almost golden in the candle light as he stared back. ‘’mines Stiles’’

‘’Derek’’ He answered softly after a pause, he didn’t normally let himself find names out, getting to know someone’s name meant getting attached and he didn’t want that with the way the world currently was. He watched as Stiles nodded and lowered himself down to sleep, his eyes closing before Derek was wetting his lips and scratching at his jaw, the length of his stubble was starting to form in to a beard, the thought of shaving being saved to morning. ‘’why California?’’ He found himself asking.

‘’My dad’’ Stiles admitted as he shifted up on to an elbow to look back, his own eyes dropping to play with his long fingers, ‘’and my friend Scott,he’s a werewolf like you too’’ He mentioned as Derek nodded. ‘’I was meant of gone with him but I had things which I still needed to do before I could leave and then all this happened just two days before I was due home’’

Tell Me All Your Weaknesses by marshmallowfluff 

(24,333 I Teen I Complete)

“Stiles did not normally start his afternoon with a stranger in the back of his Jeep, telling him to ‘Be quiet and don’t do anything stupid, or you’ll never see your precious father again.’”

Stiles isn’t very good at being quiet, and when has he ever not done something stupid?

In which Stiles is kidnapped by a Hunter with a vicious streak and a penchant for torture, and Derek (and Scott) is having none of that.

What Do You Call a Lost Wolf? (A Where Wolf) by holygolightly 

(24,768 I Not Rated I Complete)

Derek understands that Stiles has a lot on his shoulders. He’s been putting in so much time and effort into helping the pack bond and really become a family of sorts and he can’t even begin to articulate how much that means to him. That does not mean, however, that it’s okay for Stiles to neglect himself in the process.

Well, if Stiles is going to insist on ignoring his basic-human needs, then Derek will have to take care of it for him.


The five times Derek takes (maybe a little too much) care of Stiles and the one time Stiles makes him talk about it.

I’m (Not) Fine by Desmenn 

(50,029 I Teen I Complete)

Scott is finally old enough to get bitten and turned. He doesn’t even hesitate. Which leaves Stiles alone while his best friend runs off chasing girls and wolves. But trying to cheer up some melodramatic teenage boy is not at the top of the list of things that need to be done- and Stiles’ knows it. Because there are people in town threatening the Hale pack and Derek can’t shake this sense of foreboding. Not to mention he’s pretty sure one of Scott’s friends is his mate.

((previously Strength and Weakness))

Soothe Away Old Sorrows by randomquixen 

(52,835 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek is grumpy and wears a perpetual scowl, but he has his reasons. Stiles talks too much, flails, is generally annoying, and will not leave Derek alone.
For whatever reason Derek is oddly soothed by him. It’s annoying.

There is love and angst, break-ups, misunderstandings, confusion, flailing, omegas, violence, and a happy ending.

Sacrifice by Nival_Vixen 

(53,297 I Explicit I WIP)

There are werewolves in the world. They are regarded as nothing but barbaric animals who require a yearly sacrifice to keep them at bay. In Beacon Hills, the Argents select a sacrifice every year, and Kate Argent has been eyeing Stiles off for the past three years, but his status as the Sheriff’s son has saved him each time. Four days after his father’s death, Stiles is selected as the town’s sacrifice.

He’s taken in by the Hales and learns all about werewolves - including the fact that he’s now Derek’s mate. They have to work things out together, which could prove difficult when Stiles can’t actually leave the Hale house on his own yet. Then a war starts, one that has been boiling under the surface for years, unknown but to a select few. When Stiles gets caught up in this war, he’s pitted against Scott, his former best friend who has become one of the Argent’s best hunters.

In between all of this, Stiles has to choose between staying a human or becoming a wolf.

A Question of Truth by KrisWolf 

(89,541 I Mature I Complete)

Four weeks after A Question of Trust, Stiles finds himself struggling with what happened and trying to protect everybody around him while keeping up with his new training schedule. His mother is also back in town and he doesn’t want anything to do with her, until they are forced together when skinwalkers start experiencing a mysterious illness no one seems to be able to cure and a friend of Stiles falls ill. Will Stiles be able to save Beacon Hills yet again or will his new found happiness be ruined when Derek seems to know more than he is telling him?

another thing that i’m sick of seeing from beauty bloggers/vloggers is when they show pictures of themselves as.. you know.. normal looking children in middle school and high school, and they act ashamed and embarrassed they ever looked that way. 

like, are they not aware that a HUGE percentage of their viewership is going to be between 11-17? that they’re telling kids that looking like a child is something they’ll be ashamed of in 5-10 years? that if they DON’T model themselves to look stylish, attractive, available for their peers’ visual consumption, they’re going to regret it? it’s everywhere. look at youtube right now. look at the “back to school” videos people are putting out– videos where they largely focus on how to look “hot” or “stylish”, or how to avoid all the “embarrassing” things normal kids do. because. they are children. 

like? what is wrong with you? why are you telling 12 year olds it’s important to do the things you’re choosing to do now as a grown adult? why are you doing it under the guise of watching out for them? 

i don’t see a problem with lamenting your prior fashion choices. whatever. but to point out and mock totally normal parts of adolescence is just telling kids that they should cover up or alter those aspects of themselves, and try to emulate people much older than them. that’s not healthy. 

every day i’m more frustrated with the online beauty community because these are individuals who end up making real money off the kids in their audiences who they’re doing so wrong by. ugh. 

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what would you say is the saddest ep for regina mills?

i thought about this for awhile and couldn’t pick just one.. there are a few that just cut me so deep i’ll forever remember this character’s pain in these few eps…. and well, i’m a glutton for angst and pain… 

2x10 The Cricket Game …. to me this is when she finally realizes she has something to lose but can’t do anything to stop it

2x05 The Doctor …. having to watch your first love die a second time, this time at your hands… #nope

2x16 The Miller’s Daughter … the mom who has treated you like shit all your life finally declares on her death bed that she dunn fucked up and you’d’ve been enough to make her happy but haha too late

3.09 Save Henry …. the ep that highlights all her failures as a mom-figure.. Cora was never really a ‘mom’ so regina didn’t quite learn how to ‘be a mom’ and she’s doubting everything that should be ‘instinct’ but here she is desperate to love and be loved by this tiny child who seemingly (in her mind) hates her already and it brings her whole life back to the “yep, this is my fate” spiral

1.18 The Stable boy …. when it all goes to shit

I’m going to be disappointed if we do not get an in depth look of Dorian recovering from his time of being possessed (technically the right term?) by the Valg. Like I want to see the recovery stage and how he is becoming stronger and maybe some Gavin in there because good ole’ Gavin Havilliard. This is so important to me because it sends such an important message (the recovery part). I just want to see how he is coping with it because where we left him in QOS is at a fork in a road kind of situation. I want to see the character development. I NEED IT.