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Meet Greg Gould: The Australian singer making a statement about LGBT abuse, suicide and gay marriage
Gould's cover of Don't Let Go by En Vogue is based on true stories of LGBT discrimination.

TW for gay bashing, suicide, street harassment

“Greg Gould’s short but poignant film is difficult to watch, to say the least. To the soundtrack of his cover of Don’t Let Go by En Vogue, the video tells stories of abuse and discrimination faced by the LGBT community, from street harassment to violence and rejection by families.

In one scene, a drag queen is brutally attacked in the street by thugs. In another, a man returns home to find his partner has tried to commit suicide - a horrifying scenario that could become increasingly common if we fail to universally legalise same-sex marriage, according to a recent study. Although the man survives, his partner is forced away from his bedside and out of his hospital room - simply because they are gay.

“The video came first and then I found the song,” Gould tells IBTimes UK. “So many people are affected by the issues addressed in this video, including myself. I believe that’s why it has resonated so much - if it hasn’t affected you, chances are it affected someone in your family or friends.”

“People need to think: discrimination could, and does, put people’s lives in danger.”

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“Don’t Let Go” by Greg Gould

y'all I got some real thoughts about the callbacks to Lincoln and Lexa this episode

pray tell why is it that the writers can acknowledge that lexas lasting impact is that an alliance between clans and the end of picking your own people over others

but then tell us that lincolns legacy is the fact that pike shot him???

why didn’t Kane talk Octavia down by finally telling her that Lincoln would never act the way she is and she is actively disgracing his memory by doing her gross murder thing

Lincoln was the first character who rejected violence and apparently everyone has forgotten???
Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?

Donald J. Trump’s election has raised a question that few Americans ever imagined asking: Is our democracy in danger? With the possible exception of the Civil War, American democracy has never collapsed; indeed, no democracy as rich or as established as America’s ever has. Yet past stability is no guarantee of democracy’s future survival.

We have spent two decades studying the emergence and breakdown of democracy in Europe and Latin America. Our research points to several warning signs.

The clearest warning sign is the ascent of anti-democratic politicians into mainstream politics.

 Drawing on a close study of democracy’s demise in 1930s Europe, the eminent political scientist Juan J. Linz designed a “litmus test” to identify anti-democratic politicians. His indicators include a failure to reject violence unambiguously, a readiness to curtail rivals’ civil liberties, and the denial of the legitimacy of elected governments.

Mr. Trump tests positive. In the campaign, he encouraged violence among supporters; pledged to prosecute Hillary Clinton; threatened legal action against unfriendly media; and suggested that he might not accept the election results.

Transgender Kids at Hogwarts
  • Trans Hogwarts students being given better gender surgeries using magic
  • FTMs and MTFs trading bodies with polyjuice potion to have their preferred sexual characteristics
  • FTMs without enough money being given magical binders that don’t hurt their chests
  • Trans wizards and witches getting to a point in their transition where their boggarts are no longer rejection and violence for being trans
  • Trans Hogwarts students staying at school for all their breaks to avoid abusive parents
  • The Room of Requirement being used as a gender-neutral bathroom
  • Hogwarts professors finding ways to destroy howlers from angry transphobic parents
  • Hogwarts Trans kids being accepted for who they are 
The Joker x Harley Quinn - Act of Loneliness ( Rated M smut)

This is just a bit of Harley x Joker. Based loosely on Mad Love where the Joker rejects Harley. I gave it a sweet ending because…I guess I’m feeling mushy! I hope you enjoy it!

Warning- SMUT, anal, fingering, punishment, Daddy kink, small amount of violence, rejection

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thoughts from the other night on the trigun anime’s symbolic use of red & its relationship to its philosophy on violence:

red overwhelming the most violent & hopeless moments of the series is pretty par for the course, save for trigun also explicitly verbally associating red with “determination and courage” … or in other words with rem’s ideology about justice that dominates vash’s own moral code … it’s synonymous with both violence & avid pacifism.

nothing in the last battle is red except vash’s coat and knive’s suit… imo a comment on the fact that violence exists between people, not as an inevitable part of nature, & that if people are able to overcome their hatred toward one another violence doesn’t have to take place at all.

vash completely abandoning his coat at the end of the anime is both a rejection of violence & breaking free from rem’s philosophy. in abandoning violence he’s not completely casting aside rem, only choosing his own path guided by but not bound to her’s…

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It's actually really interesting to consider the idea that Princess Nausicaä represents an inversion of the traditional idea of what makes for a "strong female character" in action/adventure media. She's athletic and a capable fighter to be sure, but unlike the sort of "strong heroine" that most male writers seem to attempt to create--the sort of woman who is simply presented as a female character with traditionally "masculine" traits slapped onto her (like the sort that will put down her male counterparts with phrases like "man up" or other ridiculously sexist comments of a similar nature)--Nausicaä actually rejects violence pretty early on (at least in the film), and comes to embody more traditionally "feminine" qualities, such as pacifism, patience, love, and understanding; and through her fortitude and impressive devotion to these traits, she manages to rise above the pointless war and violence surrounding her and become just the sort of hero that her war-torn, post apocalyptic setting really needs. That's what really makes her a "strong female heroine,"--the fact that she manages to save the day while still retaining, and in fact, emphasizing, traditionally "feminine" traits.
How To Be Rejected: A Guide For Guys

Not enough men and boys know how to deal with rejection well. Far too often, men and boys who are rejected result to violence, angry outbursts, name calling, and threats. A scroll through the Instagram account @feminist_tinder will prove as much. Margaret Atwood is attributed as saying that “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” And doesn’t that speak volumes? How often can a man say that he is afraid to reject a woman’s advances for fear she may kill him?

Rejection doesn’t feel good, but that doesn’t give someone the right or justification to be predatory, vicious, a dick, or menacing. Newsflash: women are autonomous beings. They have a right to say no and to be free from any shitty reactions afterwards. So, to that end, I’ve compiled a guide to explain (to guys) how a guy should react to various types of rejection.

Scenario 1: You build up the nerve to ask a gal out. She says “No.” Her “no” can be followed by any reason she chooses, whether that reason is her real reason or not. Her reason is not important. Her “no” is. So, in reply, this is what you get to say (and this is the only thing you get to say): “Ok. Thank you for your honesty. Hope you have a lovely day.” Your ego is bruised, but you’ll get over it. The rejection sucks, but do you know what sucks more? Degrading or threatening or hurting a woman because she told you “no.”

Scenario 2: You’ve been on multiple dates with someone and she texts you to call things off. Maybe it’s “We’re not at the same point in life” or “We’re too different,” or “I met someone else.” The reason, again, is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that she said she’s ending it, which is her right. You don’t own her and she hardly owes you an explanation. So, in reply, this is what you get to say (and this is the only thing you get to say): “Ok. I enjoyed getting to know you. I wish you all the best in your search for the right partner.” You’re out time and maybe money, but you get to dignify someone else’s choice. And that is huge. Don’t be the guy that clings on after a few dates. If she wants out, she gets to leave. No questions asked.

Scenario 3: You’ve been dating for quite some time and feel quite connected to your girlfriend. But, she meets with you to end your relationship. Again, any reason she gives she is entitled to give, and you have to accept that. It will be a bitter pill, but life goes on. So, in reply, this is what you get to say (and this is the only thing you get to say). “Ok. I loved our time together. I learned a lot about myself. I wish you the best going forward.” See the pattern yet? She says some variation of “I’m not interested” and your reply conveys complete and utter acceptance and support for her decision. This is called “being a fucking adult who respects the autonomy of other human beings and supports their growth.” Your girlfriend breaks up with you, but you’re not a dick, so you’ll reflect and grow (as oppose to threaten and shrivel).

Scenario 4: You both swipe right on Tinder, but after you say hi she tells you she is not interested. So, in reply, this is what you get to say (and this is the only thing you get to say): “Ok. Thanks for your honesty.” Matching on Tinder isn’t a golden ticket to romance or sex. You still have to be a decent human being, which means acknowledging that people can change their minds for any reason and don’t owe you an explanation.

Scenario 5: You both swipe right on Tinder, but you lead with something sexist like “Sup sexy. Hot pics.” She replies “I have a name and it’s not ‘sexy.’ You should use it if you want women to reply.” So, in reply, this is what you get to say (and this is the only thing you get to say): “You’re exactly right. My sincerest apologies. I was wrong to objectify you. You probably get that a lot. Sorry to have added to the pile. I’ll stop saying that. Good luck on here.” This reply = mature adult who learns from mistakes. Other possible replies (seriously, go read @feminist_tinder on Instagram) that rely on belittling, degrading, making threats, etc., reveal that you are not an adult but a child, one that sees a woman as a toy to play with instead of a human to get to know. You want control of your possessions, so when your “toy” says “no” and leaves you with no control, you lash out. If you saw her as a person with feelings, one to be cared for and not controlled, you wouldn’t respond like this. You’d have empathy and grow.

When men resort to violence, anger, name calling, or threats, they are not acting out of any kind of love. Instead, they are acting out of a selfish need for control or power. You claim to adore someone then threaten to hurt her for “breaking your heart?” That’s not love, that’s abuse. That’s attacking her human autonomy. That’s cowardice.

When faced with rejection, you only get to say “Ok. Thanks for letting me know.” That’s it. The examples above are all variations on that idea. You can feel hurt, but you don’t get to hurt her. You can feel angry, but you don’t get to get angry at her. She gets to walk away, and you have to walk away. No questions asked, either, because you’re not entitled to the answers. She’s not your possession. She’s her own person.

“Rejection”; Chapter Two

NOTE: The acronym “Y/N” in this and following chapters will stand for “Your Name”. I plan on having Papyrus calling you by a nickname, so… yeah. Enjoy!


There stood Sans, yawning and slamming the door closed. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and stepped inside the living room. Opening his eye sockets lazily, he noticed how you had made yourself quite comfortable on his couch; and had your soul out in front of you. He snapped his eyes open wide, and non-existent eyebrows raised. Spinning around hastily, he covered his eyes and threw his hood over his face.

“jesus, kid, put that away! what the hell are ya doing?!” You remembered how it was some sort of big deal of having your soul out in front of people, and caught the bottom of it in your palm. You helped guide it back slowly into your chest, and breathed a big sigh. Peering out from under his shield, a blue glow seemed to shine extremely faintly on his cheekbones. But, like always, it was probably just your imagination.

He brushed a small skeletal hand over his bald skull, and took a seat across from you on the opposite end of the couch. You wipe away any remaining tears, and try to act natural. Instead, you make yourself seem suspicious. You glance over at the short skeleton, observing his stature. Sans was only 5 feet tall, which made you and Papyrus look like giants next to him. Paps, being 6’2”, was a bit taller than you, but it was fine. For your age, you were an Amazon back in the real world. You could never meet a guy that was your height. Except for…him…

You didn’t notice it at first, but Sans had apparently brought home a ketchup bottle with him from Grillby’s. It disgusted you slightly by his choice of drink, but who were you to judge? “so… ‘whatcha been doing? i kinda find it hard to believe you just had your soul out for no reason.” Sans smirked slightly, bringing the bottle up to his face.  Your face burned faintly from his question, but your gaze on the floor below you. His eyes were observing your every movement, and it was very unnerving.

Your voice choked on your words, and with every passing second you felt stupider and stupider. Without thinking, you wound up biting your lip hard enough to draw blood. This caused you to remain silent. Sans seemed to pick up on your unease, and changed topics. “uh…anyways, i never got your name. last thing i remember is you hugging me and playing along to paps’ puzzles. this is the first time you’ve been awake since.”

You snapped out of your stupor and gained the courage to speak. Your soul glowed a pulse of orange through your shirt, and for a fleeting moment you saw Sans look downwards. His permanent grin dropped, and frown slightly at the change in color. The first time he saw it shine through your clothing was when you first met him and it glowed a beautiful pink-red. Perhaps he saw it change into another variety of colors as you went along your journey through the woods of Snowdin.

“O-oh, right. Sorry. My name is, well, it’s (Y/N). But my friends call me “Nickname’.” You smiled as big as you could manage in your depressed state, but stopped when you felt like you were being too “desperate” again. Sans lift his grin, and cocked his head to the side. “(Y/N), huh? i’ve never heard that name before. it’s different.” He closed his eyes, and took another swig of his drink happily as if he were remembering something pleasant.

“My name is different? Heh, your name is different. I’ve never met a guy, or skeleton in that matter, who’s named Sans!” You chuckled, and shook your head. Sans was silent, and awoke from his daze. He scowled curiously at you, and leaned backwards. “how…how do you know my name?” You peered over your shoulder curiously, and raised a brow in confusion. “You told me in the forest when I first ran into you, remember? You had the whoopee cushion and-” “no i didn’t. i never introduced myself, and yesterday i didn’t bring my joke bag with me to my sentry station.”

You gulped, and mentally gave yourself a smack across the face. Dammit (Y/N), that’s what happened for Frisk! Not you! Why did you have to open your big mouth? You began to sweat nervously until the Lord granted you a perfect excuse. “Um, well, I heard your brother Papyrus mention it quite a few times while you were cracking jokes along the way in the forest.” You smiled genuinely, proud that you came up with an acceptable answer for once in your life.

“huh? oh, yeah. right. for a second there i thought you were some kinda human who already knew that, in a weird and creepy way. guess not. right?” He chuckled lightly, but his whole demeanor was terrifyingly serious and suspicious. He knows. He knows that I’m not from around here. I’m so screwed- Cutting yourself off from panicking too much, you laughed along and went back to staring at the floor rather than looking into his demanding and knowing eye sockets.

Silence passed, and to keep yourself from running out of the room, you tapped your foot. Sans flicked his pupils to rapidly moving appendage, then back to you. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw him shift a half inch closer and glare at the clock. You did the same, and sighed. Why couldn’t Papyrus be home now? He could relieve all this tension with his loud, booming voice and take Sans’ attention off of me- “look, pal…i’m going to just skip to the point.”

You froze, and went stiff. The color drained from your face as images of Sans in the Judgement Hall flashed before your eyes. You could tell that he knew how stressed out you were. He decided to take advantage of it in order to get his point across. “i know you aren’t from around here. or the ruins. or anywhere in the underground. i’m uncertain if you’re from the surface; if that were the case, frisk would’ve notified me by now that you were a friend. but since she didn't…”

He blinked, and stopped speaking. You opened your dry mouth, in an attempt to say something, but he held up his hand hastily. He can’t trust me. I knew it was too good to be true; that Sans would automatically see me as a friend when I ran into his arms. “i think you’re getting the picture, based on that expression you’re wearing.” You forced yourself to look at him, and it turned out that he was resting his head on his hand. His arm was propped up by the couch’s armrest, and a sly smirk was plastered upon his face. A non-existent eyebrow raised in triumph, and gazed upon you lazily.

You nodded, and tried to scoot away from him. He didn’t make any sudden gestures that would show the action made him unhappy, so you did. Yawning, he stretched his arm with the ketchup bottle and set it onto the table. “that being said… when i first bumped into you, i knew you were a good person. after all, you’ve got no LOVE on you whatsoever.” He smiled, and shut his eyes. “i don’t know much about you… but let me tell ya something. i’m not your ordinary monster, as you’ve probably figured out, but that doesn’t mean i’m one who likes to be left out on important info.”

Bringing your focus back onto him, you flinched when you saw that the whites in his eyes went completely black. “so talk.”

I’m not vegan because i’m an “animal lover”. It’s far from being because I’m a softie. I’m vegan because I am completely aware of the violence inherent in exploiting others. I am vegan because I reject this violence and reject participating in it. It’s not about clinging to warm fuzzies. It’s about justice and what I feel and know we owe other animals. I’m vegan because it’s not right to use others for my own pleasure and convenience.
—  My Face Is On Fire

lol it’s just really, incredible on this…hell site, how much girls, boys and grown ass men and women are brainwashed to think that liking dick and sacrificing bodily autonomy for a male’s well-being is a moral obligation and is an innate part of female existence and female sexuality…and the women who don’t exhibit this and do this are “wrong and exclusionary.” To the point where it’s stupidly equated to perpetuating “violence” and “transmisogyny” to reject dick and to reject males romantically and sexually. lol so ya’ll resort to witch hunts, ostracization and pre-school bullying whenever you encounter a lesbian it’s sad yet hilarious how incredibly threatened you are by lesbian existence. Oh shit a lesbian?! She won’t be my doormat, she won’t disregard her sexuality to make me comfortable and autonomy to date me? GET HER. I cannot stop laughing you’d think being rejected romance and sex and not being found attractive by some people is basically burning down your house and killing your pets or something.

Ya’ll react like in that Spongebob episode:

“He poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses! 

He did?

No, but are we just gonna wait around until he does?”

Girls and women who don’t accommodate men make you so damn uncomfortable lol. 

I mean, not only have the adults in your lives failed you, but ya’ll failed yourselves. Cause this type of thinking and this kind of reactionary behavior is….regressive in entirety. It’s 100% sexist and homophobic and a lot of you are so delusional you think you’re morally superior for being…anti-gay woman haters.

 Ya’ll got problems.

Why Lincoln Will Probably Die

1. Ricky Whittle, the actor for Lincoln, has been cast as the lead for the upcoming series American Gods. Being on more than one show can cause scheduling conflicts, and some networks prefer to avoid this by writing off characters.

2. Lincoln’s death would explain why Octavia told Bellamy, “You’re dead to me” in the S3 trailer. Even though she’s furious with Bellamy for being on Pike’s side, she hasn’t yet uttered this line. This implies that something much more drastic happens in the future.

3. Lincoln’s death would be the perfect emotional impact the story needs during the height of Arkadia’s civil war. Lincoln was an outcast of the grounders for his rejection of violence, and now he has trouble integrating himself among the Arkers. It would be tragic if he were to die by Arkers.

4. His death could slap some sense into Bellamy. In addition to being one of the stars of the show, Bellamy’s past character development seems contrary to what he is doing now. It would make sense for him to realize that he’s on the wrong side of the war and try to redeem himself, but it might take Lincoln’s death to snap out of it.

5. Where else can Lincoln’s character go? If he were to survive this season, there might not be much else to do with his character storytelling wise. 

This is whats going on in my country right now , the police tried to provoke thousands of student protestors resulting in this image. A rejection of violence. In the face of a broken country filled with crap governments that decided to take money from us. The students of the public university system. The ones that work to better this trash island and are forced to leave by the boat loads to other countries because doctorates arent worth anything real. Brains are rejected , the educated are seen as rebels , simply for not being easy to control. The only way to escape is through education and they want to take that from us….they will take that from us…

Woman rejects man, so he fires 33 bullets into her house

The headline says it all, folks: Howard Sparber, 69, of The Villages — a retirement community in Central Florida — fired 33 rounds from a 9mm handgun Monday into the house of a woman who refused his sexual advances, WKMG reports. Sumter County sheriff’s deputies arrested Sparber soon after and charged him with 4 crimes.

Pray for Syria

Pray for Syria

PRay for Syria

PRAy for Syria 

PRAY for Syria

PRAY For Syria

PRAY FOr Syria