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We, are the Off-Colored Gems! We’ll always save the day! And if you think we can’t, we’ll always find a way! That’s why the other Rejected Gems of Kinder-garten believe in…

Marichat May Day 18 - Rejection

A boy at school asks Marinette out and she rejects him. When Chat asks her what’s wrong, she tells him about what happened and that it made her question some things.

Rated G || 743 Words

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Should Not Give Up

As Chat Noir observed Marinette though out the night he could tell something was wrong. Someone who didn’t know Marinette well probably would have missed the way she flitted from one task to another around her room or how she did all these tasks with just a little more force than necessary. “Do you need to talk about something Princess?”

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I. Maybe ‘constant’ doesn’t mean until the end of time. Maybe it’s more than enough to have someone be your constant for a given time. For a few months when they were able to help you get out of your bed. For a good year where they lent you a hand in planting new flowers in your heart. Or maybe for a few years where they became a pillar of strength. And one day, you wake up and realized that they have vacated the bedroom you offered them in your humble abode. Maybe, just maybe, it’s more than enough to have had those people in your life as your constants.

II. I always believed that everyone has their own footprints which they leave on the souls of the people they meet. That each one of us has our own kind of warmth and sunshine we tuck in our pockets. For such a long time, I made myself into a fool who believes that I am not replaceable; but if I were, it would take some time and effort to have my laughter and smile replaced. But the more I got older, the world continues to prove to me how replaceable I am. I was in denial. I refused to believe.

But somehow, I came to terms with it. I know I am replaceable. We all are. So now, I make myself contented with the fact that I was able to be part of a person’s life. That I became a word in their books. That I was able to be under the same sky as them.

III. I’d rather be an option than be nothing at all. I thought it was painful enough to know that you’re just an option. That you’re just part of a list. But lately, I realized how the pain doubles when you realize that you weren’t (or worse, you’re no longer) an option. It’s the kind of realization that happens in the middle of a conversation. Or maybe in between shots. Or in the quiet of the night where loneliness kisses your lips to sleep. It’s a kind of sadness you cannot shake off from your soul. A kind of pain that wakes you up from an afternoon nap. A kind of loneliness that steals away your laughter.
—  //sober thoughts
I did it for love.
I did it because I love you, you should know that.
-Love is about sacrifice, it’s about putting someone else’s needs and happiness before your own. Cause the truth Oswald is you would sacrifice anyone to save your own neck, even me.

Gotham S03X14 “The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies”

Oswald Cobblepot & Edward Nygma

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