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This is America, this is the ideal. All different kinds of people from many different places with different religions and cultures and identities all in close proximity. Look how relaxed they are with each other, all these strangers. This is what is great about America. This is NYC where Donald Trump is from, they are all at ease, they could be in a living room together. We are sharing our public transportation. 4 blocks from Trump Tower. This works. We live peaceably together and our lives are richer because of each other. Don’t buy the lie that somehow these differences mean we don’t love the same nor want the same things for our children and friends. Incidentally the most diverse states also happen to be the strongest economically and socially. This is the great American experience. This is what makes America great. Not our divisions exclusion and hate. Don’t buy into the lie. #standingForLove #RejectHate

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

This is not an error…

This is what tumblr feed would look like if each country enacted travel ban!! Break down the walls and let people mingle. That’s the only way we would create a greater understanding between cultures, nations and religions and keep America safe. This is not a political statement. As a person who loves to travel and explore cultures I’m appalled at the travel ban. Remember, hatred begets hatred. Reject hate. Tear down this wall of ignorance

7 Things You Can Do to Help Planned Parenthood and the Communities We Serve

What can you do right now for Planned Parenthood? Try these 7 things.

1. Donate to Planned Parenthood

The work to protect Planned Parenthood patients’ access to care starts now. Your support is more important than ever.

Donate to support Planned Parenthood health centers: Our health centers are open, and they’re continuing to deliver vital reproductive health care — like birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment.

2. Speak Out Against Hate

Planned Parenthood’s patients are from all walks of life. They are immigrants, Muslim, Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ — and they all deserve access to health care in a safe and welcoming place.

Wherever you are (online or IRL), declare your rejection of hate and your solidarity with these communities. Show that you believe every single person is deserving of respect, dignity, and equal rights under the law.

You don’t have to speak out alone. There are several groups supporting solidarity with intersecting communities:

  • American Civil Liberties Union: Help the ACLU fight unconstitutional policies.
  • Color of Change: Join the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.
  • Human Rights Campaign: Help LGBTQ people get treated equally, everywhere.
  • National Disability Rights Network: Advocate for people with disabilities.
  • Take a stand with 100 women of color leaders.
  • Now is the moment for white people to be bold and join the movement for racial justice.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center: Make the promises of the Civil Rights Movement a reality for all.
  • Transgender Law Center: Ensure all can live safe, authentic lives regardless of gender identity or expression.
  • Trust Black Women: Report anti-abortion activity in the Black community to SisterSong and a Trust Black Women partner.
  • United We Dream: Fight for relief and fair treatment for all undocumented immigrants.

3. Volunteer for Planned Parenthood

Go to to sign up to volunteer with Planned Parenthood, or call your local health center.

4. Make an Appointment for Health Care at Planned Parenthood

Our health center doors are open. Like always, every person can get health care at Planned Parenthood, no matter what.

You can support Planned Parenthood by making your next reproductive health care appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center. Need birth control? A well-woman exam? STD tests? We can help you with that and more. Some Planned Parenthood health centers also provide hormone replacement therapy for trans patients.

Go to

5. Tweet Your Defiance With #WeWontGoBack

Use social media to reject hate and refuse to let the next president roll back the rights we’ve fought so hard to secure.

Tweet your defiance along with the hashtag #WeWontGoBack.

6. Share Cecile Richard’s Message of Strength

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards shared a message of resilience earlier this week. Read it here — it’s sure to give you strength.

7. Sign Up for Email & Texts

Join our email network to stay on top of the issues. Our email alerts will also help you learn how to get involved with campaigns that advance and protect reproductive health.

Want text alerts? Text “StandwithPP” to 69866 to join our Planned Parenthood mobile action network. Standard data and text rates may apply. You can text STOP to quit at anytime.

Of course, these are just a few things you can do. The opportunities to get involved and fight back don’t end here. For 100 years, Planned Parenthood has faced challenges and attacks from people opposed to our mission to provide expert sexual and reproductive health care, no matter what. Through every attack, we’ve come out stronger. We’re going to use that strength to lead in the coming days, months, and years — for the patients who rely on us and for our allies across progressive movements.


No one wants a Trump presidency. Let’s do something about it. We still have a shot. The electoral college doesn’t vote until December 19th, they don’t have to vote the way their state did.

Hillary won the popular vote, this country wanted her as its president. The system voted Trump in.

Sign the petition. They need to see us. They need to understand that they will ruin and end lives by letting this evil man into office. We will not be ignored. Protect women, protect POC lives, protect the LGBT community.

Love trumps hate.


I love those ask games so I made one for us ADHDers.

1. Are you a fast talking hyperactive or a pacing hyperactive?

2. Are you a doodling daydreamer or a window gazing daydreamer?

3. Do you like hand stims, foot stims, or mouth stims the most?

4. Are you a planner person or a phone reminder person?

5. Do you hyperfocus on productive things or irrelevant things?

6. Are you a multitasking ADHDer or an overhwhelmed ADHDer?

7. 504 or IEP?

8. Diagnosed or Self Diagnosed?

9. Are you a 5000 tabs person or blank tab trying to remember why person?

10. Are you a self-hate when rejected or extreme rage when rejected kind of person?

11. Are your family do yoga people, eat clean people, or put down the phone people?

12. Which were you called the most in school: lazy or irresponsible?

13. High stim or Low stim seeker?

14. Comorbid conditions?

15. Which have you been told more often: meds are cheating or meds are street drugs?

16. Not social to mask symptoms or overcompensating to mask symptoms?

17. Reading hyperfocus or reading impossible?

18. Do you parents believe it exists?

19. Diagnosed late or early?

20. Ever wonder how much of you is your personality and how much is ADHD?

They don't see him

I feel like when people, even liberals, look at Billie Joe they see someone who makes a scene on national TV and hates on Donald Trump a lot, but what they don’t see is his caring and collected side that goes hand in hand with his anger.
They don’t see him bringing up Black Lives Matter and Flint because they saw the “Trump is like Hitler” headline, and decided they read enough to judge.
They don’t see him talking about the working class getting screwed over because he posted a picture of hate speech sprayed on a wall after Trump’s win, and decided they saw enough to know his hate is dividing the nation.
They don’t see him eloquently reflecting the election, they don’t see him getting in touch with his fans, they don’t see him writing that we should reject hate and stand up for what we believe in, they don’t see him defending millennials for being demonized by his generation, they don’t see him reassuring minorities that Green Day will be a safe space for them, they don’t see his panic, they don’t see his outrage with injustice, they don’t see his knowledge, they don’t see how much he cares.
Because they saw an aging, rich, white man stomping his feet on live television and calling Trump a fascist, and allowed themselves to be smug and think they knew enough.