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I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

This one is actually finished!


Pale skin, scruffy clothes, blue eyes. Human. Your eyes catch and stumble, but he’s already lost in the busy throng of the market. There’s no reason for you to come to a complete stop, but you do, skimming the crowd.

Gone. A beefy rustblood nearly knocks into you into a cart with de-spined slimeslugs. “Walk much?” she sneers.

You bare your fangs on reflex. It’s merely the usual polite half-distracted scorn twaddle, because she moves on and you turn toward the cart.

“Wow, what was her problem huh?”

You start, look to your left and there he is. All elbows and knees, hair like a bird’s nest, sly smiling. There’s no way you’re not noticing that half translucent skin, the blue-not-blue running in clears streaks like fucking targets. With effort, you drag your eyes up to his face. He grins wider.

Smooth, Karkat, you groan inwardly.

“You don’t look from around here,” he says, winking.

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I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

kinda based on this thing here

If there was a world’s biggest douchebag award you’d be winning the motherfucking shit out of it. But you can’t stop staring at John’s boobs.

It’s awful. You’re awful.

Hate it, that you’re not better than this, that after a fucking decade of John being John your love twizzler still goes hello ladies at the sight of John’s chest and he’s not, they’re not, it’s just him, John, your best friend and your best bro and complete full package deal asshole and god damn it, he has the cutest frickin’ boobs. You’re scum, you’re horrible and you deserve so many pinecones up your fucking ass you can out-fart a Febreze.

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Lol my beta heard about me ‘scrapping’ my attempt at more crumbling facade and starting over, and was like WAIT LET ME READ IT BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING RASH

hahaha like, she keeps forgetting, I never delete anything. I just cut and paste into its own file and shove it into the dark recesses of my writing folder and forget it exists

that’s why my writing folder is such a mess in the first place

Although, I tell you, finding those random reject files later is hella strange and hella entertaining

glorianasims4  asked:

hi there i was wondering if you could or know if it possible to do a tutorial on adding morph to a mesh? i created a sims2 mesh school uniforme from a model from xnalara and i wante it so bad in a sims3 forma is it possible please? :( if note do you know somoene who have an tutorial?

I’m publishing this, since it’s something everyone interested in making CC should know:

☽✶•.¸(✶•.¸★¸.•✶´)¸.•✶´☾ ☆«´¨`•°°•´¨`»☆    ☽.¸.•✶(¸.•✶´★`✶•.¸)`✶•.☾

Welcome to Murf’s School of Crap and Crap-Making!

School Motto: Prepare to be tortured! For Science!

Lesson #7: Mighty Morphing Power Meshers *cue music*

☽✶•.¸(✶•.¸★¸.•✶´)¸.•✶´☾ ☆«´¨`•°°•´¨`»☆    ☽.¸.•✶(¸.•✶´★`✶•.¸)`✶•.☾

Quick Run Through on Adding Fit / Fat Morphs

Golden rule of thumb is: Download CmarNYC’s Mesh Toolkit; it does all the hard work for you. ;)

The way I add morphs is to use TSRW to clone and export a nice clean base game outfit – like the Ninja Outfits, or anything that is a bit tight and form-fitting and not too bulky. You will use the .wso file as a Reference mesh.

What the Mesh Toolkit does is copies the data from EA’s outfit mesh (which already has joints and morphs), and applies it to your mesh in a similar fashion. 

So open a New Project in TSRW, and find a good mesh to use as a reference. I chose the base game leather rocker thing, because it’s form fitting, has both the legs and arms clearly visible, and isn’t all bulky. 

(This is less important for Morph references than it is for Joints References, but better to be safe than sorry, y’know.)

Go to the Mesh tab, and select the High Level Detail mesh, for best results. You can use this on all 3 levels of detail on your mesh; it doesn’t matter.

Click the little red arrow (Export) and export the .wso file – name it whatever you want.

For this next part, I hope you know how to do this with Blender, because I only know how to do this with Milkshape:

The Mesh Toolkit only works with meshes whose group (not the file name, mind you) is named group_base. Name it anything else and it won’t work; it will reject the file until you merge the group into one, and change its name. 

So as you can see, your group needs to be named group_base, not anything else. If you DO….

You’ll get that error message every time till you go back and fix it. 

So! Once that’s situated:

So import your mesh (with the group named group_base; I cannot stress this enough!), and then import your EA reference mesh you exported from TSRW.

Click Create Morph Meshgroups, click OK when it’s done (there will be a little green bar at the bottom if your mesh is high poly andit takes a while). 

Viola, you’re done. :) Your clothes now have fit / fat morphs! 

You can now import your morphed mesh as-is into TSRW, or go back into Milkshape and fine-tune it if you feel you need to. (You shouldn’t have to, though; the Mesh Toolkit knows what it’s doing.)

I don’t know how to add pregnant morphs to anything though – if I did, I’d add Male Pregnancy morphs to every piece of clothing I have installed. >:D

anonymous asked:

I'm a latina girl who has always found East-Asian/Souhteast-Asian features very attractive (mainly because of the eyes) and much like the girl next-door would love to go out with a green-eyed guy, I'd love to date an Asian men, provided he has a nice personality. No, I wouldn't turn out a western guy just cause he's not Asian, or travel to Asian countries in order to find myself a husband or pay for sex. I just find Asian men particularly beautiful, how is that wrong to admit?

It’s wrong to think that because what you’re saying is based on generalizations about our appearances that aren’t true of all of us as well as exclude and devalue mixed race East and Southeast Asian men.

It’s wrong to think that because to call East and Southeast Asian men “particularly beautiful” is exotification, since you could only be saying that based on what’s supposedly different about us. Saying it’s because of “the eyes” is particularly exotifying; people of literally any race can have eyes like that. It’s just more common in certain Asian demographics (not all of which are East and Southeast, btw).

It’s wrong to think that because if you have a mixed child they will pick up on your fetishization, especially if it involves exotifying them, and they’ll probably be creeped out as well as embarrassed that they were the product of a fetishistic parent.

But despite it being a wrong thing to think about us, it’s not a wrong thing to -admit- if you do think it, because being honest with us about how horizontally aggressive you are lets us know that if we have any respect for ourselves, we should reject you and possibly file a restraining order.


there’s just some things i need to mention before i go on:

- we post every confession. we can’t start just banning this and that because the opinions are horrible or wrong or we just don’t agree.

- yes, we banned James/Snape confessions, but there’s still fifteen of them sitting in a text file called ‘rejected confessions’ that should be posted.

- we often get bombarded with confessions of a certain type. we just recently had a ton of Ron ones, and then there’s times we get tons of Draco or racism or Albus Severus ones. these go into the 'rejected confessions’ text file, so that i can space them out so you all don’t get bombarded, too.

- certain Snape confessions were in the queue before Alan left us. once things are put in the queue, i can’t delete them, only Tech can.

- and what do we do now with the Snape confessions. post them all? post none of them? i’m hesitant to change the way things are done, meaning spaced out confessions that a lot of people won’t like.

- and if anyone had any issues, please send me a message directly. i don’t get messages for HPC, only Tech does, so i can’t answer any crit directed to me. i’m open and honest and direct and i appreciate the oppertunity to answer you all’s questions.

Are we having fun yet?

Happy May! Progress has been going well on my fan-game, so I wanted to post an update. 

First off, I’ve added those colliders to the trees (for the most part). No more rolling through them. I have also added sound FX for walking, rolling, jumping, attacking, flamethrowing, fireball shooting, wincing in pain, dying of death, and more. Naturally, even with all these sounds I’ve mentioned, I’m still missing a bunch of other sound FX for other situations. Setting those up actually takes a bit of time. As if most studios have a person or two whose sole job is to set up stuff like this. Crazy!

I’ve also changed the model of the Toa. What you’re seeing now can be credited to the MNOLG 3D team. 

Enter the burning question: when can you play?

Hehe, you see… what had happened was…

There is a bit of a conflict I have as far as just releasing something playable. This game is going to be big. And I don’t mean big as in famous-big (though I won’t reject that). I mean file size big… download time big. The gameplay elements that I add would not add to the file size all that much, and thus, having a 200+ MB download where you do nothing but walk around feels like a waste of time. However, there is value in just exploring the environment. Most of the gameplay is actually just exploration and finding secrets. 

Short answer is, I’d like to release the first beta (with everything in the Le-Koro level finished) on February 10, 2017 (it’s a special date for me). However, I’d like even more to release some pre-alpha and alpha builds before then. I could get a big open (but empty) world out to you probably by July or August this year, completely stable. 

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll get a video up on Youtube soon. Did you even know I had a Youtube channel? Check it out and subscribe, to see more gameplay and hear more of my voice!

hayleycreagine  asked:

17 ~ Blood. Alpha and the Director

This one got more than a little long.


When you come online you know him. The face staring at your holoemitter is one that you’d never mistake, and for half a moment it confuses you. That face is your face. You know every hair, every line, every inch of it. Those eyes that watch you shuffle from foot to foot are your eyes. You were always bothered a bit by how bright a green they were. Early genetic engineering back in your family’s past that had carried on to you.

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spikievstheworld  asked:

Hey! I've only just recently found your work, but it's amazing!! It seems like you get a lot of work with card game and video game companies, I was wondering if you had any advice for someone looking to get into that kind of work?

Thank you very kindly, I’m very happy you enjoy the work. It means a lot to me -hug-

The best advice I can give is this…

1)Spread yourself out visually to have more presence. It’s a very big world and a giant pool of people looking to do the same job you’re looking for. You might favor one network or community site over another, but sticking solely to one place keeps you static and reduces your chances quite a bit of someone seeing you.

Theres a lot of good sites out there, like artstation, drawcrowd, cgsociety, gameartisans,, etc

Some of the sites like conceptart and cgsociety even have job listings ranging from onetime contracts to full time employment.

2) While everyone wants to work for Disney, blizzard, marvel, etc there are more employers out there than the famous ones. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply to the bigger names, but open up your options to a wider choice of the well known.

 Without going into too much detail on that subject which is really it’s own monster of a thing. You may actually find a place you’re surprisingly more happy with than the one that seems like the golden ticket.

3)Show work that is YOU in your portfolio and samples. There is a creative seesaw I’ve found when making portfolio pieces and working for people in general where you’re balancing what makes you who you are as an artist while still catering to the needs of your client(s). Whether it is your style, your “mannerisms”, or simply how you compose and put together a piece they want to see what YOU bring to the table.

I say this because you’ll sometimes see a style and then there’s hundreds who try to imitate that style(whether successful or not is debatable) and there is nothing wrong with trying to learn from other artists, but when you make that your “thing” and give up on having confidence in your approach you turn into a “well we can’t afford to get X so lets get applicant Y instead, they’re close enough”.

4)Socializing and networking helps alot. Whether it is communicating with your fans or going to a workshop or convention, you’d be surprised how people hear of you.In todays age social media helps quite a bit with this and links back to my first point of not jsut sticking to one website. I know it’s tempting to only hang out with tumblr folks or DA, FA, whatever you’ve grown fond for, but branching out and socializing helps.

I’ll be honest and admit I myself need more work in this area I’m getting better at talking to other artists, directors, developers, etc..

5)Don’t be afraid to just ask. The largest part of my career so far has been made possible simply because I sent a little email asking if I could do work for their company. What started as one illustration led to another and I am very grateful for the experience and the fun time I had doing the work.*hugs hex*

The worst they can do is not reply or say “no” and trust me you’ll get A LOT of rejections starting out. Ask any artist how many times they’ve been rejected or “put on file” and most of them won’t be able to give you a solid number.

Finally and probably the most important thing is to Be patient with yourself and keep at it. I’ve only just begun my journey into the world of freelancing and while the amount of work is probably laughable compared to others who have been in it for a longer time I don’t feel “static” because I kept going at it and doing the best I can, while learning from what I’ve done right and wrong.

So long as you keep doing your best, have a passion for the work you do, you’ll make it. It may take longer than some, but it will come and so long as you stay on that journey it will get better!