your pain is not a burden to anyone ok? i know people act like you being in pain is somehow burdening them or you are “making them feel bad” or “pushing them away” well that is bullshit my friend, you’re not obliged to give them the happy painless version of yourself, you are not obliged to be a concept that requires no empathy or consideration from others, you’re not obliged to make anyone feel good or provide them a cheerful company, you are the one carrying 100% of the burden of your pain and you’re the one suffering from it, and if people refuse to offer compassion for that and demand you to “feel differently” to convenience them, they are shit people and dirty dirty liars who refuse to acknowledge that your pain matters more than their convenience

Loki and you stay at the Avengers Tower. He likes you but doesn’t approach you, for he’s a pariah, no one wants to interact with him. You’d reject him as well as you always look at him with distaste. One day, he acquires a laptop & finds you on social media. He poses as SHIELD/Stark employee, keeping his identity hidden on pretext of confidentiality. You develop a slow romance and sext/chat online often, sharing pics without revealing faces. He wants to tell you who he is, but he knows you’ll run the moment he reveals his identity. So, he keeps it hidden. One day, his identity is accidentally revealed to you. You react badly, as expected. The Avengers ask SHIELD incarcerate him. Before leaving, he promises to not contact you again but asks you if you’d have given him a chance had he been honest with you. Your answer is clear by your facial expression, & Loki nods in acceptance. He leaves peacefully and you’re left wondering what to do, for you realize you do actually care for him.