reituki moments

The GazettE Paris!!

Ok I’m not gonna give report like everyone has before. Instead I’m going to tell the experience with this band. So a little background: bias Ruki, Kai, Uruha. This has now changed to Ruki, Kai and Aoi, oh yes, he kicked Uruha’s ass. Aoi’s photos don’t make him justice. He is gorgeous and super sweet and nice. Ok so when we got to the handshake but I was not prepared for it and I saw them and said “omfg there are there” and did not know what to do with myself. My friend pushed me in front of Uruha as he was first. All I said was thank you in both English and Japanese also I said hello. Then it was Kai he was already smiling and laughing omg that smile killed me (let it be noted that I made a deal with my fellow six guns to tell Kai and Ruki that they were handsome in Japanese and to say kiss me to Aoi also in Japanese) so I was shaking his hand and I said it he threw his had back and gave me the cutest nervous laugh and smile ever! I just smiled and laughed as well. Then there was Ruki and I froze I looked at him and omg I’m in love with him, he has a surprisingly large head, however I still love him. I said hola, hello in Spanish, to him and I totally threw him off and then he said hola back, cutest words ever btw. Then there was Reita however Aoi was not next to him so I took the chance and I said Ruki he turned towards me still shaking my friends hands and I said you are handsome and he had the cutest nervous laugh and smile and Kai was giggling as well my friends was crying with laughter and Reita was just staring at the crazy ppl. I looked at Reita and I shook his hand he said hello in English I replied and smiled and he was really nice. Then it was Aoi’s turn honestly HE threw me off totally I just looked at him and shook his hand he said something but I have no clue what it was. I was mesmerised by him. The I went for it and said cheekily kiss me in Japanese and his face was priceless. He did not know what to say it was adorable, funny thing is that he was still holding my hand and not letting go of it, only he was not shaking it anymore. I smiled at him and said thank you in Japanese. Waited for my friend to shake his hand and my friend was laughing and I could not stop smiling at him he was so confused bless. Never dare me to do shit coz I’ll do it. The concert was AMAZING but too short and when it was over I felt like a junky wanting more. Ruki has stolen Axl Rose’s moves and he pulls them off, he was wiggling all sexy and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. They played Fadeless and it was amazing!! We had two reituki moments one on purpose and the other one was not. Not much of aoiha just one at the end of the show. Kai was sexy as hell banging the shit out of the drums. Aoi gave a lot of fan service as always, however he was in a very good mood super smiley and flirty. Ruki was a force of nature, no words. Reita thanked for the birthday banner he got and said I love you in English it was so sweet he was so happy. I think I’m gonna leave it at that coz the feels are too much right now.


otp meme➝reituki : 4/∞
THE DECADE 10th anniversary live: (unluckily we can’t see perfectly the scene because the recording was about to end but we can see it from the two big screens) – at the end of the live a wild Reituki moment appears. It basically happens that Ruki is tired and he sits down on his knees. Reita puts down his bass and he just goes straightaway to Ruki to see if everything is ok. He puts an arm around his shoulder and they probably say something to each other. Reita fucking went into Ruki because he was fucking worried he wanted to know if Ruki was ok and he fucking tightened Ruki to his chest !!!!!!can you hear me screaming

7/27/16 - The GazettE - Namba Hatch

Okay so I don’t have a setlist my bad. Also I owe some other live reports and shit so also my bad. This is also going to be vague as fuck because I’m fucking tired and half writing some of this now because I don’t want to forget anything however I just want to say starting off that this was probably legit the most fun I’ve had at a Gazette live so far I was so happy okay. So here’s some highlights:

- @tawananna and I scored side rail by Aoi, like ten rows back maybe? Totally worth there ended up being so much room there I was throwing myself all around all night and it was perfect.

- Okay ngl my number one highlight was probably during Ruki’s MC where he was pumping up the crowd, like doing the thing where he calls on different sections of the crowd to get them to cheer. He started with Uruha’s side and moved over. So okay he finally points to my section and I’m ready and I just ROAR and… No one else did :’D Whooops. Ruki legit stared at me, laughed at me, and then didn’t even bother calling on my section to yell after that ORZ. LEGIT I had a friend there ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VENUE and she was just like ‘that was you???’ lmfao

- Then later during another MC it was basically me and two other people yelling at one point and he just looks at my section with this dumb grin and goes 'anata…’ ORZ pt.II

- Ruki was also just generally super cute tonight I can’t even his MC was so cute and I could actually follow most of it, he was like wow this venue is so wide and a bunch of people were like NO WAY IT’S NARROW. Ruki was flabbergasted and just like 'narrow???? What kind of big bands are you guys seeing???’ and then compared it to Fukuoka Logos which is like half the size. Then he started asking who was from Osaka and who had traveled there and this one girl from the second floor shouted down KOBE and he interacted with her a little and it was super cute.

- During the first encore when everyone came back out and Kai was just starting to pump everyone up, suddenly a girl near the front passed out. Everyone around her flagged staff over and Kai legit stopped immediately and was like 'is she okay???’ and then once she was out he was like 'guys this is fun but please don’t push yourselves too hard okay??’ and then the show carried on it was so sweet.

- At one point Aoi was kind of half hiding at the edge of the stage. I didn’t really think anything would come of it so I peeked around and threw devil horns at him. He pointed at himself with this stupid grin like 'me???’ and I pointed at him like 'yes, you you doof’ and then this went back and forth a few times. I kind of really didn’t think it was necessarily at me but then @tawananna said no one else had their hand up so uhm hey.

- I was actually kind of concerned about Aoi at some point tonight since he stopped playing for a minute like, rubbing at his hand like he was both worried and pained? He went back to playing after a minute so it was probably fine but I was like don’t even tell me he hurt his hand again.

- Reituki moment plus Ruki and Uruha moment in the same song yaaaaas

- The whole band was so interactive with the audience tonight ugh the energy levels were so high it was just amazing I can’t even I was so into it if the Tokyo shows can be like this I’ll be so happy

- Also this is less about Gazette but as we were leaving Revine was in the subway handing out fliers. I just saw them the other day for an in-store and I was just like 'yo, 久しぶり!!!’ and they remembered me and I got a high five from Zero and I was just really excited to see them again.