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gray for the hc ask heheh

sexual orientation hc: think we all can agree hes our local chaotic bi

gender hc: i love trans boy gray, with how hes not afraid to show off his body and such

neurodivergent hc: i mean, its pretty safe to say hes had depression in canon for a long time now and was originally intended to use things like smoking as a coping mechanism. he also has adhd which largely contributes to things like his impulsiveness at times, and having depression & suicidal tendencies and also having adhd contributes to things like repetitively trying to whole iced shell spell over and over again. hes never been able to see a doctor about his mental health & get professionally diagnosed however.

3 random hcs:

  • he may not smoke anymore, and how he got off that was switching to vaping. natsu never not makes fun of it
  • very dry & abstract humor. prime meme boy. kinkshames everyone.
  • if he ever visits things like zoos he loves staying in the colder climate area of it like near penguin enclosures. if he ever sees any of them slip on the ice he’ll just calmly say shit like “me too pal”

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Opinions on Lyon? (Specifically in the latest arc but I'm just curious on your opinion overall tbh)

Im Love My Icy Son,,,

All jokes aside, I think Lyon is a kick ass character, who had wicked development, and deserves SO MUCH MORE screentime. All we know about his backstory is that Ur taught him. Identical to Gray, but watered down times 152737. That, imho, is an injustice beyond words. He has so much potential. (He’s quite brotherly towards Chelia, perhaps he had a little sister??? Mashima pls we’re giving you sm to work with!!!) That’s my general.

As for this arc, I think he shone, his fight with Gray against fake Ur was cool, and the way he comforted Chelia warms my cold, bitter heart. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shown up enough for me to say much more about him this arc.

All in all, Im Love My Icy Son.

EDIT: i got some info wrong on his backstory. fixed. ^^;;


Seiyuu: Kaji Yuki

Eren Jaeger [Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin]

Finny [Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji]

Alibaba Saluja [Magi]

Kanato Sakamaki [Diabolik Lovers]

Konekomaru Miwa [Blue Exorcist]

Lyon Bastia (Lyon Reitei) [Fairy Tail]

Satomi Rentaro [Black Bullet]

Yukine [Noragami]

Walker Yumasaki [Durarara!!]

Kozume Kenma [Haikyu!!]

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Lyon for the ask thing? 👀

orientation: bi, maybe aro too?

gender hc: demiboy, he/him or they/them is fine by him

neurodivergent hc: like gray, he got depression from the traumatic experience with losing ur, but his affects him in a different way from what you normally expect from depression (his revolved around anger more then sadness & gloom for a while). before reuniting with gray & the whole galuna incident, while he was reserved most of the time, it wasnt shocking whenever he lashed out due to bottling up personal feelings. panic attacks were frequent for a while too.

3 random hcs:

  • he loves big & fluffy dogs like huskies, bernese mountain dogs, leonbergers, etc. hes thought abt getting a herd of dogs bred for sled pulling just for that.
  • likes reading in his spare time, and isnt really picky about what he reads. he normally takes out books from a library but will find places to purchase his favorites & has a whole book shelf filed with great books at home.
  • that “that friend thats always cold” “im cold” “youre always cold….but ill be damend if you arent my friend” vine perfectly sums up his relationship with chelia

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ive had these weird red dots on my hands for most of my life, i cant remember what the doctor said about them but it has to do with red blood cells. i used to have 2 but 1 faded and then over the years 3 more came but all i really remember is if i get a lot in a short period of time i probably have a rare disease, im kinda insecure abt my hands cause of it actually cos im the only person ive ever met with them


@lyredy-week​ end day 2: light/dark

i decided to use both prompts where there’s a light!meredy x dark!lyon (where meredy goes up the mountain to stop the eternal winter caused by queen elsa reitei lyon, who makes it hard for CS to continue fighting dark guilds lmao) & dark!meredy x light!lyon ([based from this art before]…  where meredy is ANGRY at the ones who hurt Ul but after a series of fighting they become sorta like rivals in the end lol)