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Since Annie is the most reserved person out of everyone and barely lets any intense emotion show, how would the 104th squad react to seeing her cry?

Eren would be scared stiff. He’s not good at dealing with emotions, and seeing anyone cry often makes him lock up, but especially if it’s Annie. He’ll just sit there with her and let her cry, not moving cause he doesn’t know what to do or say, but desperately wanting to do something. Eventually, he’ll get over his awkwardness and try to comfort her through a hug or just an arm around the shoulder. But he’s very bad at dealing with emotions, and it physically pains him that he can’t be much of a help. But he’s a good listener, and is always there for Annie if she’s willing to talk. 

For Mikasa, it would depend on the situation. If it’s injury tears, she’ll let Annie work through it, just giving her space. If it’s emotional tears, then she’ll be a silent presence hovering by. While the two of them don’t always get along, Mikasa knows that even Annie just needs someone to lean on sometimes. And she’ll gladly be that person if needed. But she never pushes, just being there in case Annie needs someone to talk to. She mostly just gives her space. 

Armin panics. Panics to the point of making Annie laugh with how hard he’s trying. He’ll almost start crying himself, in fact, so caught off guard by this generally stoic person suddenly breaking down. He’ll go back and forth between placing a hand on her shoulder and not touching her at all, his hands forever caught in limbo. He’ll start spouting off reassuring words that may or may not fit the situation. He just tries so hard because she so rarely breaks down, and it does actually make her smile to see him caring so much. 

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Watch: GOT7 Gets 4th Win For "Never Ever" On "Music Bank"

Watch: GOT7 Gets 4th Win For “Never Ever” On “Music Bank”

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The March 24 episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank” had GOT7 and TWICE as contenders for first place. It was a friendly battle between the JYP Entertainment label mates. GOT7 ended up winning with 8,695 points!

After receiving their trophy, JB thanked Park Jin Young, company officials, and their fans IGOT7. Then they promised to continue to improve and Jinyoung gave a shoutout to Jackson about hoping he…

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I might make some more of side characters like petra, marlo, zeke, and whoever else, if anyone wants!


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