reiss jacket

Tom Hiddleston Always Has One Jacket and Wears The Shit Out of It.

2010-2011: Armani Biker Jacket.
2012-2014: Black Quilted Jacket
2015- early 2016: the Reiss coat.
March 2016-?: Ralph Lauren Quilted Jacket.

(there’s also the Armani Leather jacket Tom has had since 2012 but he wears that more intermittently)

  For real I am so tired of hearing people (media) continuously talking about Tom Hiddleston’s jacket. He should be applauded for using sustainable fashion; not mocked because he doesn’t feel the need to put on a fashion show every single day. Tom Hiddleston is just being Tom Hiddleston. Nothing new is happening here.

  He does actually have a decent sized wardrobe; he just doesn’t pack up his entire closet when he’s traveling. Tom lives out of a suitcase 90% of the year how much does anyone expect him to be able to pack without looking like a total diva strolling thru the airport with 15 bags? If he did have a new outfit on every day people would be complaining about how narcissistic and wasteful he is. You just can’t win!


In honor of Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming appearance at Wizard World Philly here are all Tom’s previous Comic Con appearances. 

  1. San Diego Comic Con-  July 24, 2010. wearing an Armani shawl collar blazer, Dondup coated jeans, and Ariat Boots. 
  2. Kapow Comic Con-  April 9, 2011. wearing an Armani blazer with a green shirt I never identified but Tom wore it frequently in 2010-2011. 
  3. New York Comic Con- October 15, 2011. wearing an Armani velvet blazer, Dondup jeans and Ariat boots.  
  4. San Diego Comic Con ( Marvel panel) - July 20, 2013. wearing his Loki costume. 
  5. San Diego Comic Con (autograph signing) - July 21, 2013. wearing an Armani suit. 
  6. San Diego Comic Con (Nerd HQ) - July 21, 2013. wearing Armani 
  7.  San Diego Comic Con - July 11, 2015. wearing a Richard James jacket, Reiss shirt, and Reiss trousers

Consider The Camel Coat

Because Trust Me, It Beats Black Or Navy

Since last winter I’ve been lusting for a really slick camel colored topcoat but because budget and timing didn’t allow, I never managed to find myself one. That said, this year I was so on top of it! I fell in love with this single breasted wool topcoat that the kind folks at Reiss were nice enough to hook me up with and lately it’s been my second skin. As in, I never wanna take it off. As in, I’m wearing it right now and always. #Obsessed. But why all the fuss over a coat? Wellllllll…think of the camel coat as the warm little island in a winter sea of black and navy coats flooding the streets of NYC. It’s perfect piece to stand apart from the crowd. It’s different. It’s fresh. And this jacket in particular is exceptionally awesome! As is customary for my personal style, I do a great job of taking something expensive and tailored, and well, “dressing it down.” I love taking something super sleek and styling it in a more non traditional way. Because of this jacket’s super sophisticated and minimal design, it goes with just about anything. For this outfit I paired it with some cuffed wide leg trousers and a printed shirt, black chelsea boots, and my favorite black beanie. I kept the colors neutral - go figure - for a cool, clean fall look. How would you style a camel coat?


REISS Jacket  //  Express Shirt  //  Topman (Similar) Trousers  //  ASOS (Similar) Boots  //  Similar Beanie