SNK 96 Theory: Smiling Titan

Disclaimer: please bear with me and correct me if I got any information wrong, I try my best to keep up with the story as we learn new info and the world get more complicated but I can still be confused lol

So ever since we found out that Dina, Grisha’s first wife, is the Smiling Titan, the fandom has been throwing around the idea that Dina deliberately sought out Carla and Eren, Grisha’s new family, once Wall Maria fell, and that Dina being so unusually cruel when killing Carla was because Carla is Grisha’s new wife.

I love that idea but until SNK 96 I never really believed it. Mainly because I couldn’t see how Dina as a mindless titan would have known what Grisha was up to or where to even find him and his new family (her last words to him aside).

But in this new chapter, we see Dina lock eyes with Bertholdt in his human form. If she were truly totally mindless, she would’ve just devoured him, becoming a human again/shifter like Ymir post-Marcel. But she didn’t. She just walked right on by. Why would Isayama have her do this, let alone show us this?

That pretty much confirmed to me that yes, Dina intentionally sought out/brutally murdered Carla knowing that she was Grisha’s new wife (and Eren his other son). But that didn’t really explain the plot hole.


Dina is a member of the Royal family. She’s a Fritz, related to the Reiss. What if through some trick and cross of the royal family powers/titan pathways, Dina, as a mindless titan, heard about Grisha’s new home and family. Maybe Grisha was treating members of the Reiss family in the innermost walls and through some offhand casual small talk mentioned Carla and Eren and living in Shingashina, and Dina somehow “saw/heard” that?

Sorry for the ramble/long post but I just wanted to share this. I think it’s a really cool idea/theory.