New people follow a pair of minuses.

『Huh ? Someone is following me ?』The boy turns slowly and look back into darkness. 『Who’s there ?』He asks without hesistation.

me and Naty's RP relationship
  • THREAD 1
  • me:lust is dying
  • naty:envy goes to help her
  • me:fEELS
  • naty:y u do dis
  • THREAD 2
  • lust:mostly serious reply to ask
  • envy:her boobs
  • me:JFC naty
  • naty:trololololololol
  • THREAD 3
  • me:super angst ask
  • naty:nvm no more angst
  • lust:u fucking fucker get the fuck over here
  • envy:yes ma'am