And with that, Tokyo Ghoul:re ends…

Even though I just got into the series last year, seeing it end gave me mixed feelings. It made me regret not picking it up earlier. It made me sad because OMG DUDE IT ENDED! WTH? XDD It made me happy because I get to see my OTP have a happy ending after all that happened to them. It made me cry because the TouKen child is so prettyyyyyyy!!! AAAAAAAA Ishida-sensei, why you never let us know her name?!?! (´;д;`)

Anyway, with this, Kaneki’s story ends. Thank you for an awesome series, Ishida-sensei! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

This beautiful work of art was done by Reishichi and was colored by me! Go check her out she has really amazing stuff!

I can not believe Tokyo Ghoul has ended. Thank you Ishida for all the ups and downs but for most importantly giving us this amazing work of literature.

Yes. What a beautiful day.

Here’s IzuOcha for my fellow fans!~ This is my third time drawing Midoriya and I always struggle drawing his hair. LMAO If things look messy, it’s because I can’t draw/color it. Sorry XDD

So yeah, I’m back to face the real world again and I should probably be wearing my “Let’s focus here” hat, but nope… I thought, “Hey, it’s the weekend and I'mma use it to work on art in case I can’t after this.” :’D

After hearing the news, Momo saw another side of Todoroki Shouto. Despite acting tough, she knew he was feeling something deep inside of him. Fear? Worry? Either way, he refused to openly express it. She approached him as he sat quietly outside, possibly thinking about what happened earlier in the news. Momo hugged him and whispered, “It’ll be alright.” He remained quiet but tried to reciprocate the gesture. Fear? Worry? Possibly. After all, blood is thicker than water.

Here’s a little something after reading CH188. I know I’m jumping to conclusions here, but the idea just popped up and I wanted to draw it that much.

After learning that TG:re is ending soon, I knew I needed to draw something involving my OTP. I must say, I enjoyed drawing Touka. She’s just so beautiful ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Anyway, my country’s currently experiencing the rainy season and I thought it was a perfect time to work on a piece related to it. I still have issues with detailed BG, but I enjoyed working on the raindrop effect on the window. Though I probably failed it. :’D Oh wells…

“I don’t think we can give these away…” Todoroki said, clearly disappointed at the first batch of cookies they made. “They all got burned.”

“Well, it’s not a reason to give up, right? I mean, this is our first time baking.” Momo giggled.

“I guess you’re right about that.”

Sorry this request/prompt took a while. I was debating whether I draw Todoroki actually using his quirk or not, but I was like, “Aw hell nah. I can’t draw fire! And for some reason I can’t really picture how exactly they’ll bake them cookies that way…” So this is what I got for y’all. Hope you guys like it! //hides//

So after reading the latest chapter, my love for this rarepair was rekindled. I immediately went looking for arts of them and I didn’t really see much. I haven’t checked Pixiv yet, but I’m too lazy for that OTL Then I thought, might as well draw them! So, here you go, guys! TamaNeji! Or NejiTama. Whatever you call this cute pair! Hope you like it~ <3

They deserve happiness. Let them have it. Go away tragedy!

My sister had been recommending Tokyo Ghoul to me for the longest time ever. And it was only after reading the 124th chapter of TG:re that I finally got into this awesome series. What’s funny though is that I’ve been shipping these two even before I started following the series :’D Is that weird or what? LOL

Anyway, I tried the 1 layer art challenge and I must say… I won’t be doing it again. It’s so hard!! My respect for artists who don’t color with lineart has skyrocketed! You guys are gods! ASDFGHJKL

First of all, there might be some details/ideas (which will be italicized) that I’ll be mentioning which originated/ was written by someone and I apologize for not properly giving them credit. If you guys know who thought of it first, please do tell me so I can credit.

Okay, everyone, please meet–Yes, I know, another tdmm child. I actually wasn’t sure if I wanted to design one as well, especially how bad I am with character description and quirk ideas. However, @brazilianmarshmallow gave me an idea and I decided to try it out. And this is the result…

Meet Todoroki Tomoya! Who’s he? Well, his story started off with the idea that Momo might be incapable to give birth due to her quirk. Being in marriage for about 2-3 years, the couple decided to try for a child despite knowing the case of Momo. They were able to conceive but the child died inside Momo (@littleroundpumpkin). A couple of years later, they tried again and this time, the child lived. They already had a name reserved for their future children and they decided that their first child–if it’ll be a boy–will be called Tomoya which meant the “wise one”.

Sure enough, little Tomoya grew strong and healthy. His features were a combination of his parents. His hair was a mix of black and streaks of red, and his eyes were from his dad. Both the Todoroki and Yaoyorozu household were fond of him, and somehow, the Flame Hero was doting on his grandson too much to Shouto’s worry.

But this boy wasn’t blessed with everything. At the age of 4, when his quirk was expected to manifest, he was still quirkless. They thought he was just a late bloomer and waited for another year. None. 6th birthday… None. 7th… 8th…

Now, he’s turning 14, his last year in middle school, and he was still quirkless. It felt unfair, and admittedly, he sometimes envied his classmates, friends, and cousins. However, as time passed by, he learned to accept it and choose to find a way for him to still be a hero regardless of him being quirkless. Surely, there must be a way, right?

He studied hard and proved himself to be worthy of his name. He was smart like his parents he could try for the Department of Support in UA. Or he could follow the footsteps of his aunt Fuyumi and be a teacher. A teacher can be heroic too, he’d say.

Then the time came for him to study in UA. This is where his story starts.

…And that’s pretty much what I have!! Cringey? I’m sorry… Not bad? Thanks, I guess! Why am I doing this? You tell me, my friend. LMAO Welp, I guess I have nothing else left to say xD Take care!

PS: in case it wasn’t obvious, his name is kinda a mix of his parents’: Shouto Momo. Okay, bye!

I, unfortunately, have nothing to share for tdmm week. But it’s kinda ironic that I was able to draw this, don’t you agree? I have an explanation for that which I doubt people will even bother knowing XDD Anyway, I’ll still try to join. Late entries will still be accepted, right? XDD

But yeah, here’s yaomomo for everyone~~ <3

Actually, I wrote a fanfic weeks ago, but I feel like I still need to edit it before I embarrass myself by sharing it hahaha XDD Will definitely post it though!

Oh no… I already love him so much, I can’t stop myself from drawing another picture of him! AAAA Tomoya is just so adorable!! for me at least, rip He’s 10 in this one btw…

Anyway, here’s a little HC I have for the Todoroki Household: Basically, even before getting married, Momo and Shouto started adopting cats. Most of these were abandoned kittens on the verge of dying from hunger and lack of shelter. The couple would sometimes find the kittens a new family; other times, they keep them for themselves.

When they got married, they decided to move to an apartment to have a fresh start. Unfortunately, the landlady warned them that they cannot have too many cats with them. It sucked, but the place was a steal so they had to go with it anyway. They were allowed to have 3-4 cats with them.

Like his parents, Tomoya loved cats. He actually had his own pet cat which he got at the age of 5. He named it King. But of course, he also loves the other pet cats… He’s a Todoroki after all. lolololol

Okay, I’m done. Thanks for reading XDD


I’m enjoying this way too much. Too much that I am neglecting my tasks or things I need to finish before the month ends. Really, this is a problem. But OMG I can’t resist it! I need to make them happen! So, yeah… Here’s my two BnHA OCs. Michiru is actually the first OC I created. She basically doesn’t like her quirk and decided to enroll for the Department of General Education. She’s in class 1-C. Senzō, on the other hand, is Michiru’s childhood friend who is enrolled in the Hero Course at Shiketsu High School. I love the uniform there so I had to put him there. Besides, I feel it’s more realistic to have him enrolled there. I don’t know why… Plus Ultra! I guess… RIP

I know… I know!! Why on earth do I complain about not being able to participate tdmm week when here I am… Drawing something else! I’m so ironic. Haha RIP But I had to. I needed to de-stress myself and I can only do that with quick art pieces. And that means solo art coz couple art take me years to finish. RIP

Aaaaaa what am I doing with my life? XD welp, hope you guys like it still~