reisen cosplay


Didn’t have the time to make a costume for the first 2 days of the con (and I was busy anyway). Decided to throw together a quick Tactical Touhou for the Open Air event on the third day from gear I had laying around anyway. Last year I cosplayed Suika Ibuki on that same event, I guess this is a new tradition for me.

Next year look forward to Sakuya and Youmu instead of Reisen and Marisa, respectively. More photos when I finally get them from the various people who took photos of me/us.


Hourai Doll Cosplay from Touhou 07: Perfect Cherry Blossom

These were taken at Otakon 2015 on Saturday. I had a ton of fun wearing this cosplay at Otakon. Got a LOT of compliments on it while my partner was at my side. The last one is a parody pose of my Reisen Udongein Inaba cosplay I did Friday…and was my partner’s idea.