Okay so imagine your otp playing laser tag, and Person A is taking it way too seriously, and pretending they’re a secret agent or something because they are a child, and Person B is just laughing at how dorky it is, but at the same time Person B is strangely turned on.


9 x - 7 i > 3 ( 3 x - 7 u )
9 x - 7 i > 9 x - 21 u
     - 7 i > -21 u
       7 i < 21 u
          i < 3 u
All’s well that ends well.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
(/〃`∀´)/♥(・´ ▽ `〃)


Sousuke shows up late coz he lost his way from the toilet.


When Rei gets really talkative, he forgets things are still happening… What am I doing? It’s 7am and I’m still drawing RinRei. I need to sleep!  ಥ‿ಥ

They’re wearing the secret agent outfit but I’m too lazy to shade everything black.