Alolan Lickilicky!

I finally beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Sun & Moon and its just rekindled my love for this reion and everything about it. I’ve seen some folks make their own Alola forms of pokemon so I thought I’d do one for my favorite of all time, Lickilicky!

Some thoughts about their Alolan form:

Type: Grass

Lickilicky’s diet consists of mostly fruit in Alola. They eat so much of it that they eventually began to resemble the fruit they eat. In the past they were believed to bring a bountiful harvest and were given lots to eat whenever one showed up. Lickilicky helps nurture fruit trees and make them produce plenty of berries, it shares the bounty with other pokemon. 

In all his time in Eorzea, other Domans have recognized him as a warrior of high esteem. He certainly looks the part after all. The Au Ra was an artist with his blade. Each stroke was swift and precise, the strength born of a lifetime of training rather than his notable size.

But just as a calligrapher spills ink, so too must a warrior paint in blood. Names, faces, lives, and dreams had blown away as petals in the wind. The rōnin had betrayed everything he held dear at least once. 

He was introspective to the point of obsession. A childish part of him remained convinced that any stranger could know his sins. But acquaintances new and old chose only to see the dignified image in front of them. It must be a choice, he tells himself, because the finer details of failure are always so vivid in his eyes. 

He decided early on to at least fake a smile for their sake. Let the elderly refugees imagine a symbol of home. He resolved to encourage the poets and scholars to write romantic tales of those who fought and died that they may live. Perhaps they could give the younger generation a dream of rebuilding after the blaze that followed them across the sea from Yangxia. 

But whenever the title was spoken, a part of the mask would crackle and fade. Eorzeans did not truly understand, and the sympathies of fellow refugees baffled him. Regardless of their words, Reion of Clan Seitsurugi remained steadfast in his belief. Only those who had remained behind still deserved to be called samurai.