reinventing the english language

Also, like…..treat your dumb impulsive self with a kind of gentle indulgence?

This sounds ridiculous, but I’ve found a lot of success in thinking of my motivated/capable self as always dragging with her The Group Project Partner From Hell, who does not want to do any work, and doesn’t see the point of reading the assigned novel when we could just watch the movie adaptation, or doesn’t know why we can’t watch netflix first and then finish our lab report.

Because here’s the secret: she is not always the group project partner from hell.

Maybe you haven’t encountered this yet in high school, but in college and law school I’ve been faced with situations where all that’s really required here is to Get The Thing Done. No professor is expecting NEJM-level work when you turn in your lab notebook. Your Lit 101 final doesn’t have to reinvent the English language. Do a good job, of course; go for that A, talk to the TA and the teacher and your study group. But don’t get in your own head about it. Prioritize doing well on your assignment and a reasonable sleep schedule. Don’t fail another class because you were so busy trying to parse Heidegger. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture here, which is much more complicated and involves a lot of different factors you have to weigh for yourself.

The Group Project Partner From Hell is annoying, but she can also be a useful tool. Sometimes, she’s the voice of reason, telling you not to go too deep down that rabbit hole you can’t claw your way back.


EPISODE 52 is here!

Possums! Mistresses! And Mrs. Zales reinventing the English language.

Featuring Tyler Oakley, Michelle Visage, EpicLloyd, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart!