reinventing fire


In this intimate talk filmed at TED’s offices, energy theorist Amory Lovins lays out the steps we must take to end the world’s dependence on oil (before we run out). Some changes are already happening – like lighter-weight cars and smarter trucks – but some require a bigger vision.


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.  A look at how the US can move to 100% sustainable energy.  A roadmap for those of us around the world to learn from as we plot our own course.  


I am reinventing eternally as fire bites at my final draft. I see through morose tinted glasses and my words drip in red, as I write the ones I cannot say upon the pages of this mad world diary, my journal for all of these abstract interactions. It’s another silver afternoon, where I am seduced by a siren’s poetry and perv over curves. I’ve listened to your sweetest ramblings, so let’s go beyond the lyric fountain, where pen names don’t matter, so I can show you, that who you are, is important.

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