Sun-bathing or lamenting

winter struck again, hit me soft and blinded me with countless flakes and sour specks of Earth

so many hours lost to an avalanche of a refrain, no couplets here, just villainous quatrains

my spirit falters in the snow, I spun around to find the origin of man and only found a wasted chapel, a son spread out upon its roof

(was he sun-bathing or lamenting? I know I cannot say)

I heard, I heard, some angels moan – all that, a brazen reinterpretation of a path I wouldn’t choose and a song I cannot sing

the signs as male characters that tumblr fandoms have fixated on and reinterpreted to the point of them being unrecognizable in order to fit them into their preferred character archetypes

aries: bill cipher

taurus: sans

gemini: wheatley

cancer: junkrat

leo: that new skull dude from pokemon fuck if i know his name

virgo: loki

libra: the onceler

scorpio: the clock from don’t hug me i’m scared

sagittarius: komaeda

capricorn: gamzee

aquarius: kylo ren

pisces: pick any one of the white dudes from supernatural

One of my work for the Uni.

who in their right mind would go and make “who you really are doesn’t matter” one of the last lines in their adaptation of one of the most iconic works of fiction, the most epic relationship between two men of all time. what must a person possess to do this? this doesn’t even have anything to do with johnlock not becoming canon, no matter if you see it as a love story or a beautiful friendship between these unique characters that have been written and played and reinterpreted so many times – why on earth would the last statement you make about them be that it doesn’t matter who they are?

another note about seymour: a lot of humor in some of seymour’s best posts is the interpretation of the english language from the viewpoint of someone who contains immeasurable wisdom but is not used to how humans work, or talk, or, uh, “human.”

an example id give is the ask containing the words “Time cube,” to which seymour responded “It Sure Is.” on first glance, this seems nonsensical, until you turn “time cube” from “adjective noun” into “noun (omitted “verb + article”) noun,” reinterpreting it into “time is a cube,” for example. this falls heavily into how seymour talks, omitting passive verbs and articles. with this interpretation of the phrase “Time cube,” his response makes perfect sense: the affirmation that time IS, indeed, a cube.


Beauty and the Beast Trailer: Watch Emma Watson and Dan Stevens Bring the Disney Classic to Life 

As was true of Alice in Wonderland (2010), Maleficent (2014), Cinderella (2015), The Jungle Book (2016) and Pete’s Dragon (2016), Walt Disney Pictures’ Beauty and the Beast was reinterpreted to appeal to modern audiences. “It wasn’t about changing anything,” producer David Hoberman insisted. “It was about adding dimension to it. We give [fans] everything that they expect and more—no more for more’s sake, more for story’s sake and character’s sake.”

anonymous asked:

Hi there ! I was wondering if you've come across any fics based on Jongin's first impression of Kyungsoo?

hmmmm i (admin y) was unsure if you wanted fics based on jongin’s actual first impression or just fics with any sort of first impression, so i sorted them into two separate lists c: hope you enjoy both!

fics based on jongin’s actual first impression of kyungsoo (i.e. “i don’t want to eat with that hyung” / astigmatism):

  • First Impression - really sweet and fluffy
  • il y a une première fois à tout - lots of romance and a little drama, basically about how kaisoo’s relationship progresses while they are idols
  • Pick Me Up, Put Me Down - a reinterpretation of jongin’s first impression in a college!au setting (disclaimer: this is admin y’s fic :c) (i’m sorry i recced my own fic but i can’t find many for this request)

fics with jongin having any first impression of kyungsoo:

  • Altercation - enemies!kaisoo, highschool!au
  • Athanasia - reincarnation!au, jongin meets ksoo in many lifetimes aka MANY FIRST IMPRESSIONS FOR OUR LOVELY REQUESTER YAY
  • Coincidence - predebut!au, jongin hears ksoo singing and really wants to get closer to him
  • First Impressions - crack neighbors!au, ksoo is under the impression jongin likes luhan
  • In Bloom - flowershop!au, shy!jongin has a crush on accountant!ksoo
  • Timer - soulmates!au, everyone has a timer that counts down to when they meet their soulmate!
  • What Lurks - supernatural!au, high school!au, scary ksoo approaches jongin with the request to date him and jongin is fear

- KFR Admins