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It’s their strength that gives people like me strength. If there’s any way you can bring a smile or just give positive words of reinforcement, it’s worth it. 

SPN 12.1 DeanCas Reunion Hug~

No personal space even after the hug. They are comfortable invading each other’s spaces. Dean who is usually the one to keep distance with others is completely comfortable where he is. He doesn’t move closer to Mary, he just turns his face to address her. This to me says a lot, it reinforces to Mary that Cas is Dean’s friend and he trusts him so much that he doesn’t feel the need to put distance between them. And Mary’s reaction was interesting too, because she seems curious in wanting to know who is this person her son is so close to, that worries so much about him and who Dean let’s embrace him.

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I think this quote may be foreshadowing what will happen in the future regarding Killian and the shears. When he said this to Emma, he obviously wasn’t thinking about the decision of ordering pizza or chinese, which is why the writers decided to have him respond so seriously to such a mundane thing. When I first watched the scene and saw that he had kept them, I instantly thought he had done it so that Emma can still have a choice later on, in case they don’t manage to help her escaping her fate and she decides to change her mind. What he told her here reinforces that interpretation - it makes me think that he is keeping the shears so that she can have another option in the future instead of immediately throwing away the only thing that can keep her alive. But, ultimately, he knows it is her decision to make and to follow her heart’s desire. This quote shows he is still very aware of that and that he will respect whichever decision she makes. It’s almost as if he’s telling her (and himself) why he is doing this, but of course that, not knowing he kept the shears, Emma will take it as a general statement of his unconditional love. But it did seem to me like he was trying to justify his action and to also ease his own guilt over hiding this from her.

French Retake Fort Douaumont

French soldiers outside Douaumont after its recapture.

October 24 1916, Verdun–The fall of Fort Douaumont, the largest fort at Verdun, to under a hundred Germans in the first day of the battle was a continuing embarrassment for the French.  They had attempted to retake it on several occasions, reaching its roof once, but had never been able to crack into the fort itself.  Since the opening of the Somme offensive, the Germans had stopped attacking at Verdun, and the sacking of Falkenhayn meant his venture there fell to an even lower priority under Hindenburg & Ludendorff.  Casualties continued to mount, but reinforcements were not forthcoming.  Arnold Zweig described:

The Germans had held on hitherto beyond all imagination…[reduced now to] about seventy thousand men, scattered and lost in that ravaged land.  They had starved, they had crouched waist-high in watery slime, they had burrowed into the mud because it was their only cover, they had not slept, they had struggled against fever and held on.  And now they were beginning to crack.

Unlike the battles in the spring, the French this time were able to properly prepare an assault.  Instead of throwing in new reinforcements directly at the fort, three whole divisions would attack on a broad front.  For days before, heavy artillery would pound the fort and its environs (which already had the “appearance of a vast surface of boiling milk which characterizes a raging sea.”).  The bombardment caused severe damage and caused some fires among munitions stores.  Fearing a repeat of the explosion in May that had killed 650 men within the fort, the Germans began to panic.  The commanding officer, unable to keep his men in line, largely evacuated the fort on the night of October 23.

The next morning, the French divisions, equipped with compasses, advanced behind a creeping barrage.  What remained of the German trenches were taken with ease, the French taking over 6000 prisoners on the 24th alone.  Entering the fort itself, French soldiers quickly rounded up what stragglers remained.  Eight months later, the French had finally retaken Douaumont.  Despite the devastation on the outside (and the explosion in May), the interior was remarkably intact, much to their surprise.

Today in 1915: British Indian Advance on Baghdad Approved
Today in 1914: Maritz Defeated in South Africa

Sources include: David Mason, Verdun; Paul Jankowski, Verdun; Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War.

like i know that sorting debates and house pride is kind of fun but seriously like….the sorting system is fake as hell and harry potter reinforces this within the series over and over and over again

I’m resisting the temptation of posting a toxic feminist meme here in an effort to avoid toxoplasmosis and on the grounds that everyone here already knows this stuff so I’m just reinforcing our biases.

Someone praise me or something, I don’t know.

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Headcannon: Shepard purchases a specifically designed helmet grafted directly to the main supports of her suit and triple reinforced specifically so that she can greet Grunt and Wrex with a proper Headbutt next time she visits. As it turns out that meeting is during a trade negotiation between Humans and Krogan, that Wrex demanded Shepard be present for. Everyone is shocked when, the moment Wrex enters the room, Shepard headbutts him so hard he flies into the hallway behind him.

…Everyone else go home!


Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (1964) by LCC Architects Dept.

Grade II* listed sports and recreation centre built on the site of the Crystal Palace exhibition grounds. The site features a swimming pool hall with a reinforced concrete diving board. The centre was designed by the LCC Architects Department under Leslie Martin and then Hubert Bennett, with Norman Engleback as group leader. 

Images from RIBApix. Taken by Bill Toomey.

Every now and then, after seeing an episode I theorize:

Some weeks ago I said that I thought it was Rumple under the hood, and I kinda still think that; that Regina wasn’t in Emma’s vision but she’s going to play a major role in it because, even if Emma can’t see her there, she is linking Regina to the vision.
So I logically thought was that Regina in some way would be there to save her, sacrificing herself for her, paralleling Emma’s sacrifice at end of season 4.

This thought was also reinforced by knowing that Robin Hood is coming back for some episodes, and that he won’t be alive but he won’t be in flashbacks. Which means that in order to interact with him Regina has to die (to some degree, I don’t think they would really kill her, she really is the one carrying the show on her shoulders.)
They’ve also shown us Regina say “I have to die” to destroy the EQ. Another reason that makes me think that Regina sacrificing herself for Emma is what’s going to happen, then die and see Robin and then come back in some way (I don’t know how would they bring her back). So they really would have beaten fate…

Also all this parallel between Emma/Regina and Aladdin/Jasmine were… incredible.

At the same time I’m afraid because it kinda makes me want to hope again, but then I remember last year. I remember how until 5x05 everything was beautiful, we had hope, we had parallels and then… it all stopped making sense!
(Unless the rest of the season was meant to show us how wrong Hook and Emma are for each other, but I don’t trust that was A&E’s intention, I mean I wish, but they let me down too much to think SQ is the story they’re telling, even if it would make so much more sense.).

So I’m afraid they’ll pull off something like last year. Like the other day I was watching agents of shield, and May had to die for 7 minutes to reboot her brain to be free of the touch of the ghost (that would have killed her by scaring her to death), and I’m so afraid they’re gonna do something like that to Emma, like having her killed (by the one in the hood) and then split Hook’s heart to save her. So that she would have died like her fate had determined but she would have been saved by “true love”.

It doesn’t make any sense because true love didn’t ever even worked for the two of them (and we really should ask why that is. My hopeful part and also logical within the story tells me it’s because they’re clearly not true loves! And that there are so many times that Emma and Regina’s magic defeated the impossible, and true love being the most powerful magic of all, it makes me want to believe THEY are true loves!
But then there’s another part that tells me that they won’t show us CS true love because they’d loose too many viewers so they keep baiting us.) and it doesn’t even make any sense with the vision right now so it’s just this great fear to start believing and having hope again just to be let down again.

Sorry for this loooooong rant!!

“–oof!” amos grunted at the impact of running straight into someone leaving the library, already carrying a stack of books. he was ready to give a speech of positive reinforcement to whatever nerdy, little first year was already diving straight into coursework– except it wasn’t actually a first year, and the affirmations died on his tongue. “the library, already? seriously?” he teased, an interested expression taking over his features. “you know we’re not the babies of the school anymore, right? we can afford to slack of this year.”
'A Companionable Silence' Chapter 7 by Hotsauce418

Mate. It was reinforced with the heated skin, the omega was sweating in his sleep. One Eye felt a shuddering breathe against his neck as the omega stirred. He took the opportunity to brush his nose against the brown curls, smelling the sweet heat and raspberries that rolled off Charmont’s skin. The room was thick with it. The alpha felt his body begin to respond, but tried to resist. He needed to get the omega to drink and eat something. As soon as One Eye tried to untangle from him, Charmont whined in his sleep.

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The original London Bridge, now located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

London Bridge is a bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It was built in the 1830s and formerly spanned the River Thames inLondon, England. It was dismantled in 1967 and relocated to Arizona. The Arizona bridge is a reinforced concrete structure clad in the original masonry of the 1830s bridge, which was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch from the City of London. McCulloch had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America to construct the present bridge in Lake Havasu City, a planned community he established in 1964 on the shore of Lake Havasu. The bridge was completed in 1971 (along with a canal), and links an island in the Colorado River with the main part of Lake Havasu City.