reiner braun spoilers

It’s Theory Time

The first thing I want to talk about is Ymir.

I know it is very complicated to her and her Home/Origin, all we know so far is that Ymir lived on the street as a child until she was taken by a man who made her to the “Ymir” which her should play.

She didn’t even know her real name or remember it and I’m not sure if Isayama will mention this in the last Arc, or whether Ymir does not have any meaning in his manga anymore.

However, if Isayama will give her a name, it would make things easier for me and take a load from my shoulders because I suspect that Ymir may have something to do with the Jäger household or descended from them.

The current Eren looks very similar, from the haircut, the “ruffians look”, the skin color as well as the hair color. Both have some similarities. I am aware that Isayama combines many externalities of an existing character with a new one, but the similarity between Eren and Ymir is also very perplexing apart from the freckles.

Look how similar the two are. If my eyes don’t fool me both have the same nose as the facial shape is very similar. But this is not the only reason that I found that Eren and Ymir are similar to each other. The next Similarities are they Titans.

Grisha Jäger, Zeke Jäger, Eren Jäger and Ymir share the same “Elves Ears”. 

So far, only Titanshifters from the Jäger household and Ymir had these elf-like ears. Titanshifters such as Frieda Reiss, Uri Reiss, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Fubar, Annie Leonhardt and Eren Kruger don’t seem to be in possession of these elf-like ears.

Not to forget the “devil” in the history books of the Eldians also had these elf-like ears. Maybe the whole thing has something to do with the bloodline or something like that. Also why these Titans depicted above resemble the devil very much from the history books.

The next Thing I want to point out is the actual status of Ymir. 

I don’t think Ymir is still alive. There are many reasons that unfortunately speak for the fact that Ymir has most likely exhausted all her potential.

The first is her letter, which she wrote to Historia. In the letter, she mentioned that she will soon be dead, but don’t regret anything. For me are these words very clear. 

Ymir had deliberately decided to go with Bertholdt and Reiner to their hometown. Probably it may be that Ymir felt guilty because she had unconsciously eaten the childhood friend of Reiner and Bertholdt. After Bertholdt mentioned that someone had to find them, Ymir showed a kind of compassion or the like. 

My theory is that Ymir was eaten by the Marley at a next warrior to save Reiners and Bertholdt’s life. Reiner and Bertholdt are in the mission to find the coordinate and steal this (Eren’s abduction) failed. They were aware when they had reached the wall Maria in Chapter 50 together with Ymir that the two will die when they return home. Just because they have failed like Annie as a warrior. Reiner gave Ymir a chance to go, because she would have died too if she had continued with them. Ymir said that it’s fine.

I think Ymir didn’t care whether she were going to die or not. Because after she realized that Eren has the coordinate, she knew that a safe life within the walls is still possible for Historia. Everything Ymir just wanted, is to protect Historia and this has she met in my opinion. Also, she aired her past in the letter that she wrote to Historia and now we can rule out that Ymir has nothing to do with the actual “Ymir Fritz”.
I don’t know why Isayama would bring Ymir back. I think Ymir is dead, because after a Timeskip of four years it’s impossible for her to come back from the nothing, even though the words in her letter were clear. 

In the meantime, we are all aware that the failed warriors must hand over their titans to the new warriors on the basis of a test.

At Ymir I could imagine that is not so true. She knew that the Beast Titan could be useful to Reiner and Bertholdt. I can’t imagine that Reiner and Bertholdt knew at the time Zeke or they have pretended to know nothing about this Titan. In the clash of Titans Arc, the only thing that has been so far was that the Beast Titan was an intelligent Titan and that he could talk to Mike. I wonder if Zeke, as he was wandering around the old castle, had actually been a titanshifter or whether he himself became a “mindless Titan”. 

I think these questions we get answered only by Zeke and I’m sure that Isayama has to show us before some of his past in the last Arc.

The question that finally comes to me is, if it should be true, that Ymir was eaten by another warrior, then I ask myself from whom?

I have a guess which I will now set up. My guess is still that Ymir was eaten by the Beast Titan.

Why? Very easily. In the Clash of Titans Arc, we saw the Beast Titan without any “claws”. I have seen the Arc very often in the manga and I can not notice that he had pointed claws. Not even when he climbed the walls.

This is clearly shown in the picture. Zeke had no sharp claws in the Clash of Titans Arc before. 

Later, when we saw the Beast Titan in the Return to Shiganshina Arc, and he threw the team from Erwin with stones, or even when he fought against Reiner to decide whether to first get the coordinate or save Annie, we have seen that he has the Claws as Ymir’s Titan has. Reiner and Bertholdt returned in the Return to Shiganshina Arc without Ymir but with Zeke, which we also saw for the first time in his human form.

I don’t think Isayama is a character error or the like. Zeke alias the Beast Titan had the claws in the Return to Shiganshina Arc the first time and not already in the Clash of Titans Arc.

The Jaw Titan looks very similar to the Titan of Ymir on the basis of the movements and presumably the size. Nevertheless, he doesn’t have anything in appearance in the Titan of Ymir. The fingers of the Jaw Titanes look very machine-like and also the “sharp” teeth are not equal to the Dancing Titans.

To find out more, we needed a flashback about the warrior children via Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie and Marcel. This is the only way to tell what Ymir’s Titan took from Marcel Titan when she had distorted him. I noticed that Ymir had these claws as mindless Titan, so her Titan must have “inherited” only the sharp teeth as well as the fast movements when she had eaten Marcel.

Clearly, we can see that Ymir had the claws even before Marcel had eaten. I therefore also conclude that she had got the claws of the Marcel Titan. The only thing that had changed in her appearance after she had distorted Marcel were the teeth and not more.

If Zeke had actually eaten Ymir, then I wonder why he got his claws. Is this a new feature that is added to the Titan when he eat another Titanshifter or is it just a simple coincidence?

Please tell me that you think about my Theorie or your opinion. (๑>ᴗ<๑)


The last Thing I would like to point out is Reiner Braun.

He is still alive at the moment and I think Isayama has planned something special with him. I don’t even think that Gabi or the other new warriors like Colt, Falco, Udo or Zofia will become the next guardians of the Beast Titan and the Armored Titan.

First, Isayama has to introduce us to Zeke’s past, what happened to him when he betrayed his parents to the Marley soldiers, and to one he seems to know Annie Leonhardt very well, since he spoke to her with -chan.

Also, I see no reason for Isayama to kill Reiner in the next chapters, because Reiner is the only character who can tell us what happened with Ymir and I think Isayama has yet to clarify the status of Ymir.

I wonder if Isayama has a reason to make Reiner alive. Reiner survived many (I believe there were five if I’m not mistaken) near death and I guess in the current chapter, where he should serve as a shield for Zeke, he will have survived that too.

Interesting I find with Reiner his surname “Braun”.

And that is something that I absolutely want to go into.

At the beginning of the manga, a former soldier of the scouting legion, was also called Braun. I assume that his first name was Moses.

It’s a bit frightening that the two have a few similarities.
The hair looks very similar, just like the serious look, the slightly slotted eyes as well as the eyebrows and that masculine face.

Perhaps that is just a coincidence of Isayama but why names the soldier also Braun as Reiner. I really don’t understand that. Well, with us in the world, there are certainly many families who have the same surname as Müller, Meier or Fischer and they are not related to each other, but in the work of Isayama I don’t think that this is just a coincidence, I think that The surname Braun will play an important role in the last arc, especially because there is also a serum that contains the name “armored Braun”.

This serum was mentioned in the Urprising Arc and was used by Eren Jäger to get the armor for his Titan Form, thus closing the hole in the Wall Maria in the Return to the Shiganshina Arc.

The serum is produced by the bone marrow fluid of a titan, but which person produces this serum and where does this fluid come from? Is it the work of Marley or Eldia? In Grisha’s past, one could see that the Marley soldiers had filled the serum in syringes and administered the human to turn them into titans. Eren Kruger also gave a serum to Grisha, which he had used for Eren Jäger. 

So I think that outside the walls, probably in the hometown of the Marleys, there is someone responsible for the production of the serum.

We don’t know very much about Reiner’s past. But perhaps it can be that his family has something to do with the production of the serum.

Also, I can imagine that Reiner has probably a special bloodline, because he and Zeke are both born on the 1th August and Grisha also said, at Zeke’s birth, that he will be a warrior and bring it far. Grisha looked at Zeke as something special, which also has to do with his bloodline, since in Zeke is royale blood.

Reiner and Zeke also have very strong and distinctive names. The name Reiner means “the warrior or the divine counselor”

Zeke’s name means “God strengthens, the powerful or also God”

For me are these very strong names and another reason why Reiner Braun could be something special or his family is can get still important in the last Arc.

That’s all that I have talk about and I hope Isayama will still enlighten us. (・∧‐)ゞ

PS: Sorry for my bad English but English is not my Country language and this is why I am not so good in it. I hope you can understand that what I am trying to tell you. (;人;)

It’s almost as if Gabi is shovelling her meal into her mouth without pausing for breath; and Falco watches her with a concerned expression. It’s too excessive and she starts to cough, much to Falco’s panic.

He pats her on the back in an attempt to help and exclaims, “Take it easy! We’re not on rations, you know?”

Gabi’s coughing fit soon passes and she gulps down some water to help. As she turns to Falco, she grins and says proudly, “I know! But I want to grow up to be big and strong like Reiner, so I need to beef up!”

To add emphasis to her words, the young girl raises her arms and flexes her muscles; her actions make Zofia and Udo laugh in-between bites of their food.

Reiner is sat nearby, but on a different table, with fellow senior warriors. He overhears the children’s conversation and it makes him smile.

But then, it’s like something cold cuts through him; he can only remember when he was young and naive, and wanted to be brave and selfless like Marcel. He wanted to be like Marcel so much that he threw himself in harms way when they were in Utgard; and for what? To save someone that would later try to kill him in Shiganshina.

Reiner puts his fork down on the table; suddenly he feels like he’s lost his appetite.

104th Corps in a nutshell
  • Eren: I hate, no, despise titans but I became one anyway.
  • Mikasa: Lay a finger on Eren and that finger comes off.
  • Armin: People think I'm the most useless one but somehow I always save their asses with my brain.
  • Jean: Neigh neigh, Mikasa, Neigh neigh
  • Marco: You probably know me because of the freckled Jesus jokes or "half" memes.
  • Reiner: I won Best Actor in Oscars
  • Ymir: Just marry me, Christa.
  • Historia: I freakin' hit Captain Levi and he SMILED
  • Sasha: I fought my father for meat. Heck, I'd fight anyone for meat.
  • Connie: Miraculously still bald.