Taking a break from schoolworks to do quick sketches.  Jean’s design was originally for Wen’s incubus cosplay thing. But then, my Shayne and I were talking about a joint au … And it turned into a whole set of angels and demons au. Was going to do more…. and make Sasha and Connie demons too, so it would be 7 deadly sins. But then….. got lazy. So meh.

AU where Jean becomes a fallen angel and his wings (it’s the soul which gives him power) were taken from him. His wings were then sent to earth and became human, for him to never discover and acquire again. And the soul of his wings became Marco Bodt. (Of course Jean tries to find his wings and finds Marco instead and falls in love– just– I feel the angst everywhere for this au)

And demons covered with nothing but tattoos. because… I like tattoos okkkk? Even though I’m bad at designing them. OTL. The fact that I unconsciously made jean and marco pose like that though lol. HNGG—

Oh– and Christa’s and Ymir’s page look like that, because I wanted it to be like…  Christa was able to tame Ymir as her own demon weapon…. and to be with her always cuz..-*cough*-lovelove *cough  All my otps..